Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall

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Product Description:

1. Description of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

Adopts high grade & high density acoustic absorption fiberglass wool as base material and the linings are efficient inflaming with fire retardant fabric or leather. Fine machined based on different types, demand and occasions. It has the advantages of fireproof, sound isolation, sound absorption, and beautiful decoration effect. it has been proved to have excellent sound absorption properties for middle and high frequency.


Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall

2. Specification of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

L300XW600mm  Thickness: T25/T50mm

L600XW600mm  Thickness: T25/T50mm

L600XW1200mm  Thickness: T25/T50mm

Or as per customized.

3. Application of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

Applied in high or mid ranking places which needs acoustic quality design decoration, e.g. opera house, movie theater, recording room, sound-recording studio, broadcast studio, audition room, business general office, TV station, radio station, multifunctional hall, conference room, studio, music hall, auditorium, gymnasium, big entertainment center, hotel, KTV, high class villa or home life, where have strict acoustics demand.

4. Technical Data of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall

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The okorder.com
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dirt and compost
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Theur sis chunks, rly boi, sorda vermiculite.

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