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China (Mainland)

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Hydraulic plate valve

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Rotary Drilling Rig




Oil Well






2,000-15000 psi


Hydraulic plate valve
SS Gate Valve Handwheel Operated
1.Medium: water, oil, gas.
2.Certificate:API 6D,TS,CE.

                   Hydraulic plate valve                                 


Applicable standards:Steel gate valves, API 600 / API 6D
Steel gate valves, ISO 10434 / ISO 14313
Steel valves, ASME B16.34
Face to face, ASME B16.10
Flanges end, ASME B16.5
Buttwelding ends, ASME B16.25
Inspection and test, API 598 / API 6D


Design description:
Full port design

OS&y,outside screw and yoke
BB,Bolted bonnet
Flexible wedge,fully guided
Choice of solid or split wedge 


Renewable seat rings


Forged T-head Stem


Rising stem and non-rising handwheel 


Flanged or buttwelding ends 


Available with BG operator


Gate Valve Product Details


Design and Manufacture

ANSI B16.34,API600,API603,BS1414

Face to face(end to end)


Flanged connection

2"~24" TO ANSIB16.5,22",26"~36" TO MSS-SP-44 to API 605 on Request

Test and inspection


Butt welded end

ANSI B16.5


A. Anti-friction ball thrust bearing: Reduces friction between mating parts to ensure smooth operation
B. Grub screw: Secures yoke nut in the bonnet
C. Grease nipple: Supplies lubricant to the mating parts




Manufacturing Process


All products are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of International Standard accepted all over the world such as Manufacturers Standardisation Society (MSS), American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), British Standard (BS), Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS).


In the manufacturing process we require Castings of different grades, Stainless steel Bars, forgings, hardware, gaskets & paints. All raw material purchase from the reputed & genuine concerned supplier.


All raw materials are checked by our Quality Assurance Department prior to manufacturing process. For an example, when we received the castings, it is checked visually and dimensionally for machining tolerance. We also check the foundry chemical Test Certificate and physical test certificate, compared to suitable international standard and passed to machining shop for the further process, if it is rejected it is send back to the supplier.


The raw material issued to the machine shop for the machining, is machined strictly as per the relevant drawings.


If it is found OK dimensionally the valve body and bonnet are sent for the hydro testing. All internal parts such as seat, disc, stem are measured by the Vernier Caliper or micrometer, if it is found O K than pass to assembly section for the further assembly. All the valve body and bonnet are tested on the motorized pump or hand pump as per the relevant standard. The theory being, when the body or the bonnet is under pressure there should not be any leakage or drops of the testing fluid from any portion of the castings. If any leakage observed, it is rejected and sent back to the foundries.


The body and bonnet, which are Hydrostatically O K, are sent to assembly section, duly handled with care to avoid the scratches on the machined surfaces. In the assembly section body and bonnet are drilled on drill machine with the help of jigs & fixtures for uniformity and interchangeability.


In metal to metal seated valves, seat & disc/plug are lapped by Rough Lapping Paste to smoothen the seating surface and than lapped with very fine grade lapping paste for the proper sealing of disc & seat surface, to ensure zero leakage.


After assembly of new complete valve is sent for Hydrostatic Testing. If no leakage is found as per the relevant standard, it is sent to finishing section.


The valve body and bonnet is debarred and finished by flexible shaft grinders for better appearance. One coat of corrosion resistance primer (red oxide) is sprayed, and colored as per the codes, twice for superior surface look.


Valves are packed either in wooden boxes or Gunny bags duly protected by ends enclosures and soft material to avoid any damages during transit.


MainFeatures :


  • Body & Bonnet made from high quality casting with liberal sections. The castings are precision machined for high performance

  • Bi-Directional Shut-Off

  • Die moulded Graphite (Grafoil) Packing Rings, controlled clearance between stem, gland and bonnet bushing for guaranteed low emissions and also suitable for higher temperature.

  • Deep stuffing box is providing for tightness and maximum long packing life.

  • Swinging Eye Bolts facilitate easy access to the stuffing box.

  • Back seating feature facilitates repacking of the stuffing box on line with the valve in fully open position.

  • Seat Ring Screwed in to the body are replaceable type. Seal welded type Seat Ring & Integral Seat cab also be offered on special request.

  • Stellited Disc, Seat Ring & Back Seat can also be offered on special request.

  • Higher Pressure & Higher Size Valves are provided with Thrust Bearings and also with Gear drive arrangements.

  • In built wear life for long duration of service. 


