Halogen-Free Cables With Improved Performance In The Case Of Fire

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Product Description:


Type of halogen free cables:
Installation cables
Power cables
Shipboard cables
Telecommunication cables


Halogen free cables
•    Installation cables (H05Z, H07Z, H07ZZ-F, NHMH)
•    Power cables (NHXHX, NHXCHX, NHXHX Fe 180, NHXCHX Fe180/E90, LiHXHX, LiHXCHX, LiHXHX Fe180, LiHXCHX Fe180, N2XH, N2XSH, N2XSEH,
•    Shipboard cables (FMGCH, MGCH, MGH, NFK FMGCH,  NFK MGCH, NFK MGH)
•    Telecommunication cables (J-02YSH, J-2Y(St)H, THI, THM, THN, THNE, THNE FE 20, THNe Fe180, ILAN 120 W H, TC 88 K (EK), TZ 88 e (Ge))
•    Cables for electronics (LiHCH, LiHH)

Basic requirements
Our halogen free power cables are notable for their improved performance in the case of fire, in addition to the requirements generally applying to power cables:
•    Low smoke density (firefighting and rescue operations made easier)
•    Reduced flame propagation (limited fire damage)
•    No corrosive combustion gases, owing to use of halogen-free materials (no danger to persons and no subsequent damages in the case of fire)

These three basic requirements are met by all Halogen free cables and verified by the following tests:
- Smoke density:
DIN VDE 0472 Part 816; IEC 1034
- Flame propagation:
DIN VDE 0472 Part 804, Test method C; IEC 332-3 Category A, B or C (Test on bunched wires or cables under fire conditions)
- Corrosivity:
DIN VDE 0472 Part 813; IEC 754-2
Additional fire tests:
- Circuit integrity of cable only:
DIN VDE 0472 Part 814; IEC 331
The stress duration for cables designated FE180 is 180 minutes.
- Circuit integrity of cable installation:
DIN 4102 Part 12;
This test according to building legislation differs essentially from the tests according to VDE. No longer is the cable examined alone (test on circuit integrity of cable only), a complete installation (cable installation) undergoes testing. Apart from the cable, the cable installation includes support devices, connecting elements and mountings. A detailed test certificate is issued for the test performed. Circuit integrity of cable installation is classified as E30 (30 min.) and E90 (90 min.) respectively, depending on the stress duration.

Halogen-Free Cables With Improved Performance In The Case Of Fire

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