PE High Speed Blowing Film Machine CE ISO

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SJ-50, 55.65 High-speed Film Blowing Machine

Its extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. Hence it is sound in hardness, durable in corrosion resistance. The specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity. It is applied to blowing the plastic films like low density polytene (LDPE), high density polytene(HDPE) and linear low density polytene (LLDPE). It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones.



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PE High Speed Blowing Film Machine (CE, ISO)
PE High Speed Blowing Film Machine (CE, ISO)
PE High Speed Blowing Film Machine (CE, ISO)

Model SJ-50SJ-55SJ-65
Diameter of Screwφ50φ55φ55
Max. Width of Folded Film 100-600200-800300-1000
Single-face Thickness of Film(mm)0.01-0.100.01-0.100.01-0.10
Max. Extrusion(kg/h)5575100
Die head sizeΦ60, φ100Φ80, φ150Φ120, φ200
Power of Main Motor(kw)152237
Power of Traction Motor(kw)
Max.line speed(m/min)100100100
Overall Dimension (L x W x H)6000×1600×40006500×2200×47007000×2300×5250

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Q:What cloth is the filter cloth used to filter oil? Where can I buy it?
The aperture is big is small, a larger aperture, less oil filter mesh, the faster the speed, the effect will be worse;
Q:Operation description of turbine oil vacuum oil filter?
Because it is located in a position similar to that of the steam seal, it is easy to enter steam (steam condenses into water in the oil). Cause there is middle water cut,
Q:How to solve the oil press foam?
The reason for the foaming is that the oil contains phospholipids, so long as you filter it out
Q:I use the 300 frame oil filter to filter the oil. What size filter paper should I use?
Compression method manual screw compressionThe ambient temperature of -25 to 70 DEG CThe medium temperature -25 to 90 DEG CPower 380V/50HZ (three-phase four wire) or according to customer needsThe noise is less than 70dBMotor power (KW) 5.5 KWThe inlet and outlet diameter is 60 mmEquipment weight 600KgOutline size 1600mm * 600mm * 1100mmThe continuous working time is more than 150hMTBF > 5000h
Q:Transformer oil filter how to choose?
We must remember that ultra-high voltage transformer oil for 500KV ultra high voltage transformer and a similar demand for electrical power equipment for insulation and cooling medium, oil detection by SH0040-91 industry standards, test items include appearance, color, density (20 degrees Celsius), viscosity, aniline point, freezing point, pour point, flash point, and value, corrosive sulfur, water soluble acid and alkali, oxidation stability (precipitation, acid), breakdown voltage, dielectric loss factor (90 degrees Celsius), interfacial tension, trace water, condensate gas ratio dispersion. Hope to help
Q:Use vacuum oil filters to filter transformer oil in summer and winter temperature should be in the degree of the northern region
Based on the increase of summer to meet a set of manual heating in winter, under the condition of different voltage levels, the design of oil filter is also different, must meet a variety of needs, when filtering, just put the oil filter of the temperature can be set in 55-60 (oil temperature in more than 60 after the temperature, every increase of 10 degrees, the oxygen speed is doubled, in the process of paying special attention to the temperature control in the process of light oil, and more attention should be paid to this), the temperature is in the factory set up, the instructions have specific instructions, only in accordance with the rules of operation manual operation OK
Q:Which filter is the best for peanut oil filter?
The peanut oil filter is divided into centrifugal oil filter, plate and frame oil filter and vacuum oil filter
Q:What are the oil filters for? What are they used for?
The oil filter is generally used for on-line lubrication system of large equipment, that is, when large equipment is in normal operation
Q:Why is there a load switch, no oil filter?
On load switch has oil filter, oh, there is a very small flow capacity DZX switch on line filter
Q:How can I get rid of the cooking oil and the sediment filtered out by centrifugal oil filters?.
Filter edible oil with centrifugal oil filter, plate and frame oil filterIf this occurs the landlord said, after filtering the edible oil and sediment, you can add a ladle, which is in the oil filter net exports, in order to avoid the filtered oil dirty and precipitation, which also adds a layer of filter.

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