Zero Halogen Free Halogen Fireproof Cable

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Product Description:

 Zero Halogen Free Halogen Fireproof Cable        


Detailed Product Description

Zero Halogen Free Fireproof cable
--Glass mica tape fire resistant layer
--PE/XLPE insulation
--LSOH sheathing


Zero Halogen Free Fireproof cable


Zero Halogen Free Flame Retardant (ZHFR) Wire is widely used for building wiring and has been widely appreciated among our clients. These are recommended especially in a situation where high degree of safety of personnel and equipment are obligatory like hotels, theaters, hospitals, high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, centrally A.C offices, residential properties and others.




·Non-toxic smoke house wires for building wiring
·Uninterrupted power
·Enabled with alarm circuits, exit lights, lifts & other emergency circuits
·Electrical properties
·High thermal stress resistance
·Excellent mechanical properties
·Good flame retarding ability
·Low smoke formation and long term reliability
·ZERO HALOGEN Insulation provides better flame retardant properties then HR & FRLS
·Zero Halogen required >300°C temperature to catch fire (with 1%0xygen).


Product Construction:


1.Stranded annealed copper conductor
2.Glass mica tape fire resistant layer
3.PE/XLPE/PVC insulation
4.Flame retardant PVC or LSOH (low some halogen free) sheathing
Voltage Rating: 450/750V, 0.6/1KV
Temperature: working temperature for long-term use: 200 Centigrade:
For short time use: 1000 Centigrade 90 minutes
Bending radius: unarmored cable, 10*outer diameter; armored cable, 12*outer diameter


Standard Compliance:


IEC 60331, BS 6387: fire resistant test
IEC 60332, BS 4066: flame retardant test
IEC 61034, BS 7622: smoke emission test
IEC 60754, BS 6425: halogen content test




Used in the wring of:
Fire resistant safety circuits
Public address & emergency voice communication systems in high-risk buildings
Control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial & residential complexes
High-temperature installation conditions


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All products could be with additional features, LSHZ fire resistant or others.


Main Export Markets:


Eastern Europe
Mid East
Central/South America
Western Europe




·In rolls for cables with cross section<10mm, wooden or iron drums for heavy cable in large quantity.·As per client's special request.


Our Advantage:


·22 years professional experience since 1988
·Better competitive price and standard quality.
·Experienced engineering team work, latest tech R&D in cables.
·Standardized qulity control and operation system under ISO9001-2000.
·Market-oriented management, OEM, OBM,ODM acceptable.
·Situated near Shenzhen port, beside Hong Kong, fast delivery guaranteed.



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Q:will speaker and power cables cause noise radiation to the rca cables of my amplifier?
NO it wont hurt nothing. Only reason you would have noise in rcas is if you got bad rcas. Only reason!
Q:could i use 2 cable to power 1 object?
In this case, you should have put the batteries in series to get 48 or 96 volts, that makes the cabling easier. Too late now. Yes, at 5kW, that is 5000/12 420 amps I don't know what size wire you are using, and what the distance is, so I can't help further without that information. For example, if you are running 10 feet of cable (20 total) and you want to lose only 5% of the voltage, which is 0.6 volts, then the resistance of the wire needs to be less than 0.6/420 1.4 mΩ. That is, over 20 feet, 71 mΩ per 1000 feet, which is 000 AWG wire. Mush more than 10 feet, and you need to use MCM wire. .
Q:What accessories/cables should I buy for this apple computer?
Power cable, USB keyboard, USB mouse. That's it. Find a power cable (any old computer power cable will work) and see if it even powers on and does anything first. Crack it open. Set it on its face, then undo the three screws across the bottom. They do NOT come out. They only loosen up until you can't turn them anymore. The back pops off. Look for any swollen or leaking capacitors. If you find any, then it's junk. If you don't, then see if there's any RAM in it. If not, toss some PC3200 DDR RAM in there and see if you get anything.
Q:Do i need a separate cable for power to connect my internal SATA drive to my laptop via its e-sata connection?
definite. the capacity connectors and the information connectors are an identical for 2.5 and 3.5 sata complicated drives. U can ghost over the workstation complicated tension to a different workstation complicated tension, as long there is not any actual project with the two drives, determine there is sufficient room interior the holiday spot complicated tension. i'm not too particular if u are utilizing homestead windows XP, Vista or 7 yet each and every each and every now and then after ghosting, if u unable besides to homestead windows as a results of errors, u will might desire to run homestead windows startup restoration a minimum of two times so as besides to homestead windows.
Q:harddrive power cable stuck.... HELP PLZ?
try using a pair of plyers and moving the connector side to side while pulling
Q:Wire yellow and green, respectively, that line of fire or zero line
Suggestions or online shopping it Feeling very difficult to match the silicone sleeve, the Internet is very easy to buy, about 10 yuan or so, C430. I just bought a Taipower c430 last month, did not buy silicone sets, bought a Moog MP4 package, that with a silicone sleeve machine becomes ugly. Hope to help the landlord.
Q:if we provide power through power cable will there be need of extra capacitor near load?
Yes, if you are talking about a bypass capacitor. Electronics always requires a bypass capacitor near the circuit/IC. Having one at the end of a cable means the cable inductance is in series, and the impedance seen by the IC power supply leads is inductive and high instead of the needed low impedance that a local bypass cap provides.
Q:how deep underground are electric cables put underground?
Here in NZ Power cables have to be buried 600mm or 2 foot below ground, but if your still unsure locate someone with a detect machine who can exray the ground tell you where what are below the surface these gismo's can track trace pipes, power cables, telephone cables, even rabbit burrows! I know co's I used a company that traced underground pipe work on a farm at a speedway before the ground was dug up to insert an under ground drain from one building to another, co's we knew somewhere down there was a high voltage power cable we didn't want to hit it!. Cheers!!
Q:Xbox power cable light turns red !?
attempt taking all the cables out from the back of your xbox and tv and re-attaching them correct. If this would not artwork, evaluate going to the microsoft internet site under the help section, and notice in case you will detect the answer. If not, then ring them up for unfastened and that they permit you to appreciate.
Q:Please read. Turtle Beach power cable?
Sorry You will be fine and wont be scammed. OKorder is a possibility but its a tad sketchy but its easy to use and not get again scammed but its your choice ofc i don't know the situation your in. im just guessing your worried about ordering online due to scamm websites, it could be that you simply don't have a card that can shop online (or even a card). Also delivery should be fairly quick (most being a week) so you won't be waiting too long either way. Turtle beach is based online, and distribute mainly from their website,(such is most designer accessories) the only reason they have their products in stores are because of their success online, and were able to expand but even then they only ever sell a few of their headsets in stores never their full range, then expecting parts is very rare. p.s i realise its a generic piece of equipment but its quite specific and there are very few things that use somthing that you've specified (not the sized and volt just a DC power cable that has a USB input) , that includes headsets, seriously most headsets don't require a power cable (and it having a power cable doesn't make it good) Hope this helps :S

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