High Pressure High Voltage Clamp Bronze Hot Line Clamp

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high pressure clamp
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A brief overview of the Hose clamps

I. Features

*Full stroke adjustment.

*Low power inching and adjustable stroke.

*Large punch table with multi-purpose bolster removable table block for overhang channel/joist flange punching.

*Machines with very low maintenance requirements.

*Punch adaptors

*Swing away punch stripper unit

*Easy change punch holder

*Universal die bolster

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Q:Which would be better civil or electrical engineering considering that i like physics so much?
Q:Electrical install question?
Is it possible he grounded the box? Some guys will use a metal box and ground it. As far as a ground rod for one gircuit, I wouldn't do it. I work in a lot of homes (50 plus y/o) that do not have a ground wire in the circuits, only the panel, although not to todays codes, they seem ok. Just my $.02 worth.
Q:So when's the next end of the world?
11 August year 4500
Q:any cheaper electronic device available in india which can substitute on-off timer for electrical equipments?
Depending on your skills, a CMOS 555 timer chip could probably drive a solid state switch (triac) for this interval although a more reliable timing, especially if you want exactly a 50% duty cycle, by feeding the timer output into a counter, so that the 555 cycles say 32 times (once a minute about) for each change of state of the selected output. Smaller cycle times are more stable.
Q:What causes electrical blackouts and brownouts?
Power surges are a major cause and then old faulty equipment.
Q:what is principle of lightning arresters?
A lightning rod, sometimes called a lightning arrester is something you mount on top of your house. It is a pointed long metal rod (or several of them) that is mounted on the roof so that it is the highest object. It is connected via a heavy metal cable to a ground rod which is driven into the ground nearby. It will attract any lightning bolt and dissipate it to ground. You may be talking about a surge protector, an electronic device usually mounted in outlet strips, that provides protection to voltage surges and spikes, which can be caused by a nearby lightning strike, or by inductive loads switching off. Surge protectors are usually varistors, which are power devices that have an V-I characteristic that causes them to shunt voltage much above the normal line voltage to ground.
Q:review of latest electrical machine used in ship?
the newest state of the rt electrical systems on large ships are 'podded propulsion; instead of turbines turning propellor shafts, generators supply electricity to motors that are placed in pods outside the ship, under the hull which turn the propellors.go look up 'Queen Mary 2' on the web for details.
Q:Can you proof read my resume I just wrote ?
Q:How to overcome these electrical equipments failure ?
such failure high rates can be ovecome by an appropriate design choice .adequate de-rating must be considered.together with appropriate installation design which minimize hot spots and vibrations.
Q:what is AC and DC and how do they work?
DC is direct current and AC is alternating current. From the names, DC is constant voltage that gives us potential energy directly such as batteries and AC is alternating between positive and negative voltages and has a specific frequency usually 50~60 Hertz. The reason why most devices blow up when connected directly to AC voltage is due to the fact that AC has a higher voltage rating than DC, and most electronic devices operate at lower voltage and therefore you see most electronic devices with transformers in order to convert the high AC voltage to DC voltage. The case of the light bulb is that it can operate by AC voltage, since light bulbs needs the frequency of the AC voltage source in order to keep flickering, however our eyes do not keep up with the flickering speed and see it as constant light.

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