hot selling 2600mah power bank with LCD Screen

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New 2600mah power bank with led screen
1.Real capacity and high quality
2.Samsung battery
3.3 years warranty ship

Name: New 2600mah power bank with led screen    

1.Capacity: 2600mAh
2.Batery type:18650 battery
4.Output:5V 1A
7.Applicable type: universal


Package Include:
1.2600mAh mobile power*1
2.Usb cable*1(More connectors as your request.)

Advantages & Product Viewing

High quality durable aircraft grade backup battery for mobile

  • Unique detachable case, fashionable appearance

  • Comfortable touch and good hand feeling

  • Protect your cell phone from scratches,dust and fingerprints

  • Durable and wearable backup charger

  • Easily to install and remove

  • OEM/ODM, customers design is welcome!

  • Easily to be cleaned

  • Factory price & fast delivery

  • Excellent service!

  • We are factory. we can provide u the low price, assure the quality and delivery time.

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