El precio competitivo de la fabricación de China esmaltó el azulejo de piso vitrificado mármol

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1200 m²
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300000 m²/month

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Item specifice:

No. de Modelo: 800 GLAZED MARBLE TILE Tipo: Esmaltados Espesor: 10mm
Función: Impermeable , Resistente al Desgaste, Antideslizante , Anti-Estática , Resistente al Ácido Color: Gris Certificación: CE , ISO9001
Material: Arcilla de Porcelana Tamaño: 800*800mm Tratamiento De Superficies: Vidriado
Técnica: Azulejos vitrificados Uso: de Casa , Baldosas Interiores , Comercial , al Aire Libre , Azulejos Exteriores

Product Description:

Descripción de producto del detalle: 

Material: Arcilla de porcelana

Absorción de agua: el 1%

Uso: Utilizado en piso y pared

Superficie: Esmaltado

Certificado: CE&ISO9001

Embalaje: Cartones estándar y el embalar de madera de las plataformas

MOQ: 1200 metros cuadrados

Capacidad de la fuente: 10000 metros cuadrados por día

Área del uso: Pisos y paredes interiores y exteriores, adentro y afuera, dormitorio, hoteles, escuelas,

supermercados y pasillos etc. 

No.Artículo de inspecciónUnidadProvisiones de estándaresResultado de la inspecciónCalificado o fallado
1Longitud y anchuramilímetro±0.6- 0.09%~+0.11%Calificado
±0.5- 0.01%~+0.01%Calificado
3Squarenedd%±0.2- 0.03~+0.04Calificado
4Absorción de agua%Promedio: el 1%
Máximo individual: 1.1%
Promedio: 0.02%
Máximo individual: 0.1%
5Resistencia a rupturaNThickness≥ 7.5m m, no menos que 1300N2230NCalificado
6Módulo de la rupturaMpa-Individual≥ 32 del Mpa de Average≥ 35
7Divulgar la clase y los ciclos de la abrasión pasajeros-Divulgar la clase y los ciclos de la abrasión pasajerosFalture de la clase 3 visible en 750 revolucionesCalificado
8Resistencia de la resquebrajadura-RequiredCompletamente resistenteCalificado

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Q:does anybody know anything about laying ceramic tile?
Either way, the hardest part as I understand it is prepping the floor for the tile. You should install a hardibacker (kinda like drywall for your floor) if you are not putting the tile directly onto concrete. Tile that is meshed together would be easier to install as you don't have to worry about buying the little rubber pieces so that you have straight lines. However 12x12 tile looks best in a bathroom. If you go to Home Depot or most other large hardware stores there is a new product on the market for tiling where the tiles have groves so that they slide together and space themselves evenly. The biggest problem with any tile is cutting it without the tile saw. To do it without the tile saw you need to buy a special tool to create a cut in the tile then you fold it or break it at the cut line. This tends to cause broken tiles. So maybe the mesh deal is the better option. Hope this helps.
Q:grouting ceramic tile?
Use white vinegar and a scotch bright pad.
Q:Does anyone know anything about these tiles?
They are generically called Calavera tiles and are made in Mexico by hundreds of different companies. In fact, just check Ebay for calavera tile and you will see a lot of them in similar designs. They install like any fired clay tile -- some people use them as accents with solid saltillo type tile. I have a bunch of them that I bought to use for a project that I changed my mind about. They are still so pretty that I use them for coasters and may eventually encorporate them into a design for my stone fireplace hearth. Yours look fairly vintage -- nice find!
Q:Tap shoes on tile?
Yes it is bad to tap on tile period! It can ruin the tile floor and damage your shoes. Tile is a very slippery surface too when exposed to metal taps (especially Tel Tones). You don't want to fall and injure yourself. If I were you, I would stop by home depot or a similar store and get a square sheet of plywood to dance on. If you aren't able to do that, you can step outside on even concrete (not concrete with jagged edges, smooth concrete) and that will help create traction, and give you a nice tap sound quality. Best of luck and be careful!
Q:Jinjiang tiles wholesale market where?
Jinjiang City, Ya said Erythrina, Rui Tong, Quanan. China's Fujian Province under the jurisdiction of the county-level city, from Quanzhou prefecture-level city escrow. Is the core of the southern Fujian Golden Triangle, and Taiwan separated by a water, known as "Quannan Buddha", "beach Zou Lu" reputation. Due to the special geographical location, history, Jinjiang in the economy, military, culture occupies an important position, is the ancient "Maritime Silk Road" one of the important starting point. Jinjiang is the strongest comprehensive county in Fujian Province, is also one of China's most economically developed counties and cities, set the Minnan Golden Triangle Economic Development Zone, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, Taiwan compatriots in one of the main ancestral home. One of the building materials ceramics is one of the main pillar industries.
Q:What are the dimensions of the tile?
According to the use of space in three categories: the following are in mm (mm) as a unit Outer wall: 100X100,150X150,50X100,50X150,200X200,200X300,300X300 Inside wall tiles: 100X100,100X200,100X250,150X250,200X300,250X300,250X400,300X450, (large size wall is the most recently used more.) 300X600,400X800 Floor tiles: 300X300, 300X600, 330X330, 333X333, 400X400, 400X800, 450X450, 450X900, 500X500, 600X600, 600X900, 800X800, 1000X1000, 1200X1200. and so: 1, that is basically an integer, and is an integer ending in 0 and 5. this is correct. In addition to antique tiles (330X330, 333X333) 2, an edge of 40cm, the other side is greater than 40cm tile more? Answer is not much, there are two: 250X400 wall tiles 400X800 tiles 3, inside the bathroom with 20 * 40 more? Used to use more, but now very few manufacturers do, from the aesthetic point of view of this specification does not look good, now with more is 250X400, 300X450. These two inner wall.
Q:Ceramic tile floor?
Everything is possible. But depending on the type of tile I would not recommend painting it, especially if it has a glazed finish to it. The only thing that might work would be an epoxy coating they use on garage floors. I know if it was my house I wouldn't want to rip it out and re due the tile, but at the same time I do not think you would be happy with the paint after a few months and it is flaking off or wearing thin in the traffic areas, (that is assuming it will stay on that long). Good luck!
Q:Should i tile right to the floor?
What okorder.com/
Q:What are the types of ceramic tiles?
According to the material can be divided into: glazed tiles, whole body bricks, polished tiles, tiles and so on.
Q:Can you successfully paint ceramic tile?
If you go to the DIY store I would think you would get paint especially for the job. When you have a smooth surface to get paint or varnish to stick to it you need to give it a key (ie use sand paper to give it something to grip) This wouldnt work here as it would damage your tiles. Another thought is you get these transfers which are just squares a different colour that you can put on tiles maybe that would be worth a go.

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