Fiberglass Ceiling Tile with PVC Facings

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pvc  acoustic fiberglass ceiling

acoustic fiberglass ceiling  panel

fiberglass  acoustic wall board /panel



The fiberglass acoustic ceilings and panels are usually used in partions of interior walls and interior roof,wich can effectively block off the noises interior and ouside,achieves the thermal insulation.



Main Application Areas: (SQUARE)

The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges.square edge titles will be paralled to suspension system after installation. 




Main Application Areas: (TEGURLAR)

The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges,the four edges have grooves being tegular shape and sealed, the titles will be lower than the suspension system after installation, mainly used in shopping malls and stadium,conference rooms and libraries as well as offices.


Main Application Areas: (concealed A )

The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges.The edges of two are are square ,while others are concealed, the titles will cover the suspension system after installation, they are easy to trim and install.

Main Application Areas: (concealed B )

The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges.The edges of two are square, while others are concealed ,the tiles will cover the suspension system after installation, but this type of titles can not be trimed and re-installed compared with Concealed A


Main Application Areas: (concealed C )

The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges.The four edges have grooves,it can be sticked directly to the ceiling without suspension system,The tiles are suitable for low flap ceiling space and concrete-made,wooden-made or gypsum-made ceilings



Installation Instructions:

Using exposed T-Grid system and Plane T-Grid system with width :15mm / 24mm.


Both Metric and British Systems T-Grids are available



Packages and Specifications:

Size (mm)

Thickness ( mm)

Packing (pcs/ ctn)





















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Q:How to enhance the sound insulation of the room?
The room is to take a strict sound insulation measures on the walls, floors and ceilings. The final result is the construction of a room inside the room. All the studios use this structure. Of the sound insulation characteristics of more than -50dB. Even with the ideal sound insulation features up to -60dB ~ 65dB recording studio comparable to the inside and outside the wall completely isolated, do not send any sound vibration, "room" structure is necessary The use of isolation devices, the construction of more complex. This level of noise walls, do not allow such as power supply, audio equipment, telephone, air conditioning and other sockets have installation gap.Therefore, the actual plan, should consult the corresponding qualification of large decoration company. "Room room" manufacturing costs will be much higher than any of the previous transformation method, up to more than 10,000 yuan per square meter.Obviously this is not the general working class can expect the sound insulation to pay attention to the level of their own home theater To achieve what kind of standards, the mind to have a number, so the system should take appropriate measures to spend the least money with their own economic capacity, appreciation of the level of sound insulation is the most important.
Q:How to choose how to buy closet door ah?
The best choice for consumer satisfaction, a higher degree of market awareness of the brand wardrobe products.
Q:I recently found out that the ceiling in my bedroom may not have insulation, just roof. Can this be fixed?
Well, if you are willing to re-drywall anyway, why not tear down your existing ceiling and insulate it with fiberglass batts or blown cellulose? Then, you won't have two ceilings. When I moved into my house, I always hated how people just layered things like floors and just put the new over the old. Plus, I don't know how much ceiling space you have, but you would lose about 4 inches from redrywalling a second ceiling.
Q:What is the use of sisal?
Sisal (sisal) is a common agave plant, is also a kind of perennial, fleshy, xerophytic herbs, mainly from the leaf sheath to obtain fiber. Sesame is a perennial leaf fiber crop, is also the world's largest amount, the widest range of a hard fiber. As the characteristics of hard fiber with a white, tough texture (tensile strength), flexible, resistant to sea water immersion, friction, not broken broken, and less glue, not easy to slip and other characteristics, so yellow, kenaf and other bast fibers Can not be replaced.
Q:Can glass, Plexiglas or another see-through material be used as a ceiling and still provide insulation?
There are many ways you could go. Yes, you can use the plexi to create insulation space. The best insulation is dead air. That is, air that cannot circulate and move around. The key to using it will be using something to seal it tight, a clear silicone caulk, perhaps. They make a special glue for it, you could make smaller areas to help keep air movement down with strips inside the ceiling area to form the pockets of air. Think bubblewrap, only solid. Probably caulk or glue on the joists is good enough. As for the exterior, fiberglass is extremely difficult to get paint to stick to, unless you use the gel coat stuff made for it. Maybe there is a good primer to make it take paints. If possible, paint it with the same stuff made for mobile home roofs, tho I don't know how well it will stick to fiberglass, it does fine on the metal roof of a mobile home. The stuff I'm talking about is available in only a few colors, white, silver, gray, and black. It's thick, like tar, but not tar. If you use the silver or white, it should help keep down the heat, after all, that's what it's designed for. It also has insulation and leak sealing properties. If you have a good cheap supply of the plexi, you could also put plexi over it for sealing, but before you do, you could use window tint on it, the kind that looks like a mirror on one side, and is dark on the other. put the mirror towards the sun. If you put your mind to it, there are probably many many ways to get done what you need to do. Maybe there's some way to use recycled materials.
Q:Can anyone tell me if this ceiling tile contains asbests? (see details for link)?
yeah, i agree with scor, this is an insulated 2x4 tile. you have no problem here.
Q:General construction industry, building materials which, how classification?
Sanitary ware: bathtub, steel plate, massage cylinder, pig iron, glass bathtub, acrylic cylinder, countertop basin, ceramic basin, artificial agate pots, clean crystal basin, ceramic toilet, artificial agate toilet, bidet, squatting, Bucket, shower room, computer steam shower room, sauna, shower basin, barrels      Soda accessories: bathtub accessories, water tank accessories, basin accessories, towel rack, shower curtain rod, bathtub handle, clean treasure, ceramic soap / hand box, soap dispenser, floor drain, shower curtain, metal hose, Towel, wave mirror, car mirror, wide mirror / overlap mirror, ordinary mirror, faucet, shower, sink, dresser, rack, towel rack, double cup, hook, towel ring, toilet brush, high Head seat, drying racks, stainless steel pipe, slide bar, shower screen      Lamps: lanterns, different lights, electronic components, table lamps, eye lights, computer lights, bed light, process lamps, room lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, downlights, track lights, mirror lights, emergency lights Lights, wall clocks, clocks, lights, lights, lights, lights, lights, lights, lights, holiday lights, small neon lights, wall clocks, alarm clocks, floor clocks, calendar tables, spotlights, stage lights, transformers , Ballast,      Electrical wiring: wall switch, mobile card, air open, leakage protection, distribution box, meter, multimeter, cable switch, plug socket, insulation tape, plastic tape, line card, cable, jacket line, Signal cable, copper shaft cable, trunking, fuse, threading tube
Q:what can cause holes in your ceiling/wall?
Could be the mold, but simply could be the tape deteriorating. Did you use paper tape? IF you fix it again, use the self stick fiberglass tape before you mud over it.
Q:What to use to cover exposed fiberglass insulation on attic ceiling?
Sounds like it's in the overhead, so sound board is cheap and easy to cut, and hang. It also adds a R-value of 2-3 and is fairly flame resistant.
Q:How to repair a hole in a bedroom ceiling?
You only need to replace the lath with anything which will act as a backing for the spack filler which you will need to get from a hardware store or even your local supermarket if your lucky. A suitable replacement will hold your bit of plasterboard, which you have cut to fill the hole as best as possible, and must be able to cope with the environment in the attic, ie not rot. Then fill the crack around the edge with spack filler (white stuff, like plaster, many different types) Then when thet repair has set fill over the plaster board to make it level with the roof, any white spack filler type material. Dry sand and paint to match celing (that is the hard part). Good luck.

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