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Product Description:

Metal Corner Tape is unique designed

features traditional paper with two reinforcing

strips of galvanized steel. The results are

tough corners designed to withstand “day

to day” abuse. The tape is easier to use

than traditional metal corner bead. Our steel

corner tape is packaged in rolls making it

easier to merchandise and transport. It also

saves waste, we can cut only the size we


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Q:Home decoration, decoration master said that the more popular is to install the wall Corner, both beautiful and protection of the corner, is it necessary for you? The price of a 200, we say what material is good? In the hope that a good is the acrylic, and relatively cheap, do not have the decoration team they are willing to do?
The corner of the installation is still necessary, there are four reasons: 1, moving the furniture when the corner is inevitable, hit the wall beautiful beauty greatly discounted; 2, the whole family all day running the house, 3, the corner often hand, the white walls will leave a stain, a long time will be a black one, while the corner is easy to clean the corner of the corner, but the corner is easy to clean ; 4, home furnishings sometimes a color of the wall, the lack of touch the finishing touch, and with the color of the corner can play the art of embellishment, more beautiful, more fashionable.
Q:Cement mortar room Corner when no design requirements, the height should not be less than the number of meters?
Not less than 2M, width 5CM.
Q:Cement angle and cement mortar skirting is a meaning, I know the baseboard is calculated by the extension of the meter, is the wall around; then the angle is how to do?
Corner is the protection of the corner of the corner of the location of the measures not to be taken by the collision, the conventional 1: 2 cement mortar, inverted arc to corner protection, to see the Atlas, we are here to see the Southwest J, the book also More than yes
Q:There is one of the renovation budget: the corner of the wall angle, Lafarge metal corner, the main price of 110, artificial unit price 80. According to 2 volumes to count, calculate the 380 dollars. What is this stuff?
Wall protection according to the material is divided into: metal angle and plastic corners, etc .; Corner according to the use of the location is divided into: angle angle corners, corners of the corners of the corners, flexible corner, T-type angle And so on; Corner can also be divided into insulation corners and decoration angle and so on.
Q:What is the classification of paper corners? What is the role of paper angle equipment?
Paper Corner Classification: 1, L-type paper angle 2, U-shaped paper angle corrugated paper Corner waterproof paper Corner wrap around the paper angle Paper Corner is also called paper wrap angle is a number of kraft paper after the paste, the angle machine from the stereotypes suppressed. Both ends are smooth and smooth, with no obvious burrs and perpendicular to each other. At present widely used in electronic appliances, high-tech products, home and other products such as packaging and transportation. Can enhance the edge of the packaging support and protect the overall packaging strength, with low prices, light weight, strong, in line with environmental requirements and so on. Belong to the green packaging materials.
Q:Now people are home to putty putty Why use the angle of the corner
We use the yin and yang corner is actually to protect the inside of our lines from the late scratches.
Q:Wall is a good paste or paste the good eye
Pure solid wood wall Corolla Paulownia wood 100%, three parts of the area Baked. I have log installation diagram, you look at installation method: 1, is to use glass glue (also known as silicone, sealant, building materials stores or hardware stores have sold) directly sticky, glass plastic recommended with a transparent, sticky seems to be better, not for decades. ) 2, sticky method is to choose a good position, in the corner of the corner coated with some plastic glass, each point should be thick enough for the job, willing to glue more painted, better sticky 3, but there is a problem to be solved, that is, in the glass gel is not solidified for several hours, it is possible to fall down to solve the problem of the method; Is the use of thick double-sided adhesive (also called bubble glue, stationery shop, stationery stores, general civilian hardware complex, and some supermarkets have to sell) to assist in the installation, that is, in the corner of the negative, paste some thick double Noodles, and then play some more plastic, so sticky after it will not decline, and so the glass gel completely solidified, it is strong.
Q:What equipment is required? Where to buy?
Glass Corner Making Procedure: ?????? 1. First cut a piece of glass 2. Mill four sides 3. punching Hot knot 5. foil (paste the pattern, similar to the glass photo practice)
Q:Home decoration, decoration master said that the more popular is to install the wall Corner, both beautiful and protection of the corner, is it necessary for you? The price of a 200, we say what material is good? In the hope that a good is the acrylic, and relatively cheap, do not have the decoration team they are willing to do?
Such as non-design needs, can cancel the "Corner" approach, personally feel dispensable, depending on style ...
Q:Can the bedroom be in the corner?
Can solve the problem of indoor yin and yang angle is not straight. Traditional construction works in the corner are the use of cement bag angle of the manual construction method, both time-consuming and consumable, slightly inadvertently, easily lead to vertical misalignment or uneven wall situation. While the PVC corner can make the yin and yang angle has been very straight effect. So that the technical requirements of the construction workers greatly reduced, the general construction staff will be able to straighten the corner. There is PVC corner can be covered with fiberglass mesh as a whole, inside and outside the insulation can effectively solve the positive angle is not straight, uneven, easy to crash the common problem of damage. Can effectively increase the impact of the corner, to prevent corner cracking. The use of insulation network corner will completely solve all of the above wall quality problems and difficult to pay the project to ensure that the insulation mortar layer without cracks, and plastic and glass mesh mesh bonding strength, acid and alkali. The use of this product, but also improve the level of earthquake, reduce the earthquake disaster.

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