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Q:A customer has a G. E. SmartWater waterheater 7 the drain valve leaks, is there a gasket that can be serviced?
Go to the following site and enter the Model of your water heater in the box provided Click on the Magnifying glass. This should give you a list of all the parts for your water heater.
Q:rear proportioning valve?
i got a 97 model van setting out side the shop and i went and looked at it and it doesn't have one on it,what are you calling the rear proportioning valve,it has a block that the lines split off of but not a proportioning valve,let me know if you got some kind of special edition or something,good luck.
Q:briggs and straton 16.5 hp OHV valve timing?
you can,t tell if the key way is sheared by looking at the flywheel it has to be pulled, did you hit something when mowing? good indication that the key is sheared, the valves run off a cam like in a car if not then you have a burnt valve
Q:96 chevy cavalier heater control valve?
The only valve i could think you are referring too would be the vacuum control on the back of the dash mounted heater controls. They do not have a valve in the coolant lines. The heat turned on or off by a vacuum operated door inside the heater box that merely closes and blocks the heat from escaping into the car. If you are having heater problems first make sure both lines running to the firewall feel hot/warm when engine is at temperature. Secondly you will have to find the actuators under dash on the heater box and make sure they are moving if not ck for vacuum.......
Q:aortic valve with 98% gradient can be cured by body revive?
Today, there are two types of prosthetic valves used for replacement: mechanical or tissue. Mechanical Valves A mechanical valve is carefully designed to mimic the native heart valve. It has a ring, like your own natural heart valve, to support the leaflets. Like your own heart valve, the mechanical valve opens and closes with each heartbeat, permitting proper blood flow through the heart. To prevent any blood clots from developing on the valve, which can cause complications, a mechanical valve replacement requires you to take anticoagulation medicine (blood thinners) daily. The dosage of this medication is different for each person, so you will be closely monitored to make sure you are on the correct dosage for you. Regular blood tests will be performed at the physician's office, an anticoagulation clinic, or at home with a specialized testing kit. Tissue Valves The tissue valve is a native valve taken from an animal. Once the tissue is explanted (removed), it is chemically treated and prepared for human use. Some tissue valves have a frame, or stent, that supports the valve, and some valves are stentless (no framework). A very thin polyester mesh cuff is sewn around the outside of the valve for easier implantation. Eliminating the stent makes it possible for the surgeon to implant a larger valve. Larger valves generally provide more surface area for blood flow; this allows more blood to flow through the valve to accommodate the body's needs. Homografts or Allografts A homograft or allograft is a human valve obtained from a donor. This type of valve is particularly beneficial for pregnant women and children, because it does not require long-term anticoagulation therapy. In addition, it can provide excellent hemodynamic performance, allowing for natural function of the surrounding structures. Because the availability of these valves depends on donors, supply is limited. Take care always
The EGR valve or Exhaust gas Recirculation valve is placed on the exhaust gadget. those frequently get hung up with rust and different exhaust deposits. The motorcar might want to be less than production unit assure being in easy words 3 years old. i might want to examine with a broking service to work out if the motorcar and/or section continues to be less than assure. A defective EGR valve will reason the computing device to make the incorrect settings to the gas and air mix causing the engine to run too prosperous or too lean. Its no longer too unfavourable contained in the little while period, yet your gas mielage will struggle through, and also you are able to fail a state inspection so get it repaired previously then.
Q:Can you put a blow off valve on a non turbo?
You could put it on but it would never operate.
Q:i wanted to know what is the actual difference between check valve (non return valve) and globe valve?
Check valves are designed to prevent back flow. A globe valve is used when the ability to throttle and control the flow is desired. The globe valve can be positioned at anywhere from 1% to 100% flow. This allows for very precise control over how much liquid will be allowed to flow through the valve. There is another type of valve called a gate valve. The gate valve can not be positioned with such precision as the globe valve and it is used when flow rate is not as important.
Q:mitral valve regurgitation In Toddlers?
I am not completely familiar with this specific heart problem but my son was born with a CHD (congenital heart disease) called Tetralogy Of Fallot and has had 2 open-heart surgeries. He is only 2 years old but is and has been doing fantastic. I do know a few other parents with children with mitral valve regurgitation and they have had to have mitral valve replacements. When and or if this needs to be done depends on how severe the regurgitation is. You can go a LONG time with regurgitation of any valve. My son actually currently doesn't have ANY Pulmonary valve what so ever right now and hasn't sence his last surgery when he was 9 months. We are not looking for him to have a Pulmonary valve placement until he is about 5-7, so that will be 4-6 years with no Valve at all at 100% complete regurgitation!!!!! Hope fully your daughters isn't too bad and you can wait a few years for her to have a new valve. Children are more likely to reject valves and the sooner it is put in the sooner she will need a new mitral valve replacement. Pretty much anybody that gets a valve replacement will have to keep getting them every 10-20 years of their life depending on what kind of valve you choose, when it is placed and how good they do. Good luck to you and your daughter - heart kids are the strongest!!!!
Q:erg valve for 2000 honda accord vtec v6?
there was an extended warranty on the EGR valve to 8 years or 80,000 miles from new for problems related to insufficient lift of the valve because the port that the exhaust gas flows through gets plugged with carbon. if your car is within the 8/80 take teh car to a honda dealer for a free replacement of the valve and tube if you need to do it yourself or have someone else do it I can scan a bulletin if you want the details of how to do it. if you want that, send me an email by clicking on the icon above my name to the left of this answer and select email be sure to include your real email address that I can send an attached file to because Yahoo Answers doesn't allow attachments. Doing it this way keeps your email address and mine out of the searchable Yahoo Answers database hope that helps

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