High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE

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Indroduction of High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE:

Vermiculite Grinding Machine  is designed by our experts, according to collected advices from customers' long-term experiences.Vermiculite grinding machine takes the most advanced patent technology from European and the supply the customers with outstanding performance at low costs.

Technical Data of High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE:

High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE

Features of Vermiculite Grinding Machine:


1. Bevel gear integral transmission: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine needs decelerator and ratcheting to drive the main shaft that increase the centering difficulty and is easy to bring noise as well as reduce the efficiency. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopt bevel gear integral transmission that compact the whole structure and simplify the installation as well as improve the efficiency.
2. Inner light-oil lubrication system: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine lubrication adopts grease lubrication which increases the resistance of lubrication, creates high inherent temperature and shortens the service life of bearing. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopt light-oil lubrication achieve the lubrication of bearing without oil pump and lubrication station.
3. Arc whirl tube: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine adopt board-type whirl tube that increases the resistance, reduces the performance, and stops the air flow and so on. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopt arc whirl tube reduce the resistance and avoid the air-stop and so on. 
4. Curved surface shovel with changeable edge: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine adopt quick wear edge and edge combine with shovel. If the edge is worn, all of the shovel should be changed that increase the cost and the stop time. The edge of MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopts wearable alloy materials which improve the service life. The Changeable edge is easy to change that save time and cost. The traditional flat shovel make the materials accumulate in one level that reduces the ring and roller service life. The curved surface shovel makes a vertical material liner which increases the working face and capacity.
5. Insolating type cyclone collector: Adopt insolating structure between the inner core and mixed air flow that improve the classifying efficiency and precision.
6. non-resistance inlet shell: Traditional observation door of shell protrude that makes the inner surface is not so smooth which brings eddy effect and increase the consumption. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopts the same curved surface which avoids the eddy effect.
7. Fine appearance: MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine not only adopt many advanced structure but also optimize the appearance.

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Pink Buffalo is good. Inoculate rye and allow it to fully colonize. Then spawn to horse manure. If rye isn't available use wild birdseed with a high millet content. If manure isn't available then fruit from your substrate directly. Rye will work better than wbs though. Vermiculite will help make a casing layer but isn't necessary for a substrate because it has no nutritional value. The flushes will be good as long as they fruit in high humidity with plenty of fresh air.
Q:Can i just substitute soil for perlite if I'm doing a hydroponics experiment?
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Vermiculite can not replace soil, vermiculite, good air permeability, but no growth of plant nutrients, only as seed germination, seed germination time after transplanting.

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