Office Chair/NON Armrests/Butterfly tilt/Office Furniture

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Product Description:

Product Name:Visitor Chair  
Armrests: NON  
Metal Frame:1.0mm thickness  
Overall Size: 53*52*79cm  
Seat Size: 45*42cm  
Back Size: 46*30cm  
N. W. / G.W.:  5kgs  
Packaging: 114*57*52cm
Packing Method: Brown box with simple Logo printing, inside packing as our factory standard,if with hanging tag,color label, cost will be considered.

Selling points:

1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function
3.340mm chrome base with dual-wheel casters
4.Pneumatic seat height adjustment
5.Massage function available

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Q:Refinishing child's rocking chair?
Since it is child size, you might consider weaving a seat out of jute rope or a smoother type of rope. It's probably a square shape and all you have to do is weave the rope over and under, first on one side, then the other; similar to making a potholder on a loom. There would probably be online instructions, if you search for 'do it yourself chair seat weaving,' or check youtube for videos. Looking around online might give you ideas for other materials, besides rope; you'll also see suppliers of materials listed. Good luck! (My dad enjoyed weaving chair seats for a hobby.)
Q:how to refinish a chair?
Do not soak the chairs in water, it would swell the wood and loosen the glue in the joints. What I suggest is that you get the citrus type of stripper that isn't caustic to your skin. Use the stripper as directed on the container then sand away any remaining marks until your chairs are bare and ready for a new application of finish. I've used the citrus stripper successfully several times. Just allow everything to dry well before you sand again. You'll have to be patient but you'll be pleased with the results. Good luck with your project.
Q:Indoor wedding without rows of chairs :(?
I recently conducted a wedding where the set-up was similar - and because the tables were very long it was impossible to move them away. So we turned the first row of chairs round so the people sat with their backs to the first table and added to the row the chairs on the other side of the table, and then moved the chairs at the other tables so the people at each table were essentially sitting on the one side of that table with their backs to the table and facing the ceremony area (for a ceremony people can sit much closer together than they would for dining) and then after the ceremony people just took their chairs back to their own place. Worked well.
Q:Banquet chairs for my wedding reception are GREEN. Any creative solutions for covering them up?
Do you know anyone who knits or sow you could make pillow cushions out of some old pretty fabric they don't have to all look alike just have to be part of your wedding theme. You could also tie a beautiful elegant bow around the chairs using old sheets or shirts any fabric you have laying around, or you could go out and find a store that sells cheap ribbon, tie it at the top have it flow to the ground. The dollar store sells floral arts and crafts and so does Walmart you could put together some floral designs and find a way to attach it to the back of the chair. It really depends on what kind of chairs they are plastic, wood, etc. Maybe you could use some old sheets you don't use and throw them over the chair. If money is a big issue the thrift store has some nice shirts and pants you can turn into a cushion I don't know how much time you have left to do something about the chairs but I hope this helps or sparks some ideas for you.
Q:Dining table and chairs??
Here's a link to several different styles and prices. Some have buyer reviews. Good luck!
Q:pattern for sewing rocking chair cover?
Every chair is different so there isn't a pattern. Typically you have to make your own based of fitting the fabric to the chair, add stuffing and then tack it in place.
Q:Has a chair ever talked to u?
I danced with a chair at a school dance once. Lovely dancers chairs are.
Q:car tires into chairs?
Maybe cut a quarter of them out, then find some way to secure actual seats and backs of chairs to them. Then add supportive legs. I wish I had a way to visually show you what I mean,but I hope you understand that. If not that way, then perhaps, depending on how big they are, you could eihter cut them in half or leave them whole and put two next to eachother forming a couch and use two more (or two halves) as the back. Either way be sure to secure some sort of padding onto it, because tires arent' the comfiest things to sit on. Good luck! Sounds like a creative plan. If neither way of mine works, try googling it.
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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value USD1,000,000
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Western Europe;North America
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Nearest Port Shanghai
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 60 people
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Factory Size: Above 6500 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 3
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