Portable Square HDPE Plastic Square Folding Table for Camping

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Item specifice

Outdoor & Garden
Height Adjustable:


Height Adjustable Table

Very durable and unbreakable

Suitable for home with young children

Suitable for Wedding, church, school, hospital, study, picnic, BBQ

HDPE plastic panel with powder coated steel frame

Automatic Gravity-based leg locking prevent accident collapsing

Widely used in indoor/outdoor/commercial

Non-marring foot caps

Folded for easy and quick storage and transport

With PP cap on the back of tabletop, protect with table well

Indoor/outdoor/commercial used




Material: HDPE plastic panel 4.5CM

Weight: 11KG

Expand Size: 86*86*74CM

Package Size:45*45*7CM

Colors: White, Grey

Q:Transparent table cloth, after all watermark, how to eliminate ah?
If the table is thinner, you can also use a needle to prick the place with the bubbles, and then remove the air inside, and the watermark will disappear.
Q:How can a plastic card dip onto a marble table?
Because transparent and frosted words, put on the smooth surface will produce watermarks, and desktop is not good, matte words can not be placed on marble, it will also appear watermark, if marble has stripes, you can put. I hope my answer will be of some help to you.
Q:Children's table chairs on the white plastic tray for a long time useless, there is a place to darken, how to deal with ah?
In the actual production of plastic products, usually in the front of the separation of feed inlet, excluding extruder and the head of plastic melt, turn off the temperature in all districts, and then turn off the power supply. Because the plastic melt has strong adhesion of metal, each stop can not be absolutely completely ruled out, finally there is a thin layer of plastic melt is tightly attached to the extruder barrel and die wall and screw, stranded in the condition of high temperature in long time after natural cooling and heating equipment in the course of the next time obviously, the thermal degradation, gradually turn yellow, zoom into carbide.
Q:Is the mat for foot and chair EVC good or the kind of felt? Ask experienced people for help
This situation is to consider the child is caused by cold colds and runny nose, nasal congestion phenomenon, and after birth or poor health caused by improper care, treatment and nursing can be increased to eliminate the symptoms of discomfort.
Q:How to clean a transparent plastic table mat
You can use a little soda cleaning plastic mat, first will have about 10 minutes for plastic pad oil a small soda in the warm water, and then use the towel to gently wipe the plastic, finally rinse with water after cleaning, plastic mat will be as good as new.
Q:The plastic tablecloth on the table is very sticky. Is the plastic cloth poisonous?
Washed with water wash, dry if it is sticky, so don't use this cloth as early as possible
Q:Want to buy a collapsible hanging table, simple plastic or wood can be
This folding table you mentioned is available at IKEA. Maybe you didn't pay attention when you went to the mall, because the folding desk was displayed on the table and chair, and it was pasted on the wall. It was easily overlooked.
Q:Where do you want to buy plastic tablecloth? Where can I buy some plastic tablecloth?
To really solid wood in the end, with the log got. In the final analysis, human beings love to toss about
Q:The plastic table has been bleached by my wire ball. What shall I do?
I don't know what kind of material your plastic desk is, and if the temperature is not very high,
Q:Is the plastic legs strong? Marble countertops, legs are plastic, durable?
Marble table, tripod is generally solid wood, stainless steel and hardware, plastic less seen

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