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1.drywall corner bead
2.Stable quality with all kinds of color
3.Anti - UV ,environmental
4.Size: 63*63mm

Plastic drywall corner bead

has all kinds corners , including vinyl corner bead,casing bead,angle bead,pvc casing bead,drywall products,perforated angle bead,Movement Joints.

Features, Applicatin, material standard of drywall corner bead

1. used on the wall , to protect the wall from damage.

2.Plumb vertical and embed in continuous line of adhesive mortar. The joints are to be embedded in silicone mastic to prevent water ingress. Mechanical fixings are best avoided to prevent distortion.

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Q:Home decoration corner must be safe angle?
The corner of the installation is still necessary, there are four reasons: 1, moving the furniture when the corner is inevitable, hit the wall beautiful beauty greatly discounted; 2, the whole family all day running the house, 3, the corner often hand, the white walls will leave a stain, a long time will be a black one, while the corner is easy to clean the corner of the corner, but the corner is easy to clean ; 4, home furnishings sometimes a color of the wall, the lack of touch the finishing touch, and with the color of the corner can play the art of embellishment, more beautiful, more fashionable.
Q:What is the corner?
On the current commercial use of the product, can be divided into three categories; The first category is the packaging corners, mainly used in product packaging to protect the product appearance and support products. Mainly materials are paper or paper-based composite materials; there are iron copper and aluminum metal. The second category is decorated corners, mainly used in the building of people or moving objects often contact the corner, play to prevent the corner and the protection of the role of the corner of the decorative role of protection. The main material is plastic, rubber, wood, glass, metal and other substrates. The third category is the construction of the corners, mainly in the construction of the wall during the batch process, the corners embedded in cement or putty, so that the corners straight. Mainly to solve the manual approval of the corners of the work of low quality problems. The main material is polypropylene plastic, galvanized thin iron, aluminum alloy profiles.
Q:What is the cement corridor?
Skirting: It is a special term for decoration. In the room design, the corners, waistline, baseboard plays a visual balance, the use of their linear feel and material, color and so on in the room echo each other, can play a better landscaping decorative effect. Another function of the baseboard is its protection. The baseboard, as the name suggests, is the wall area that is kicked, so it is more vulnerable. Do the baseboard can be better between the wall and the ground between the solid, to reduce the deformation of the wall to avoid damage caused by external forces. In addition, the baseboard is also easier to scrub, if the drag on the dirty water splash, scrub is very convenient. The skirting line, in addition to its own function of protecting the wall, occupies a considerable proportion of the proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contours of the ground, the line of sight will often fall naturally above.
Q:Neutral silicone weathering adhesive can stick angle?
Look at the mirror paste the wall material, paint the wall can not cover, tile or concrete wall silicone rubber can be, I was using silicone rubber vulgar paste, has been ten years intact. Note that the double-sided adhesive film can not be left, or the use of double-sided adhesive paste, or scraping double-sided adhesive, because the double-sided adhesive and glass glue is not necessarily combined.
Q:Whether the wall angle is all need corners
Decorative corner for the decoration works in the "yang, Yin corner" construction and design, usually with a punching, it is also known as "punching". This product in the international decoration market has been widely used in indoor and outdoor corner of the construction, with the help of angle construction can not only ensure that the lines of the lines straight and beautiful, improve the construction speed, and effectively enhance the firmness of the corner, Anti-collision effect. Wood-plastic Corner "Nanning wipe a face, do not find a line", which is the construction workers on the corner of the construction of a very difficult image of the expression. The use of renovation angle to assist the construction to completely change the status quo, the corner of the construction is no longer need to rely on the ruler, the traditional cumbersome construction process has become very easy to operate, the general small workers can grasp, the same can make a perfect corner straight ; The use of angle construction can also significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten the construction time and reduce the cost of the project; high-strength profiles buried in the indoor and outdoor corners, but also play the role of ribs to improve the anti- The
Q:What is the hole cover? What is the angle of protection?
Corner, is installed in the corner of the wall, the protection of the corner is not bump damage, in addition to wood materials, there are generally glass and metal, as shown on the right: Pass, window sets, corners not only have some of the features mentioned above, but also in some style to create a certain decorative role, but these three are not necessary decoration, if the pursuit of simple style, can not be produced.
Q:What is the pillar of the pillars?
Installed in the wall of the corner from the protective role of the lines, shaped like a corner iron. 5-8 cm wide, the installation height of 1.2-3 m, the color is mostly transparent or White, made of plexiglass, acrylic, PVC plastic and other materials.
Q:What is the guard angle?
Acrylic certainly better than glass, acrylic is not fragile, there are a lot of tricks, glass cheap
Q:How long is the wall guard?
Look at your room other decoration, you need to cover all the aluminum can see, not stainless steel, this is the metal, and you and the style of your home do not match, and then press the half of the words, pressing the long encounter Height can be, 1.2 / 1.5 of a can, after all, will not always touch him.
Q:How is the glass corner made?
Glass Corner Making Procedure:        1. First cut a piece of glass 2. Mill four sides 3. punching Hot knot 5. foil (paste the pattern, similar to the glass photo practice)

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