high tensile steel wire for Flexible duct mattress spring rops production

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China main port
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1 m.t.
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1 m.t./month

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China (Mainland)


Drawn Wire



Alloy Or Not:


Special Use:

Cold Heading Steel

Model Number:

RGTS-S,60# 65# 70#072B 80B 82B

Brand Name:


Bright and black:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:common coil packing withour any reel, carboard reel packing, wooden reel packing, plactic reel packing and steel reel packing
Delivery Detail:according to your QTY,usually from 7 to 20days


1.Diameter range:0.3-13mm
2.Main application:making spring,mattress,wire rope.
3.Standard:GB4357,DIN17223,JIS G 3521

high tensile steel wire for Flexible duct mattress spring rops production

1.Diameter range:0.2-13mm
2.Main application:making spring,mattress,wire rope.

3.Standard:GB4357,DIN17223,JIS G 3521

high tensile steel wire for Flexible duct mattress spring rops production

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