Efficient Cantilever Segment Launching Gantry in China

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Cantilever segment launching gantry

The launching gantry is used to put the pre-fabricated segment
onto the pre-fabricated pier. It is a kind of crane with the main
function of lifting and transfer the segment to designated
position, but very different from the common crane. It’s more
strict than the common one and can be walked on. Launching
gantry can be divided into several kinds such as launching
gantry for highway, for common railway and for passengerdedicated
line, etc..

◆  Equiped with protection system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy
and practical.

◆  Easy installation and removal

◆ Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

◆ Simple structure, clear big operational space and high efficient.

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Q:Bridge machine HS coding is how much ah
84798990 double beam bridge machine84798990 Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990 science and technology extension type double guide beam bridge machine84798990 special type Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990.90 bridging machine86040099 bridging machineI agree that your description is too simple, how to give you the appropriate coding? Best picture ah
Q:What are the conventional lifting equipment? Bridge erecting machine is a kind of lifting equipment
The standard is the Dalian crane factory out of a set of plans, covering each tonnage, span height are certain old. Non - standard is the new crane design specifications of the product, the old light a lot more, more powerful, can be based on the design of different tonnage span highly targeted. GB door machine is generally only state-owned factories to use, and now the market may account for seventy or eighty of the non - standard bar,
Q:What kind of machinery is the bridge? Bridge or gantry crane
And there is walking on the beam, or called the longitudinal displacement. The biggest difference between the bridge erecting machine and the general overhead traveling crane is that it needs to go through the hole itself
Q:I would like to know the working principle of JQ IV 160t/40m bridging machine?
The guide beam is composed of double girder truss, a connecting pin, a connecting frame, the front rear connecting frame, wire rope fixing rack etc.. The guide beam is arranged on the lower part of the central assembly (including 2 active flat, middle, middle oil shake rolled flat top), tail assembly (including 2 tail oil top and tail legs and tail bearings), front assembly (including 2 sets of active front roller, flat, flat front beam wave temporary support, front). The upper part of the two guide beam is welded with a track, and the track is provided with 2 longitudinal shift flat car assemblies. The guide beam is arranged inside the platform, or via bridging machine can go through temporary support from Taiwan to the top cap.The longitudinal moving flat car assembly is a single track active flat car, each longitudinal shift flat car assembly is controlled by the electric circuit to realize the longitudinal walking. Can be used alone, can also be used online.The moving car is composed of two parts: the walking mechanism and the lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism is used for hoisting and the traveling mechanism realizes the lateral displacement.
Q:Bridge erecting machine belongs to bridge or gantry crane
Bridge crane belongs to the bridge crane, which is a large classification, I plant is specialized in the production of bridging machine, Kaifeng Hongda Luqiao equipment factory, the production qualification clearly defined above.
Q:Special equipment (gantry crane and bridge machine) forensics problem
Specifically, it is located in the special equipment inspection institute (hereinafter referred to as the quality and Technical Supervision Department)
Q:What should be done before the erection of the bridge girder
But it is very different from the general sense of the crane. The requirements of the harsh conditions, and the existence of the beam on the line, or called the longitudinal shift.
Q:How long will it take to set up the 30 - meter girder erecting machine on the highway
Erection of 30 m girder bridge machine total length of 56-58 meters
Q:Summary of bridge crane driver
So you should write a few points:1, your job and work on the understanding of the 2, specifically what you do3, how do you work hard, what is your brain to solve. Even if there is nothing, but also to write some difficult questions, how do you solve the problem4, in the future work you need to improve what ability or enrich what knowledge5, superiors like active work. Your job will be prepared, that the preparatory work before the following for your reference:Summary, is to make a comprehensive evaluation of the overall situation of a time period, the total analysis, analysis of performance, lack of experience, etc.. Summary is a kind of practical writing, is to do the work of rational thinking.
Q:Safety slogan for bridge erecting machine
Hello hello!Safety slogan for bridge erecting machine;1, safety first, prevention first!2, scientific development, security development!

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