High Quality Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire For Hexagonal Wire Mesh

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Steel Grade:
hot or electro galvanized wire
Wire Gauge:
0.10---4.00mm or other wire gauge
Place of Origin:
Hebei China (Mainland)
Drawn Wire
Alloy Or Not:
Special Use:
Free Cutting Steel
Model Number:

Cold drawn or annealed

Product Description

1. Type: hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire or bright wire

2. Diameter: 0.10---4.00mm or other wire gauge

3. Tensile strength: 500N/mm2---2200N/mm2 or other

4. Different zinc coating as per your requirement

5. Finished products: stitching wire, wooden case wire , brush wire , net-weaving wire , handle wire , and wire for cleaning ball.

Raw Material

Q195 Q235 low carbon steel wire rods

Diameter of Wire

0.20mm-5.0 mm

Zinc Coating


Tensile Strength


Weight of Coil



Inside plastic films & outside weaving cloth

Galvanized Wire

Wire Gauge
































































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Q:Physics, Resistance of a wire help?
first, knowing the resistance of each wire (i dont know it, you need to look it up) i would set up a circuit to put out [X] amt of current (the amt of the lowest resistance in the wires) and run the current thru the wires to a light bulb. if the bulb doesnt light, you now have figured out that this is the wire with the most resistance (again i dont know which has a higher one) for clarification- aluminum resistance = X nichrome resistance = y circuit with current EQUAL to resistance of the lowest wire (for example if X was lowest with 3 ohms, you would set the current to however many amps/volts are required to overcome that) and then connect it to a bulb. when its turned on, if the bulb doesnt light, you have determined that it isnt wire X but wire Y. even more simply, just list the wires by their resistance. if X=3 ohms, Y= 4 ohms, and the bulb doesnt light at 3, you have determined that its wire Y. im assuimng you would have the resistance of the wires? this is how i would do it, but if thats the right way? i dunno. but it is one way.
Q:how do i wire my pool pump?
The timer is just like a light switch, The hot from the power source (black wire) goes to one side of the timer. From the other side of the time it takes a wire to go to the pump. The white (neutral) goes from the power source to the pump. Provided this is 120 volts.
Q:How would I wire this properly?
Do you have 12/2 with ground? Use three wire cable. Start at the last receptacle. Connect the black to the brass colored screw, white to the silver screw, bare to the green screw. At the middle receptacle, use a wire nut to connect both blacks to a 6 inch piece of black wire. Fasten that short wire to the brass colored screw of that receptacle. Connect the white wires together with a 6 inch piece of white wire and connect that to the silver screw. Do the same thing with a 6 inch bare wire to the ground of the middle receptacle. Secure those receptacles to the boxes and put the little sticker (GFCI protected) on the cover plates. On the GFCI receptacle you will find two terminals across from each other marked load. Connect the black and white wires going to the middle receptacle to those terminals, keeping them on the correct side. The terminals will be marked. Connect the white and black coming from the circuit breaker to the terminals marked line. Again keep the white and black on the correct side. Use the 6 inch piece of bare with the 2 bare wires to connect to the ground screw on the GFCI. Fasten the GFCI into the box and put the cover on. Now go to your panel. Put the white wire in an empty lug on the neutral buss with all the other white wires. Do the same with the bare wire to the ground buss with the other bare wires. Connect the black wire to your new circuit breaker with it turned off. Turn it on and test the GFCI by pressing the reset and then the test button to make it trip. Reset it. That's it. William, many local jurisdictions require pigtails in this case. I don't know where MMike is from, so I used the more restrictive code. And in my humble opinion, when you shove 4 stiff 12 ga wires on screws back into the box, you have double the chance a screw is going to turn and loosen, giving you a bad connection, not NEC code there, just me and over 45 years experience. Thanks Russ.
Q:What color is a common wire ?
Sounds like a mess. But to answer the narrow question, Black wire carries Hot power, White wire is Neutral, and bare copper or green is Ground. Don't kill yourself or cause a fire!!
Q:new cable wires?
flat co-ax cable would be an oxymoron, however there is flat twinlead. U need to know that twinlead is more likely to have interference problems though. electrical cable usually has 3 conductors so it is naturally kind of oval shaped people typically hide these behind baseboard or in the space below the baseboard if they have wall to wall
Q:How to wire 120v outlet from 240v wiring?
I swear these people on here are crazy sometimes. People he was never asking how to wire e recepticale. He is asking how to take a four wire 240vac connection to a 3 wire 120vac connection. He is wiring it to a auto drain valve that has a termination box on the side of it or a pecker head as we used to call it. Here is how to do it. Go to your breaker panel determine wick breaker is feeding the cable/wire your wanting to use. Once you have done this remove the breaker panel cover. Then remove the wires from the breaker. These should be the red and black wires. Now remove the two pole breaker and replace it with two single pole breakers rated at 20 amps. Using black electrical tape, tape the end of the red wire up and secure it inside the breaker panel so that it is out of the way. Now land the black wire to one of the breakers you just installed. The second breaker will not have anything wired to it, it is a spare to be used later but must be installed to cover the hole left by the two pole breaker. Label you panel to indicate the auto drain valve and the spare breaker you have just installed. Now at the auto drain valve the black will be the hot/L1 white is neutral/L2 and the green is ground. The red can be taped up and secured out of the way or cut back and taped up if you don't think you will need it in the future.
Q:Some questions about EL wire?
Electroluminescent okorder.com) have wire that lasts far longer. You can expect the shelf life of these wires to be about 4-6 years. At that time, the wire just doesn't stop working, it slowly breaks down the phosphor particles, and the wire will get dimmer over time. The expected working life of EL Wire is about 4-6,000 hours which beats your average glow stick by about 5,992 hours...
Q:Switch wiring question?
Well it is defintely a 3 way switch. The fourth (green) wire being the ground. I can't tell you by the numbers, but I can tell you by the screws which wire goes where. If it does not apply to your switch you may need to go get a new one. They are inexpensive. The green, ground wire goes to the screw that is usually attached to the arms ( metal extentions that hold against the sheet rock. Now you need to find the red and black wire that are together. Look inside the box where the wires come in and you should be able to tell if the red and black are in the same sheathing. These are your travelers. The travelers need to go on the two screws that are across from eachother. One goes on the right side and one goes on the left. Does not matter which side. The last black wire, depending on which of the two 3 ways you are at is either your power or your light leg (wire going to your light). This wire goes on the last screw. Hope this was helpful.
Q:what are the three names of the wires in the plug?
Live = Brown wire Neutral = Blue wire Earth = Green/yellow wire NB Some one (he's removed his answer) implied that one terminal was called Positive. Please note that you do not have a Positive (or Negative)) wire/terminal on an AC mains system. Positive/Negative imply a DC system which is not extant in the UK/EU. (I believe Derby did have a DC system decades ago -very odd and wasteful!).
Q:do you have cb mic wiring codes?
Typically there are 3 wires. The shild is ground. Of the remaining two wires, one is push-to-talk and the other is the audio lead. Find the push-to-talk (switch) lead by checking continuity from the shield to each of the other two wires. On one of the remaining two, there will be continuity when the mic is keyed. That is the switch lead, and the other one is audio.

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