glass fiber vermiculite cloth for dust collector

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glass fiber vermiculite cloth  

1. glass fiber vermiculite cloth

2.customize accept


4.USA standard

5.Media type:fiberglass,ptfe,pps,p84.PET

Specs of glass fiber vermiculite cloth from fiberglass bag factory material:


    750gsm woven fiberglass
Constructionwoven fabric
material: :fiberglass fiber
Srim support:Glass fiber scrim
Felt Area Weight750g/sqm
Mean Air Permeability2-5 m3/m2/min 12.7mmH2O
Breaking Strength-MD(warp)>1800 N / 5cm
Breaking Strength-CMD(weft)>1800 N / 5cm      
Breaking Elongation ( N/5cm)-MD(warp)<10%
Breaking Elongation ( N/5cm)-CMD(weft)<10%
Dry Shrinkage     MD(240°Cwarp)<1.5%       
Dry Shrinkage     CMD(240°Cweft)<1.5%      
Operating Temperatures220-240 deg C
Recommended Maximum Continuous260 deg C  
Recommended Maximum Surge290 deg C      
Finishgraphite, silicon, teflon treated,PTFE laminated




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Q:what is the brand name of the soilless product people use today to put their plants in?
Do not consume mushrooms unless they are correctly identified by a professional! you need to look online for the Bell jar method of growing mushies. Vermiculite can be found anywhere plants are sold, like Wal-Mart.
Q:How to grow a date palm plant without vermiculite?
If the eggs are not pitting and they are all showing veins, they should be fine. Hatchlings can break through the shells of their eggs, they will have no trouble getting out of the vermiculite if they have to. The gray color should be fine as well. And I would not slit the eggs personally. Premature slitting can result in unfortunate decay in the egg. Until you have survived your first clutch I would just let things occur naturally. Observe first, then experiment :)
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Not sure what type of bedding you use but I use the ground coconut shell. I filled a larger plastic coffee can (with a hole in the lid) half full with the bedding moistened just enough so that I could barely squeeze any water out. Its the humidity she's looking for. I'd imagine anything would work (even shredded wet newspaper) as long as its not toxic (such as pine shavings). Best of luck
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Q:how do i breed my leopard geckos?
well first i suggest some romantic music to set the moodthen light some candlesget the male gecko to give the female a nice back rub
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if you want an honest answer just visit divisoria, they knew about that or in the malls there. there are also sample cuts they will show you. in divisoria it's cheap but you have to be careful of buying there because of quality of textile.
Q:Could I mix Perlite and Vermiculite to get the same effect as Peatmoss and Vermiculite?
Vermiculite is not a chemical or a fertilizer, it is a naturally occurring mineral. It is also non-toxic. However, a large amount of anything foreign is a potential cause of colic in a horse, and vermiculite is known for it's ability to absorb water, so you should watch him carefully and call the vet. Apparently, in the past some mined vermiculite was contaminated with asbestos, but from what I can see it isn't a problem anymore. A vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana, that once produced 80 percent of the world supply of vermiculite was found to contain asbestos, minute particles of which were a carcinogen when inhaled. In operation since the 1920s, the Libby mine was closed in 1990. Vermiculite is now mined in Virginia, South Africa and China; those sources contain environmentally safe trace amounts of asbestos or none at all. Here is the conclusion of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: Based on available information, there is no clear evidence that dust from vermiculite itself causes any serious health effects. Nevertheless, as with any dust, workers should avoid prolonged, high-level exposures. The observed health effects associated with asbestos-contaminated vermiculite can be attributed to contaminant fibers, rather than to vermiculite itself.
Q:I live in new hampshire is there any place I can get vermiculite and perlite locally?
You could use vermiculite. Because it's a natural product, it seems to hold a little more moisture. I would think that any surface that is damp would be a potential source of bacteria. The trick would be to swap out the towel regularly so to not build up a toxic level of bacteria.
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