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Product Description:


willow fence

made of natural osier with fine craft

artistic,durable and easy to erect

for home&garden deco to make privacy

Product Description:

Willow fences and screens are made from vertical willow sticks tightly

woven together with galvanized steel wire. Willow fencing and screening

are suitable for an informal garden.Rapidly renewable natural bentwood

material like willow make wonderful fences for outdoor and indoor decoration,

our exclusive pre-build fences panels are designed to beautify your home garden

as well as practical well build fences with easy set up. Different styles and sizes

to suite your needs.

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Q:What are some good home organic gardening tips?
Use flour instead of the product called SEVEN. It gums up the mouths of the bugs, they don't like it. Plant peppermint around your house and chicken coup. Rodents and Raccoons don;t like it. Shred orange peelings where you don't want your cats in the garden, the cats don't like the smell. Use cinnamon where the ants take residence. It won't kill them but it will make them want to move to another location. Sprinkle hot pepper powder where bugs are eating your plants. Wash egg shells. Let them dry out well as they break into pieces better when they are dry. Sprinkle it around your vegetable plants. They don't like crawling over the sharp edges to eat your plants. Ad compost to your garden soil. Compost is made from vegetable scraps like potato peelings, old pieces of lettuce etc... It breaks down and turns into soil. Manure is used but some contain pesticides that are causing leaves to curl funny and causing problems with growing vegetables. It depends on what the farmers use in the fields, or what the neighbors are doing with garden products, pesticides etc...may play a factor. The word organic is over used but I do understand what you mean. The government has such regulations on organic that they look at like a five mile radius and specific time frames before allowing farmers to sell there food as organic. If your neighbor is growing genetically modified seed in there garden, cross pollination with your veggies is a possibility. Organic by government standards means smaller vegetable production and less crop.
Q:I found a huge spider in my home, can anyone tell me what is the best site to find out what kind it is..???
commom household spiders
Q:Is home grown tomatoes the same as organic?
organic refers to not using pesticides or chemicals to enhance the fruit or vegetable. This can be done on home grown farms or large-scale corporate farms Note to organic lovers - specifically beef: We are cattle farmers. And I advocate for each of my cows to receive injections and medicines as they need. Does this rule our the term organic? I would hope not as it would seem cruel and unusual punishment to let an animal suffer when sick if all it needs is penicilin. To be a farmer, one fertilizes the ground-albeit natural fertilizer- to grow a stronger, thicker pasture for hay. One sprays chemicals only on the thistles so they don't choke out the grass the cows eat. We give immunizations against Black Leg and other serious diseases. We treat snake bites, runny noses, and cuts. If we did not use any medicines the condition of its life would be harmed. Is this the intention of organics? I don't see the benefits. Where would the human race be if we stayed organic and weren't allowed medicines and were quickly put down when we had a medical disease that we couldn't receive medicine for? Why can't we just find (or create) pesticides that can be used without harming us?
Q:Looking for tips on adding thatch to my home and garden?
Hi, thatch can be used in many applications. Everyone would surely be delighted by having a cozy relaxation place such as a thatch hut on your home. You may easily have this natural looking structure on your home especially if you have your own swimming pool on your backyard or rooftop area. A thatch hut can also increase the beauty of your yard. Just by looking at it can make someone feel refreshed. However, before placing an order for this new ornament in your garden there are things that you should consider first. The thatch hut may take up most of your garden space if your yard is just a small one. Determine the size of this tropical thatch hut that you are going to buy and make an estimate of how much space it will take up in your garden. If it is too big, you can ask the provider if there is a smaller version of the thatch hut. If there is none, you can always look for alternatives for your dilemma. You can attach the hut to the garden wall so that it will consume little space. You can also try building the hut around a tree if you have tree in your garden.
Q:Does anyone have garden tips?
