High strength Refractory Bricks Approved GB/T10699-1998

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Product Description:


Refractory Brick approved GB/T10699-1998 
Thermal Conductivity:<0.35w/m.k 

Company Introduction:


Surya Thermal Insulation Material Co.,Ltd major exports all kinds of insulation material:calcium silicate board,ceramic fiber blanket,insulation bricks and other insulation material.We can supply calcium silicate block insulation ,pipe insulation,curved sheet and paste with kinds of denaity and sizes.Our products can be widely used in industries of metallurgy,building material,petrochemistry,nonferrous metal,machinery,electric power,light-industry and so on.Annual output is 60,000 cubic meters.The products have been exported to more than fifty countries and areas in the world,such as Asia,Europe,America,Africa etc,and also get high reputation from our customers.


Refractory  bricks:---Description:


Heat insulation refractory bricks is my company the American advanced standard reference to the development and production of a kind of high efficient, energy saving, high grade product. The products have been widely used in metallurgical hot dip galvanized furnace, silicon steel processing furnace, blast furnace stove; The petrochemical industry ethylene cracking furnace, hydrogen furnace, a transformation furnace, sulfur recovery units; And other such as roller kiln, spindle type kiln, prevent (fight) carburizing (n) the stove and so on thermal device, and satisfactory results.


Refractory  bricks ---Product features :


1. High temperature resistant,

 2. Performance is good,

 3. High strength,

 4. Show low porosity,

 5. An acid, alkali resistant, aggressive good, etc.


Refractory  bricks---Technical parameters:

Al2O3%>45SiO2%40Fe2O3%                        <1.0                                         Cao%1.7Normal temperature the flexural strength MPa1.0-1.3Volume density %0.52-1.25Normal temperature compression strength MPa1.2-3.4Softening temperature °C1250Thermal shock stability (water) times / 1000 degrees air cold>15Coefficient of thermal conductivity W / (m.k) 350 degrees +-10 degrees-1Heavy burn line change %-1                      1300*12hThe highest use ° C temperature1230-1760


Refractory  bricks---Application:

Mainly used for thermal boilers, cement kiln, glass furnace, gas furnace, fertilizer, blast furnace hot-blast stove, coking furnace, electric furnace, casting and casting steel brick.

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Q:What are the characteristics of high alumina bricks?
The product has the advantages of high temperature, little creep, strong corrosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance, and is suitable for large and medium-sized high-temperature kilns and other energy consuming industries, such as chemical industry, electric power industry, etc.
Q:Aluminum content 38. silicon content 55 What refractory bricks?
Semisilica brick: the content of Al2O3 is 15% ~ 30% of aluminium silicate refractory products. Manufacturing products are semi silica quartz containing impurities or native clay kaolin, refractory clay or kaolin beneficiation tailings and the pyrophyllite
Q:How to reduce porosity of high alumina brick
High alumina brick used as refractory products in refractory material, has a great application in masonry kilns, insiders pointed out that the quality of high alumina brick general porosity and it has a great relationship! So, how to reduce the porosity of high alumina brick rate is very important!
Q:What are the common thermal insulation materials for thermal conductivity?
The vacuum heat insulation plate is a kind of high efficiency thermal insulation board made of inorganic fiber core material and high resistance gas composite film. It is made of vacuum encapsulation technology and covered with special interface mortar.
Q:Application characteristics of high alumina brick
Reheating line change. If the firing temperature of high alumina brick products is enough and the firing time is enough, the volume is stable, the change of the reheating line is small; on the contrary, the residual shrinkage of clay brick products is caused by recrystallization.
Q:Introduction of high alumina brick
Three alumina silicate refractory product with a content of two Al2O3 (48%).
Q:What's the difference between a well type annealing furnace and a box type annealing furnace?
Box annealing furnace application: mainly used for quenching, normalizing, annealing and other conventional heat treatment equipment for steel parts. Features: 1, electric loading, high productivity, heat treatment is especially suitable for small and medium-sized parts, such as 30%, uniform temperature, intelligent digital display meter PID (pictured) automatic temperature control, high precision; 2, electric discharge loading convenient, as good; 3, door and seal the oven body is sealed automatically, without manual seal; 4, equipped with electric interlock protection device, and can prevent the fault accident due to the error. Bell type annealing furnace four bell type annealing furnace bell type annealing furnace is mainly used for annealing sheet metal in natural atmosphere and normalizing treatment of steel parts. 1, special steel, precision alloy large all fiber trolley type resistance furnace, strip, wire bright annealing. 2 、 annealing of special steel casting and forging. 3. Annealing of silicon steel sheet. 4, metal and non metal powder sintering pieces etc..
Q:What are the high temperature refractory mortars made of?
Siliceous mud, mineral composition and chemical composition is similar with silica, excellent corrosion resistance, water glass slurry, drying shrinkage, but also can be used for bonding fiber products, sealing furnace wall.
Q:How are the grades of high alumina bricks differentiated?
High alumina brick: aluminium silicate refractory product with a content of three Al2O3 (two) and more than 48%
Q:What is the difference between T3 refractory bricks or high alumina refractory bricks?
The T3 in T3 refractory bricks refers to the model indicating that the refractory brick model is T-3, and that the corresponding T-3 model is 230*114*65 (mm)

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