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Product Description:

In thick plate is 4.5 25.0 mm thickness steel plate,

In the thick plate

In the thick plate

Thickness is 25.0 100.0 mm thick plate, thickness more than 100.0 mm thick plate.

In thick plate is mainly used in construction, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc. Also can be used to make all kinds of containers, furnace shell, furnace plates, bridge and vehicle static steel plate, low alloy steel plate, shipbuilding steel plate, boiler plate, pressure vessel steel plate, plate, automobile beam steel plate, some parts and welding tractor components, etc. Through the thick plate USES: widely used in the manufacture of containers, furnace shell, furnace plates, bridge and vehicle static steel, low alloy steel plate, steel Bridges with steel plate, made of steel plate, boiler plate, pressure vessel steel plate, plate, automobile beam steel plate, some parts and welding tractor component specific application.


Steel plate for large railway Bridges, requirements under dynamic load, shock, vibration, corrosion, etc., such as: Q

Pressure vessel plates

Pressure vessel plates

235 q, Q345q, etc.


Used in the manufacture of Marine and inland ship hull, require high strength, plasticity, toughness and the cold bending property, welding performance, corrosion resistant performance is good. Such as: A32, D32, A36, D36, etc.

Boiler plate, boiler plate: used in the manufacture of all kinds of boiler and important attachment, because the boiler plate in medium temperature (below 350 ° C) work under the high pressure condition, except under high pressure and impact, fatigue load and water and gas corrosion, and the requirements to ensure certain strength, but also has good welding and the cold bending property, such as: Q245R, etc.

The pressure vessel

Mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum, chemical separation and gas storage and transportation of pressure vessels and other similar devices, general work pressure at atmospheric pressure to 320 kg/cm2 to 630 kg/cm2, even in - 20-450 ° C temperature within the scope of work, for the container plate except a certain strength and good plasticity and toughness, must also have good cold bending and welding performance, such as: Q245R, 15 crmor Q345R, 14 cr1mor, etc.

Car girder

Girders making cars (longitudinal beam, beam), the thickness of 2.5 12.0 mm low alloy hot rolled steel plate. Due to the complexity of automobile beam shape, besides demanding strength and cold bending performance, also requires stamping performance is good.

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Q:What's the material of ASTM A653 G30 galvanized sheet?
ASTM A653 G30 galvanized sheet material:ASTMA653 is American Standard, equivalent to the domestic Q195 or SGCC. Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with a coating thickness of 0.3 ounces per square inch. Material has universal specifications.
Q:What is reinforced steel plate?
Dimension refers to the thickness, width, length of a steel plate
Q:What is the difference between Q235A steel and Q235B steel?
Generally, the steel plate is made on the surface of the steel plate before the finished steel plate leaves the factory. If the profiles, such as: angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, H steel and other steel products, steel products in the finished section before leaving the factory on the signs marked. The user can identify whether the material is Q235A, or Q235B, or other material.
Q:What is a die steel plate?
Pressure plate template is made of galvanized steel sheet or the antiseptic treatment, the machine rolled into a groove plate with a cross section of the ladder waveform or project template material open box steel shell.
Q:Can Q460C steel plate be used as Q235 steel plate?
Q460C steel plate is superior to Q235 steel in mechanical performance, but Q235 steel plate has lower cost. Therefore, the steel sheet of Q460C material can be used as a Q235 steel plate without considering the cost.
Q:What is the thickness of the water resisting steel plate of the electrical outlet?
The water resisting steel plate of the electric door mainly meets the need of welding between the sleeve and the setting of the water stopping line.
Q:What kind of material does ordinary steel plate refer to in steel market?
And because of the common strength, there is a single carbon steel plate is made, then the internal molecular interactions is very single, which makes the steel in strength is very limited, there is no better development. But the alloy steel plate is different, because this kind of steel plate because has joined many other elements, this also causes its internal molecular structure to become extremely complex, simultaneously its internal molecular force also becomes extremely strong. It also gives the plate greater in strength increased, and the alloying elements of the steel sheet is fixed on the strength of it development is limitless.
Q:How much is the rent for a day of Larson steel sheet pile
As a cofferdam, Larson steel sheet pile is not only green and environmental friendly, but also has fast construction speed, low construction cost and good waterproof function.
Q:Stainless steel plate how to cast mirror plate?
Jacksonlea brand stainless steel polishing pasteThe supply of Jacksonlea brand stainless steel polishing paste, with the use of polishing wheel, can provide excellent gloss, providing the whole face of Gaoping. According to the customer's quality requirements, can provide rough, medium, fine specifications, with cloth, hemp wheel use.
Q:What kind of steel plate is Q234?
This brand is one of the most commonly used low carbon structural steel grades. The utility model has the advantages of good plasticity, definite strength and good weldability. Used in the manufacture of parts that are less stressed, such as screws, nuts, gaskets, etc., welding parts, stamping parts, construction and other steel parts.

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