Gardening is a great form of exercise. Besides obvious weight lose benefits gardening has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and decrease depression. In fact, studies show that merely looking at a garden or plants can generate changes in such things as blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain electrical activity. Through colors and textures gardeners can invoke emotions of calm, tranquility, and happiness. Gardening is more than a feel good pastime; it has evolved into a form of therapy for our body and soul. Atomic Bloomz is a proprietary plant supplement for trophy, hobby and commercial growers of all types.The best of both worlds! The only chelated formula of Auxin’s, cytokines, brassinosteriods and triconinal growth hormone stack.
Q:I'm planting a garden (stop laughing)?
Short of shooting him...I hope you were kidding. Still in bad taste though! Supervise him outside and tell him no when he does it- he'll get it eventually. In the mean time, put up a tall enough fencing (even just chicken wire and posts will do for now) that he can't get in the garden if he's left outside when you're away. My neighbours had a similar problem with their young lab, and they left that fence up until Aspen was about 2-2.5 years old and he'd stopped digging. He's a puppy, and he'll start to settle down in the next 10 months or so, both of my lab girls were nightmares when they were younger but they mellowed out nicely around 2 years old. I didn't think about this before, I just assumed it was done, but it would probably help to neuter him if he's not already.
Q:Organic Farming - What are the Benefits of Organic Farming & Home Gardening?
The benefits are innumerable. Aside from the money you save, you can be certain that your fruits or vegetables do not contain any harmful pesticides. You also have fresh food at your disposal. Although time consuming and very hard work it is also very therapeutic and brings a great sense of accomplishment.
Q:backyard gardens?
Hi: There are many options for backyard gardens and it all depends on what your are looking for. There are many different plant specimens you can plant such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs. There are also many different outdoor features such as a bench, trellis, decorative pond, decorative wall, pathways, bird bath and bird feeders. There are also many different styles of gardens to consider such as a formal look, informal, Yen garden, bufferfly, or vegetable. You can do a series of small defined beds or one large area. You can also do a row of evergreen privacy trees. There are so many different possiblies! I have different pages on my website on backyard gardens. I will first link you to the section of examples of landscape designs where I have a design of a backyard garden. I will also link you to the site map as this could be a good reference for you to browse through all the sections and get a complete idea of what to do for a backyard garden. I will also link you to the gallery of plant section as there is a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers for you to look at. There are also descriptions and zones for you to see. I hope this has helped and if you need any further suggestions, please feel free to contact me at the website. Good luck to you and have a great day! Kimberly www.landscape-solutions-for-you.c... www.landscape-solutions-for-you.c... www.landscape-solutions-for-you.c...
Q:Home Vegetable Garden - How Do You Grow Your Own Vegetables At Home?
Have you thought about signing up for a box scheme? Companies like Riverford Organics do boxes of assorted veg, plot to plate style. As with an ordinary garden, you don't get much choice about what you get, it's all seasonal produce. An allotment might work, but you'd need to make a major commitment, and since they've become more fashionable there could be a waiting list. An alternative that worked for a relative of mine would be to approach your local voluntary work bureau and ask about the possibility of helping an elderly person with their garden in return for the use of a veg patch. He got into it by accident as the old gent next door had a veg patch, but couldn't take care of it following a hip replacement and offered him a share of the produce if he'd help out with the digging and heavy work, which suited both of them.
Q:I've got some moles in my yard and I'm worried they're going to get in my garden? How can I stop them?
there are traps to humanely capture the moles, but moles are a useless animal -- sorry, but I'm not a big fan of them. Mole pellets work best, and they're available in most home and garden centers for a few bucks. Sprinkle a few in all the mole runs or gopher holes and you'll find them dead in a couple days. DO NOT use this stuff if you have little kids running around (especially those that would pick up and eat things that look like rabbit turds). By far, the best thing to control grubs is Milky Spore. It's a biological control (hopefully that makes up for my previous kill all moles answer) that will kill grubs for 10-15 years. Again, you can find it in Home Depot or Lowes, but look for it online if you're covering 10,000 sq. ft. or more.

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