• Portable Square HDPE Plastic Square Folding Table for Camping System 1
  • Portable Square HDPE Plastic Square Folding Table for Camping System 2
Portable Square HDPE Plastic Square Folding Table for Camping

Portable Square HDPE Plastic Square Folding Table for Camping

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Outdoor & Garden
Height Adjustable:


Height Adjustable Table

Very durable and unbreakable

Suitable for home with young children

Suitable for Wedding, church, school, hospital, study, picnic, BBQ

HDPE plastic panel with powder coated steel frame

Automatic Gravity-based leg locking prevent accident collapsing

Widely used in indoor/outdoor/commercial

Non-marring foot caps

Folded for easy and quick storage and transport

With PP cap on the back of tabletop, protect with table well

Indoor/outdoor/commercial used




Material: HDPE plastic panel 4.5CM

Weight: 11KG

Expand Size: 86*86*74CM

Package Size:45*45*7CM

Colors: White, Grey

Q:What do you call a glass like plastic on the table?
Mat on the table like glass transparent plastic, commonly known as soft glass, can do door curtain, can also do furniture and other table pad;
Q:The decoration is designed and made. What kind of material is the table like plastic? How was it made?
Polymer board, no gap, can only be said to be free of paint board, but the board of the paint free life is very short, 3 years will be bad, easy to blister, you say like plastic, like polymer polymer board, but not so long ah.
Q:Children's table chairs, solid wood or plastic good?
Of course, solid wood is good, and now plastics have chemicals, solid wood is relatively less, and the key is not easy to bad
Q:The table was how to solve the plastic tablecloth.
Place it where you fold. Don't take it too long. Make it soft. Press it with a flat. If it doesn't work, you'll have to replace it with a new one.
Q:How can you keep the thick, transparent plastic pads off the table not glued to the table?
If you have been using the smooth surface, it is recommended that the following screen screen is better.
Q:Is it harmful to spread plastic cloth on the dining table?
It is harmful to spread plastic on the table. Not recommended!
Q:Can a mahogany table have a plastic tablecloth and a glass bedplate at the same time?
Under the glass plate cloth pad, four corners, there is a glass mat pad, so that both beautiful, mahogany furniture is also protected. Thank you
Q:What about plastic tables and stools placed outdoors for a long time?
Ultraviolet rays cause plastic aging and decomposition
Q:How do I remove the transparent adhesive mark on the transparent plastic tablecloth?
Put some flour, rub it hard, and then rub it with cooking oil.
Q:Children's plastic table dirty, how to clean?
Specific methods are as follows:First, you can clean the dirt off the surface of the table.Then use the disinfectant and rub it. 84 is fine.Finally, wipe with a clean water washing cloth several times table, such as decontamination and sterilization.

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