Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

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400 cm²
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80000 cm²/month

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen Description

The pure natural bamboo,retreat can be changed, long-term cooperation, seek common development strong hope to a person of noble aspirations

Bamboo fence, Tonkin Drilled Bamboo Fence, bamboo flower sticks, Copper wire birch pole, split bamboo screen, PVC bamboo cane, U bamboo , Barbecue bamboo, Bamboo Slat Fence, etc, are widely used in gardening

2.Main Features of the Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

The curtain is the Chinese township high quality bamboo raw materials, take on the natural.

After a unique process of fine processing and manufacturing into a modern popular rolling, folding curtain, push pull curtains, etc., is one of the modern decorative supporting new products.

The product by insects, mildew, high temperature cooking and scientific processing, with sunshade ventilation.

Comfortable and cool, exquisite craft, installation, clean and convenient, etc..

Suitable room, balcony, cafes, bars, hotels, office buildings and other places.

Can reflect the elegant style, pleasing to the purpose of natural, fresh feeling.

I hope our products can bring you a cool bamboo, bamboo fragrance, elegant bamboo.

3. Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen Images


Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

4.Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen Specification


Products Name

bamboo fence, bamboo screen


A lot of, can be customized


Natural and color bamboo


Tonkin bamboo

Use of places

Plant support , gardening, farm ,home   decrotion


wash clean, high temperature, high temperature   drying, roasted straight, mothproof mold processing, sorting, cutting,   packing, fumigation, container

Payment Terms

TT,30%deposit,70%balance against B/L


FOBxiamen or guangzhou


1x40’HQ   10-20days after get the deposit

Place of origin



woven bag or   carton


Invoice, Packing, Form A, CO,   BILL,         Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate,           Phytosanitary   Certificate

5.FAQ of Pull Rope Curtain Bamboo Garden Fence Screen

How to do daily cleaning?

With a whisk broom for regular dust treatment, with a portable vacuum cleaner brush to curtain cleaning, with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm water in the local be wipe.


Is it has chromatic aberration?

This product is taken in indoor, because the color of the light is inevitable.


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Q:Tilling garden every year bad?
Besides reducing erosion and using less diesel fuels (big advantages, of course, to farmers), there are other considerations such as the vegatation left on the surface decomposes and feeds nutrients back into the soil. PLUS Excerpt from the site article (below link): “As a result of us keeping crop residue on the ground, we have a new foraging opportunity for wildlife,” says U.S. cotton, corn and soybean farmer Jay Hardwick. “So we’re seeing a new happening on the landscape in terms of wildlife emergence. Not only top of it, but underneath. Earthworms are coming back to play, and earthworms are strategic in getting water into the soil structure.” Our own experience: Because we have heavy clay soil, it is difficult to even keep the soil 'tillable.' (We don't have the lovely rich black soils of the midwest.) For areas we plant annually (our veggie garden), we have built raised beds and doubledug the soil before we filled them with native soil and massive amounts of compost. Yearly, we dig in (with a fork) our compost from our compost bins and worm bins and required soil amendments for the crop we will be planting. We haven't had to till since then...over 15 years. We've actually given our tiller away.
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