Forging Machining Gear Weight from 1kg to 75kg

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Item: Forging Machining Gear Weight from 1kg to 75kg


Production Process: casting or model forging
Standard: ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS and JIS
Machining Gear Max Casting ang Forging  Size: 1 meter
Machining Gear Casting Weight: 1~75 Kg
Machining Gear Dimension Tolerance: CT7
Machining Gear Surface Roughness: Ra6.4~12.5
Machining Gear Productivity: 7500 tons per year

   A world class manufacturer & supplier of lost wax investment castings forging in carbon steel and alloy steel, is one of the large-scale professional investment casting production bases in China, consisting of both casting foundry  forging and machining factory. Annually more than 100000 pcs Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customers requirements..


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Q:How do PPR and flange bond
The hot melt and welding method can be done, but the strength of the fusion will be better.
Q:The flange is round only? Well?
The regular is round and special is square!Of course, there are too many varieties to see the installation need.
Q:What is a flanged water meter
The water table connection is not threaded by the flange connection.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:The related types of flanges
The forging flange connection is to put two pipes, pipe pieces or equipment, and the forging flange connection is the important connection way of pipe construction. The use of forging flange connection is convenient, can bear the heavy pressure. In the industrial pipeline, the use of forged flange connections is extensive. In the home, the pipe is small and low in diameter, and cannot see the connection of the flanged flanged bend. If you are in a boiler room or a production site, there is a lot of flanged piping and equipment. Chromium content of 0.1% ~ 0.5% (forging flange in general do not contain chromium), carbon content below 1.0% and the forging flanges manufactured high temperature forging, although some forging flange surface hardness (HRC) can reach more than 56 or only around 15 ㎜) (hardening layer, because of its poor forging flange material hardenability the core hardness is generally more than 30 degrees, under normal circumstances the forging flange often adopts the water quenching treatment. Flange protector Flanged cover is used for all industrial flanges to be embalmed. The flange protection of the product is used to protect flange face (convex or ring). Double-ended studs and gaskets are protected from corrosion. The product is suitable for 316 ss stainless steel and non-metal (plastic), its manufacturing dimension is from the half "to 144" ANSI, the API and AWWA flange connecting the diameter. Flange sealing head system and flange packing can be protected in bad application environment.
Q:What is stainless steel flange for? How does it work?
Flanges, or flanged flanges or flanges. The flange is the part of the pipe that is connected to the pipe and is used for the connection between the end of the pipe. Also useful for the flange of the equipment import and export, for the connection between two devices, such as reducer flanges. Flange connection or flanged joint, which refers to the disconnection of a combination of flange, gasket and bolt. The pipe flanged flanged is a fitting flange for the piping device, which is used to refer to the equipment's import and export flanges
Q:Where is the flange in the pump
The import and export are all flannel, and there are valves and other possible flanges.There is a flange in the connection between the straw and the outlet pipe.
Q:What's the difference between flanges and flanges
The biggest difference is that there is no hole in the middle of the flange.One hollow, one solid. Nothing else..
Q:Is flange blind board to make installation should set what quota?
Use the installation quota 6 "process piping installation project", execute flange installation project, apply to "the vice" as the unit of quota remultiply by the coefficient 0.61.
Q:What is the output flange? What's the effect?
Flange threaded connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low pressure small diameter wire connect flange, high pressure and low pressure of large diameter used welding flange, the thickness of the flange and the connection of different pressure bolt diameter and the number is different. According to the different levels of pressure, the flange mat also has different materials, from low pressure asbestos pads, high pressure asbestos pads to metal pads.
Q:What are the specifications and dimensions of the flange?
Flanges and dimensions are as follows: 1, the national standard flange standards by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the People's Republic of China and China national standardization management committee jointly issued in 2011-01-10, since the 2011-10-01 implementation of voluntary standards.

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