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Type:Bedroom FurnitureSpecific Use:Home BedGeneral Use:Home Furniture
Material:WoodenAppearance:ModernStyle:Water Bed,Modern
Folded:NoInflatable:NoSize:any size is available
structure:woodern frame+high density foam+real leatherFunction:Homecertification:ISO9001:2000


new leather furniture bedroom, beds bedroom furniture
3.OEM order

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Q:What's the difference between a double room and a standard room?
There are two kinds of double rooms in the hotel, one is a twin bed room (DABLE room), that is to say, there is only one bed in one room. Another double room is a double room with two beds (TWIN rooms), such as two girls, each with a bed. Standard room is a kind of double room, that is, one room, two beds.
Q:when to make the change from crib to toddler bed?
Well, I think this depends on how much space you have. Our twins were in the same crib til they were about 9 months, then in seperate cribs til about 2 1/2, then into their own toddler beds. They always shared a room til we moved into our new house last summer which had 3 bedrooms. But their one room was the big room of the two bedrooms in our house (yes, mom dad got to share the smaller room), but it worked out well. Ours were more of the type to wake each other up more than sleep together. It really depends on how you view the twin relationship. Ours were very different and independent from each other from the get go. I think it's important that they can fall asleep and stay asleep seperately, because this will end up really being an issue once they're older if they don't learn now. If they're fine going to sleep on their own,I don't know if it matters if you seperate them, you could always go to the double bed for now, then seperate toddler beds in a year or so. Bonding is important, but I think they have that no matter what. If you forsee this being an issue, I would go to seperate beds now, I'm actually quite amazed that you got away with one crib.
Q:whats the curtain for your bed called?
Bed curtains or canopy.
Q:The mattress is smaller than the bedstead. What shall I do?
I don't know where you live You to buy wood building materials market place have, buy a shirt motherboard can measure the length of a bed, something like a sponge, very good looking, with old sheets sewn a long pocket, these things into the line, and on the inside, I think it will not affect the use of the. I'm from Shanghai, and I wish you success!
Q:Which one is right? In or on the bed?
In my bed
Q:Is it safe to use a tanning bed?
dont think so. i still use it because where i live there is no sun in the winter, so it helps with vitamin D.
Q:Internal structure of plate bed
Wooden furniture. The main requirements, materials, structures and manufacturing processes have higher quality. The furniture inside and outside the wood, no rot, no crack, no bug and dead section, surface plate smooth, firm adhesion joints, such as; cross brace and leg, drawer frames, frame tight joint; surface paint coating is smooth, uniform color, no cracks, no scar, no flow hanging, no uneven phenomenon and shades.
Q:What is the price per meter, eight beds, oak and beech?
Oak: in North America is the most popular furniture wood, the reason is expensive because of imports. North America produces larger, better wood is walnut and cherry. It is reported that our country is in oak oak, preferably glauca, you can find it very good. And don't be fooled by human rubber trees.
Q:advice about bed time?
What we did is:We would wait for our daughter to climb into bed, and then we started to push her around. Everytime she got comfortable somebody moved and she started complaining. We said thats why kids have their own bed so they dont get squashed by the grown ups. And when we went to bed and she was already asleep in it, we would do the same until she woke up. One evening when we went to bed and started pushing her around, she got up and went to her bed and fell asleep right away. I quess after a few nights of uneasy sleep made her see the light - the night light that is. Good Luck
Q:How do i make my bed neatly?
OH KAYLA...don't bust a brain cell on this!... a flat sheet that rides on your body...is easily straightened when you are in bed before you get up... i have very blankets on my bed....and they are tucked in so they stay...it is a matter of getting up and straightening the bed covers... place two pillows in back one in the middle up front...of the two in back and place the heart pillow on the middle pillow up front now...you have time to master other things...like how to tie your shoes.. *(*

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