Hydraulic Tensioner

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□  ltem  number :07198  07199

□ Model:SA-YZ2×70;SA-YZ2×80;

□  Essential parameter

ltem NO.
Model NO.
Maximum Tension(kN)
Continuous Tension(kN)

Maximum speed (km/h):5

   Bullwheel bottom of groove diameter (mm) :Φ1500
   Number of grooves:2×5            
   Maximum pullback (kN):2×50or 1×100
   Maximum speedback (km/h):2×2.1
   Maximum suitable conductor diameter (mm): Φ42.5
   Engine power /speed (kW/rpm):54/2500
   Dimensions (mm): 5000×2240 ×2730
□  feature :
   1.  Bullwheel with wearproof MC nylon lining segments.
   2.  nfinitely variable tension control and constant tension conductor stringing .
   3.  Spring applied hydraulic released brake acts automatically in case of hydraulic failure to ensure safety .
   4.  attached two sets of hydraulic power output interface to connect hydraulic conductor reel stand ..
□  Main component :
   1.Engine :Deutz air-cooled diesel engine.
   2.main pump and main motor :Rexroth ( BOSCH )
   3. Main hydraulic valve :Rexroth (BOSCH )
   4. Reducer : R.R(Italian )
   5.Radiator :AKG
   6.Hydraulic instrument :WIKA

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