glass fiber vermiculite cloth for dust collector

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200000 m²/month

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glass fiber vermiculite cloth  

1. glass fiber vermiculite cloth

2.customize accept


4.USA standard

5.Media type:fiberglass,ptfe,pps,p84.PET

Specs of glass fiber vermiculite cloth from fiberglass bag factory material:


    750gsm woven fiberglass
Constructionwoven fabric
material: :fiberglass fiber
Srim support:Glass fiber scrim
Felt Area Weight750g/sqm
Mean Air Permeability2-5 m3/m2/min 12.7mmH2O
Breaking Strength-MD(warp)>1800 N / 5cm
Breaking Strength-CMD(weft)>1800 N / 5cm      
Breaking Elongation ( N/5cm)-MD(warp)<10%
Breaking Elongation ( N/5cm)-CMD(weft)<10%
Dry Shrinkage     MD(240°Cwarp)<1.5%       
Dry Shrinkage     CMD(240°Cweft)<1.5%      
Operating Temperatures220-240 deg C
Recommended Maximum Continuous260 deg C  
Recommended Maximum Surge290 deg C      
Finishgraphite, silicon, teflon treated,PTFE laminated




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Q:Fundmental percentage problem?
You left out some steps. You should mix the water, vermiculite and brown rice flour(ground brown rice) and place it in a jar and place the jar in boiling water or pressure cooker. Generally they are mixed together in the right ratio. One part brown rice flower, one part water and two parts vermiculite is the recommended ratio. Mix the water and vermiculite first. Then add brown rice flour. Place it half way full in a jar and cover it tightly with aluminum foil. Boil it for 20 minutes being careful that the water level is low enough that it doesn't get into the jars. Pressure cooking is better but not necessary. Let it cool down. Inject the spores. After a week or so it should start turning white. At some point you need to put it in a fruiting chamber. I would probably do that at about 2 weeks or when the mycelium had established itself. It needs to be exposed to light or mushrooms won't form. Mushrooms also generally need more ventilation at that point.
Q:I have a south american vermiculite snail and he is having breathing problems?! Why? How can I help him?
Q:How to use vermiculite with orchid soil?
Vermiculite can not cultivate orchid soil, because the orchid habits like Yin, afraid of direct sunlight; happy moist, avoid dry; hi rich, rich in humus; appropriate air circulation environment. The property of vermiculite is not suitable for the cultivation of orchid soil.
Q:Vermiculite in the end what color is good, my how like false?
Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil. In 2013, the world's total output of vermiculite exceeded 500 thousand. The major producers are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United states. Vermiculite is a kind of clay mineral similar to montmorillonite, which is a layered structure of silicate.
Q:Baby Leopard Gecko?
Breeding Rack: Make it yourself. Most breeders do. They are usually made from 2x4's and plastic tubs. Vermiculite: Walmart, garden centers, pet shop Incubator: Make it yourself. A popular favorite is getting a used/broken stand up freezer and turning that into an incubator. You can also use Fridge/freezers, or mini bar fridges. Some people also convert fish tank and coolers to make incubators out of. I've herd of more good results from the DIY models then I've heard from the store bought ones. They are also a LOT cheaper. Check places like Craig's List for used freezers. Also check out places that come and pick up used/broken appliances to get them for scrap.
Q:where in AUSTIN TX can i buy Vermiculite and Perlite and Brown Rice Flour?
Add three things Vermiculite ,top soil and fertilizer. Fertilizer can be commercial or dried manure. Add little play sand mixed in with the top soil and manure makes for easier spreading. Invest in a good spreader that broadcasts as apposed to a gravity flow one. Till it a couple of times,hard rake it or use a drag to smooth it out. then your ready to plant seed or sod.
Q:Gardening advice: Too Much Pete Moss!?
You should use vermiculite mixed with water at a rate of 4 parts vermiculite to 1 part water. The container will also need a lid with air holes.
Q:Can I use parylite as a incubation substrate for leopard geckos?
Q:Can I use vermiculite as Leopard Gecko substrate?
You've already got plenty of amendments. Just plant whatever you are going to plant and get on with your life. You'll be fine. Fertilize occasionally.
Q:aquaballs to take the place of soil.what are they called/?
Chiles are really hard to understand, they seem to defy all the rules where tarantulas are concerned, I have four different species and where three are pretty reliable the chile rose is a worry. She may have got used to climbing the sides of her tank at the store, they are not hugely active, mine doesn't do a lot unless she's hungry and that's not that often. The soil could be too damp but it would have to be dripping wet for it to bother her. I wouldn't recommend soil from public places, you never know what's been done to it (or on it). If you are having trouble finding it locally I would suggest you look online or ask the store where you bought the spider where they get it from and if they can order you some, vermiculite is not good for tarantulas as it sticks to them. If you REALLY can't get a good substrate for her get some new clean potting soil from a garden centre and use that, you know it's got nothing nasty in it then, you may have to change it regularly though if it gets mouldy but you have to watch this with any substrate. Give her time to settle in though before you worry, chiles are wonderful beginner spiders but are very temperamental, she may fast for months, not moult for ages and refuse certain bugs as food but as long as she is active and has access to water she should be fine, enjoy her ;-)

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