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Product Description:


Metalized OPP: 27micron

Adhesive: Water acrylic


Total thickness (metalized opp + adhesive): 45 micron

Initial attack: 12

180°Peel Adhesion:  5

Holding power: > 24h

Core I.D.: 3"(76mm ±1)

Sizes of Jumbo Roll: 990mm X 4000m

Based on order, special sizes and log rolls or jumbo rolls are also available.


1.  The data above are typical results and subject to change without notice.

2.  Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±3mm;

3.   Length: Cut Roll & Log Roll ±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%.

4.  The product should be stored at room temperature and kept from wet and heat source.

5.  Shelf life: One year when stored at 21°C (70°F) / 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight.

6.  It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean, dry, and free of grease and oil.

7.  5. The user should take test and do trial-application on the above products before coming into application so as to witness and ensure suitability for user’s special purpose and technique.

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Q:What tape did you say? Sealing tape?
So it's recommended to seal the tape.If you are satisfied with the hope to adopt, thank you ~O (a _ U) O~
Q:What's the difference between BOPP tape and bag making film?
Tape production process is first glue, and then according to the specifications of the bar
Q:What are the tape and what kind of tapes do you have?
There are many kinds of tape, depending on what kind of sub points, such as single and double sides as the basis, divided into single-sided adhesive tape and double-sided tape
Q:How do you remove the glue from the scotch tape?
Here to introduce ten methods: 1, with oil painting brush pen liquid (turpentine) with paper towels stained with some brush liquid, wipe the glue part, this wash liquid to art supplies shop can buy. 2. The adhesive tape loses the adhesive water in the middle of the adhesive tape, and it is tightly bonded. Tape the old tape with new tape, or we can use gasoline and banana water directly.
Q:You already know the price of BOPP tape semi-finished mother rolls
As with the above, the total price divided by the width equals the square price bought,
Q:What are the uses of tapes in our lives?
1. boxes are fixed to protect a variety of products, and 2. provide protection during production3., widely used in metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, such as electronic products, plastic parts fixed, laminated glass and so on4. antistatic tape is used for electrostatic sensitive products or anti-static area as a warning role5. anti-static warning floor tape is used for anti-static areas, including Chinese and English warning slogans
Q:How many mainstream models are there in BOPP? (thickness, width, colour)
BOPP heat sealing filmUses: mainly used for printing, bag making, etc..Performance: * high clarity and gloss * excellent heat sealing strength* excellent printing performance * good antistatic properties and smoothnessCommonly used thickness: 20, 25, 30, 40, 45 mThickness tolerance: + 3% (beta ray thickness)Performance unit typical valueThe tensile strength of MD MPa = 120, TD = 220Elongation of MD% = 180 TD = 80The heat shrinkage rate of MD% = 5 TD = 4Static and dynamic friction coefficient is less than or equal to 0.8 is less than or equal to 0.8Haze% = 4The heat sealing strength of N/15mm = 2Wetting tension mN/m = 38The water vapor permeability of g/ (M2 24h 0.1mm) is less than or equal to 2BOPP cigarette packing filmPurpose: high speed cigarette packing.Performance: * high transparency and gloss * excellent heat sealing strength * high water vapor barrier performance* excellent stiffness * excellent packing spread * suitable for high speed packingCommonly used thickness: 21, 22, 23, 25 mThickness tolerance: + 3% (beta ray thickness)Performance unit typical valueThe tensile strength of MD MPa = 125, TD = 220Elongation of MD% = 220 TD = 80The heat shrinkage rate of MD% = 4.5 TD = 3.5The dynamic friction coefficient is less than 0.28The young's modulus of MD N/mm2 = 2200Haze% = 4The heat sealing strength of N/15mm = 2.5Gloss% = 80The water vapor permeability of g/ (M2 24h 0.1mm) is less than or equal to 2BOPP pearlescent filmUsage: used for printed food and daily necessities packing.Performance: * excellent heat sealing strength * excellent UV barrier properties* pearl gloss upscale appearance * high barrier propertyCommonly used thickness: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, MThickness tolerance: + 3% (beta ray thickness)Performance unit typical value
Q:What are the common reasons for solvent degumming on BOPP film?
There is only one reason why the --bopp surface is not enough.The solution: corona treatment or flame treatment of BOPP film (partial solution, and possibility of degumming);
Q:Why can't the BOPP tapes be stored after slitting?
Not can not inventory, but there is a time limit, because the tape glue put a long time will die glue, when the pull can not open, there is no way to use
Q:How do you remove the glue from the scotch tapes?
4, the market also has dedicated detergent or sports shoes decontamination cream wipe.5. Dirt on glass, ceramic and tile can be combined with soap and a mixture of ammonia and turpentine. It can be easily removed and the surface will be smoother.6, with more adhesive tape repeatedly sticky tear, you can remove adhesive tape marks are not strong.

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