Fiberglass Ceiling Glass Wool Ceiling Acoustic Ceiling Tile

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Item specifice:

Material: Fiberglass Feature: Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Fireproof Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue
Position: Interior Certification: CE,ISO Customized: Customized
Thickness: 12mm,15mm, 20mm Wildth: 60cm, 610mm, 1200mm, 1220mm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Integrated Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling,Moisture-Proof Ceiling,Mould-Proof Ceiling
Application: Office,Hotel,Household,Dust Free Room,Public Shape: Square,Irregular,Rectangle

Product Description:

Products Description
Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are great for use in both residential and commercial applications. It is an effective and affordable way to build sound absorbing acoustical ceilings with excellent sound absorption properties. They are effective in eliminating unwanted ceiling boundary reflections and controlling excessive room reverberation. They are widely applied in offices, restaurants, recording studios, theaters, cinemas, schools, garages, conference room, dance halls, etc.


1. Excellent sound insulation.
2. Non-combustible, fire-proof.
3. Light weight and no sagging, wraapping or delaminationg.
4. Green eco-friendly building materials.


It's recommended that this panels be installed to the opposite two walls to cntrol the echo of the surroundings.
The panels are widly used in hotels, meeting rooms, auditoriums, music rooms, libraried, etc, where have special requiest for sound absorption.


1. Is OEM available?
Re: Yes, OEM service is available.
2. Are you factory?
Re: Yes. we are the largest factory in China.
3. Can we get sample?
Re: Yes, sample is free for our customer.
4. How many days for production
Re: usually 4 weeks after receiving of downpayment



