Golden Suspension Ceiling T Grids cross tee

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Ceiling channel and drywall channel, made of high-quality Snowflakes Steel

Product Applications:


Product used for internal constructions gypsum drywall partition such as hotels, terminal building,

bus station, theatres, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and etc.


Product used for internal constructions gypsum drywall partition such as hotels, terminal building,

bus station, theatres, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and etc.


Product used for internal constructions gypsum drywall partition such as hotels, terminal building,

bus station, theatres, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, and etc.


Product Advantages:


1.Light,good strength,cauterization resistance and water resistance

2.Matching magnesium fire-proof board,gypsum board and many other wall and ceiling board

3.Moisure-proof ,shock-resistant,high-effcient and environmentally-friendly

4.Easy and fast for installation,time-saving

5. Prompt delivery, high quality ,competitive price and complete sets of styles

6.We can supply you the products based on your specific requirements


Main Product Features:

(1) Lightweight  and high strength: 3-4 kg/m2 (1/10 of half brick wall), with yield strength 400mpa.

(2) Environment-friendly : galvanized steel-no radiation, have no harm to our health and not pollute the environment.

(3) Products with fillisters : Setting some fillisters in both sides of the keels in a selective way, in order to strength the

keels' vertical points and intensity.

(4)  Various sizes of metal track and metal stud : we are able to manufacture German, Japan and Aus-American types etc..

We can meet your customized demands.

Product Specifications:

Track Roll Forming Machine Ud  Cd  Uw Cw Profiles


Q:National norms Light steel keel wall can not do high? What is it?
It is recommended to go online to find information
Q:I need to attach track lighting in an office with acoustical tiles. Can I screw the track directly into the metal tracks of the suspended ceiling? (running power is not a problem to the track, but the tiles have to stay)
Check with your local building department. I expect you will find that your electrical code does not permit supporting fixtures from the T bar, tiles or the same support wires.
Q:Can you touch up drop ceiling tile with paint ? I don't want to remove a tile for a scratch or scuff.?
You sure can Just finished my recroom turned out GREAT. If your grid system is the same colour roll the whole cieling don,nt use to much presure on the roller, I used C.I.L. Problem solver it,s a primer but makes nice job of tile. Do,nt for get youe drop sheet have fun,
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board wall how much money a square meter. Standard type. There are about a thousand square meters.
65 yuan / square or so
Q:Light steel keel ceiling 600 * 600 What does it mean?
Meaning that the panel size is 600MM * 600mm
Q:Light steel keel wall with sound insulation requirements of the wall to the top?
Should do the top, or else there is no sound of the sound.
Q:That is, light steel keel in the remaining after the use of the remaining material, waste recycling station after the recovery, what manufacturers to buy to do what? What is the value of use? What is the main use of light steel keel what ingredients? Hope master Xiangjie, thank you! Correct it, is the remaining corner of the remaining material, not "zoom" more than Kazakhstan, playing the wrong word, so as not to affect your answer to consider more questions
Are generally pulled back to steel, and do more hot-rolled steel
Q:Home decoration ceiling light steel keel best use what specifications
Light steel keel is a modern industrial materials, steel steel is processed by the formation of the keel, but also the need for workers to plastic reinforcement. Light steel keel is often used in the decoration of the ceiling and in the partition. Light steel keel has the advantage: long life, waterproof fire, environmental protection, light texture, solid and strong. Light steel keel is the office decoration, office decoration and most of the public choice of the best choice. Because a large area of the ceiling decoration needs a solid keel, and light steel keel is such a keel. Light steel keel shortcomings are: conductive performance easily lead to leakage, the construction of wood keel relative to the more complex, and easy to deformation.
Q:the different between acoustic ceiling and metal ceiling?
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Q:Ii it 2 names for one thing.
A normal' ceiling is usually seamless drywall or plaster. A false ceiling is a metal grid system that will hold 2'x2' or 2'x4' tiles that can be raised to access wiring or plumbing.

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