Gypsum Board T-Grid T Bar for Ceiling Suspension Groove Wall Angle Ceiling T-Grid

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Material: Steel System: Groove,Plane

Product Description:

Standard Flat T grid

Different sizes:Flat 32,Flat 38,different Color,different thickness from 0.18 to 0.4 mm.Producing goods according to customers's requirements.

Groove T grid (with back line)

Different sizes:Flat 32,Flat 38,different Color,different thickness from 0.18 to 0.4 mm.Producing goods according to customers's requirements.


(1) Advanced equipment, excellent technique, exquisite technology.

(2) Top and stable quality :adopting standard high quality raw materials makes our product surface smooth, no color difference.

(3) As manufacturer that we have huge capacity of production.

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Q:How hard is it to remove a hung ceiling?
What is a hung ceiling? LOL
Q:How to use paint keel
Stereo Groove Paint keel. Three-dimensional groove paint keel to double-sided color coated steel strip as raw material, soft color, clear lines, three-dimensional sense of high dimensional accuracy, with tight, with metal ceilings and mineral wool acoustic board supporting the use of modern building interior Ceiling of the classic products.
Q:Light steel keel wall need square steel do
Light steel keel wall materials are 50, 75, 100, 150 and several other. The wall can be filled with insulation materials - sound insulation materials (such as rock wool board, rock wool felt, bubble board), etc., can play a very good sound insulation effect.
Q:There is a ceiling of light steel keel partition to be how high, whether only need to do ceiling elevation, or to be higher than 20cm, or do the top plate bottom ~
If there is no way to only sit the wall, then, can only do the ceiling elevation, the reason why the top of the light steel keel wall need to be fixed on the ceiling, how can you be fixed 20? This is the case.
Q:What is ceiling called that has big moldings across it?
Q:I am in the process of finishing a basement ceiling. I would prefer to use drywall (I like the look, and I have a lot of sheets of drywall already) but I want to be able to access above the ceiling if I ever need to run wires or anything. Could I install a drop ceiling grid, and then cut drywall panels 2'x4', prime and paint them, and use them in the drop ceiling? It would save me from having to buy drop ceiling panels. My main concern is the weight - I think it would be substantially heavier than normal drop ceiling panels.
First I have to say I am an Electrician not a Ceiling installer. However, the Commercial job I am on has ceilings that are (essentially) sheet rock with a vinyl face. I noticed that the grid in those rooms is much sturdier than the normal grid. So that is probably something to consider. If you use lighter gauge grid then I would think you would need to install supports every 2' on the main stringers. That would give you 6 supports on each 2'x4' opening. If you care to get fancy try applying some (textured) wall paper to the sheet rock. Best of luck to you.
Q:While I won't get into the reasons why, I ended up drywalling my walls in a small sitting room in my basement before doing the ceiling. The walls have since been painted. What are my options for installing drywall in the ceiling and what types of roadblocks may I encounter when doing so?
How To Drywall Ceiling
Q:I would like to hang curtains from the ceiling to function like a room divider. But I can't make any holes in the ceiling, so does anyone know how I could do this? Or any alternatives to using some fabric as a room dividerThanks in advanced
These okorder /products/cable-sys... Or you can use command hooks, heavy duty fish line.
Q:What is called light steel keel? Why buy when the square is calculated? Not by a one to calculate it? If they made this shape what kind of material?
The ceiling must be bought with the screws have to buy if the iron screws with a long time will be anti-rust as your gypsum board will have a lot of yellow point is very ugly avoid! As for the role is equivalent to Made a similar to the iron net and then put the gypsum board or wood on it as a shelf to use its advantage is to replace the previous wood keel because the wood things for a long time will be deformed and light steel keel this will not be time deformation Said these hopes to help you
Q:I am planning my basement remodel and love the idea of a tongue and groove look for the ceiling. Is it possible to use painted wall panels screwed into the ceiling beams? That way the mechanics of the house can still be accessed but I don't have an ugly drop ceiling.
Yes. But use screws so the sheets remain above the head. They look great.

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