HXGN-12R Tank-type (Fixed) Metal-clad Ring-net Switchgear

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 HXGN-12R tank-type (fixed) metal-clad ring-net switchgear (RMU). applies for urban power grid renewal and building.it has the function of cut -off load current and closing shor-circuit in power supply system.it adorpts vacuum load cirsuitand makes operating mechanism as spring operating macheniam.and it can has manual operation and electric operation. switch and insolating knief  be used with active operation structure.so it has the feather of strengh complete perfomance,small volume,no fire crash and no explosion accident.it has reliable "five protection"performance.


  RMU applies for AC 10KV,50hz distribution system and is widely used for urban power grid building,reconstruction project,industrial and mine enterprise,high rise building and public utilities etc,as the RMU and terminal equipment,it has protective function of  power distribution,management and electrict equipments.

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Q:Distance that an arc can occur?
That is ok with respect to any possible arc. But there may be other reasons to add insulation. Safety for example. If it's easy to add the insulation, do it. .
Q:What does water do to electrical equipment that causes them to malfunction?
Water is a polar molecule and in nature contain impurities which enhance it's conductive ability. So water become a conductor when introduced to electronic devices and electricity follows the path of least resistance, which is no longer the desired circuit. So with the electricity being conducted into places that are not desired it often causes components to fail by overloading them with power. Electrical equipment that gets wet while not connected to power often can be used provided it is allowed to dry out completely before power is applied. For example I have been know to put keyboards in the dishwasher and as long as I wait before I used them afterwards. But pour a cup of coffee into the ketbouard while in use and generally it is toast.
Q:Why does modem/DSL need protection from surges?
If a heavy piece of electrical equipment in the vicinity (even a block away) suffers a serious failure causing a massive power surge, it can cause an inductive surge down ANY nearby cables. Considering ALL cables are often run underground, and have to be parallel to reach the same places, this can mean extremely high voltage spikes on the telephone cables, or cable tv lines. Also if overhead cables are used, a lightning strike a long distance off can present dangerous spikes on the line into the building. In a few buildings I have worked at, I have actually received a shock from an unterminated pair of network cables which where connected at the furthest end for testing. In one case it measured 110v with 240v power cables in use. I actually ran a small 110v light from it and then had 90v across the lamp. Really surprised me.
Q:Do you think your coffee machine has a mind of it's own?
LOL ! Good morning Clo ! I think I told you I bought a new one two weeks ago. IT even tells me in the morning: Good morning Jessica, you look stunning today!
Q:I Want to start my own trading company for industrial Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment supplies .?
Check your local news on how the industry is doing. Compare the unemployment and so forth to know if there is enough cash flow going on. Sometimes opening a business [which is risky] can work if you aim at a certain group and you know your audience. Do the investigating.
Q:Why are utilities monitoring your electrical power consumption?
Correct, revenue - expenses profit Building more plants or buying from other utilities is an expense. So, pretend that you are the electric company. Let's call it Jose Electric Company, JEC. So, JEC has to provide electricity to 5 million customers. They use about 1,000 kilowatt hours each per month. That comes up to 5,000,000 customers times 1,000 kw 5 billion kw-hours. If you could get them to cut usage then you would not have to build more power plants. Power plants used to be expensive, now they are very expensive. Your friend, the govt, does not want you to build plants that use coal. They are not keen on other fossil fuels. This year they like solar and portable nuclear plants. Yes, portable nuke plants. Till the political and regulatory environment gets a little more stable, it is easier to cut demand rather than build more production. On the other hand. Notice that within the last couple of weeks that 2 new nuke plants announced their start of new reactors. Looks like 1 was in South Carolina and 1 was in Georgia. It would seem that they have foresight, experience, skills, management and money to make sure supply is there for the demand. We also have enough natural gas to burn in jet driven turbines, many years. Water scarce? Where did the water go? Did it leave the planet? Water problems are logistics and not really shortages, are they?
Q:Tips for playing shows (it's a rock band)?
Learn to put up and break down your equipment quickly. I've seen a drummer take 30 minutes to set up the most basic of drum sets when the set was brought in. Have backups for your guitars and electrical equipment. A broken string on a guitar is a 15 minute pause on your set (experienced that from the same band that took that long on the drum set) to fix it. Ignore the crowd if you think they are bored (in music videos those crowds are paid to be all festive, but they are no where near that in real life). If they aren't paying attention to you, you can forget the onstage talk and sing alongs. Ignore the drunks (talk with the manager before hand on having the manager remove the noisy drunks). Have your merchandise (same band above forgot their stuff and I wanted a CD)!
Q:what are things that harm the environment?
Wood fires are one of the worst polluters, and ironically they are what environmentalists approve of, shows just what they know about the climate! Carbon is sequested into timer, so burning it just releases the carbon again.
Q:What testing equipment is is best for an electrical engineer's first workbench?
An oscilloscope and a power supply are definitely good to have. I would suggest having a digital multimeter around, even though you have an oscilloscope, because it is more portable. Or if you haven't chosen a brand yet, I would suggest buying from Fluke Co. and getting one of their Fluke ScopeMeter's because it is an oscilloscope and DMM in one and it also will store notes and numbers for you. Very nifty.
Q:Electrical Engineering?

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