Green& silver PE tarpaulin for truck

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Green& silver PE tarpaulin, 80-200GSM, 6'x12',12'x12',12'x24',mesh 8x8,12x12,14x14,water-proof, sun-resistant, anti-aging

Green& silver PE tarpaulin,

80-200 GSM,

6'x12',12'x12',12'x24',as per your requirements,

mesh 8x8,9x9,10x10,11x11,12x12,14x14,

HDPE woven fabrics, LDPE laminated both sides,

All four edges hot-sealed, and reinforced withPP rope in hem,

one aluminium eyelet each three feet on edges and four corners,

four reinforced corners with 4 triangle plastic sheets,

water-proof, sun-resistant, anti-aging, tear-proof,

application: factory use, family use, car shield, truck canopy, machinery cover, cargo cover, tent

Different sizes and colors can be customized to customer requirements

All these products are widely used in agriculture and construction. We have perfect technical inspection facilities, advanced quality control system and great production capacity, all which ensure good quality as well as timely delivery.

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