Fiberglass Ceiling Glass Wool Ceiling Acoustic Ceiling Tile 

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Q:Upstairs tenants always make the floor Dong Dong Dong how to do?
Go upstairs to the upstairs that household, good communication, so that the upstairs upstairs households to go it, with its people also its body
Q:between 12 inches and 24 inches thick hallowblocks ceiling
For ceiling the 24 inch thick is slightly better, but not for roof as more afternoon heat is stored in the increased mass of the 24 inch blocks. If the ceiling hollows are filled with fiberglass or rockwool, a 2% reduction in electric consumption is possible as the convection currents are reduced for both 12 inch and 24 inch hollow blocks. Neil
Q:I had the roof replaced last summer, but havent had the energy to get up there and take down the ceiling tiles and the fiberglass insulation. I started removing it a section at a time a week ago, and wow! What a mess!. Gravel is falling down on my head and the insulation and tiles are dry now, but its still hard to pull them out. Should I be wearing a mask? Is there anything in the old dried out insulation and ceiling tiles that I should cover my nose? Its making a really big mess, so any suggestions will be helpful.
No Brainer , YES,YES,YES. You might even put on ball cap.
Q:What is the specific waterproofing of the bathroom? How much is the height of the wall As well as craftsmanship?
Polyurethane waterproof coating general approach is as follows: 1, the ground to the direction of the ground to find slope, cement mortar or bean concrete can be, but the surface to be flat. Near the door slope is small, the gap near the slope, according to the specific situation to master. 2, the pipeline to wear the floor of the root, to strengthen the waterproof. Tube root construction seal seal, cement smoothing foot protection, brush waterproof coating when the paste from the wire to strengthen the layer 1 to 2 layers. The same measures around the floor drain. 3, the wall to deal with clean plain light without floating ash, small particles, wall ground junction to wipe the original angle or slope angle. Brush waterproof coating when the glass cloth to strengthen the layer 1 to 2 layers. 4, the total thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating requires more than 1.5 mm. Can not rely on the number of decisions. Root, corner reinforcement layer at the first brush, room temperature 4h dry, and then a large area of ??brushing, Tu scraping. There is no leakage scraping, bubbling phenomenon. Large area brushing 24h curing after brushing the next layer. 5, first brushing the facade after brushing the plane, the next brushing direction and the vertical again. The last time the film semi-curing, throwing coarse sand particles, easy to combine with the cement mortar in the future. 6, the ground waterproof layer should be painted out of the bathroom door outside the 300 wide. Waterproof surface waterproof layer should be higher than the ground 200, a shower bathroom wall waterproof layer should be higher than the ground 1800 (L8 recommended full wall waterproof).
Q:Not sure how to spell something that sounds like "ah-spec-tice" please tell me where I can get into on aspectice.
I know this was posted awhile ago, but I thought this info I got from an expert may be helpful. If your house is built before 1978 it may have asbestos. To remove popcorn ceilings before this date the cheap way is to layer plastic everywhere in the area of the popcorn ceiling use a spray bottle or mister keeping it wet then scrape it off. When finished gather the plastic up keeping the popcorn ceiling remains encased in the plastic put it in a large garbage bag, seal up, and toss it. The key is to keep it wet when removing. For extra precaution wear safety glasses and mask. As long as it's wet it can't be inhaled and that's when it's dangerous. If you think it may be in the walls it's a good idea to get your home tested for the professionals to come in to clean it but it will cost you a lot of money.
Q:the fabric lining my jeep's ceiling is missing in the front of my car. came down in bits and pieces and i wasn't able to reattach it. there's a material underneath that looks something like yellow fiberglass??? is that right? is it safe to be exposed to this? i don't use the car much so i haven't had it fixed yet but i'd like to know what i'm dealing with here. thanks for any help!
its not fiberglass, its a hard resin foam. Will do no harm, unless you chew it up and swallow it or snort it... But being exposed to it is not bad for your health..
Q:How is Sophia Wardrobe?
With the improvement of living standards, people on the requirements of modern home more tended to taste, personalized. Europe and the United States has long been popular into the wall closet in recent years strides into the Chinese market, because of its own advantages, gradually recognized by the majority of urban residents. Sophia introduced the French design concept, and successfully moved the closet to the custom wardrobe, is the forerunner of the standard custom furniture.
Q:How to decorate the living room
Color and light - the layout of color and lighting is the main means of reflecting the artistic aesthetic and personality of the master. Color, should be the overall tone to be unified, do not use too much color, or will make the whole space is very messy. Note that the color decoration with soft decoration, which will produce your unexpected effect. Daytime living room to natural light-based, as far as possible to the natural light into the room; evening to artificial lighting, including decorative chandelier lighting, ceiling lamps, embedded lights and walls, such as mixed lighting, but to ensure that the room is bright Is still the first choice of lamps and lanterns, and then through the light to increase the level of space, contrast atmosphere.
Q:I am spraypainting my basement ceiling black, I am also putting up drywall. I am not sure how to finish the space above the top of the wall, where I can see insulation between joists. Any thoughts are welcome.
If you're finishing the basement, and you're insulating it properly, then there's no need to have the insulation on the ceiling at all -- all it serves to do is provide sound dampening between the two floors. When you finish the walls and floors, make sure you provide a vapor barrier on the surfaces -- I can't emphasize this enough. Even a visually dry basement will allow moisture through the walls and floors -- this is the nature of concrete. If the moisture is outside your home, it wall pass inside. If you don't install a vapor barrier, then this moisture will build up under the carpet and behind the walls. Fiberglass, wood studs, wood sub floor, carpeting, and all sorts of other floor and wall products will be damaged by this moisture over time. The vapor barrier on the walls should not be waterproof paints or coatings -- I've seen those fail time and time again. And the floor should not use those plastic and chipboard products that are out there today -- those leave an overhang of chipboard to be exposed to the floor and rot. A good, penetrating concrete sealer can be used on the floor. A good choice for the walls is a plastic vapor barrier, which will also prevent water from passing through cracks, should they ever form on the walls. Spray foam insulation on the walls, if it's closed-cell, will also solve your problem.
Q:I kinda left the sink on while i was taking a shower.. so when i got out my bathroom floor had water everywhere (about an inch of water)i mopped up the mess with towels but i forgot to wipe inside the cabinets (and that what caused the water to soak through according to my mom) now i'm being screamed at every. single. day.on the first floor if you look up, the ceiling pretty much dried up but theres 2 creases popping out. kind of like a loong 3-d v shape since the water soaked through and outlined the cabinets shape.and since my mom loves burdening me soo much, now my parents say that they lost 5 grand in our house's value T____Ti don't know if we're supposed to repair it, paint over it (though u can't rlly paint over it), or w/e.. does anyone know what i should do? don't tell me to call a repair man because my parents want to see their 'options' before they call themThanks.. :)
Peel away the loose and damaged surface. Get a container of 60 min sheetrock mud, fiberglass mesh tape and a trowel. Tape over the seams making sure the tape is IN the ceiling surface, put several coats (thin) on the ceiling, and then try to match the texture if you can. Paint over entire ceiling. This is what a contractor will do.

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