Control Cable of Rated Voltage up to and Including 450/750V

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Product Description:




Shield or Armoring













Control cable






Copper wire braid shield


Flexible conductor




Copper tape Shield








Steel tape armoring




KVV22 means PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed control cable.

KYJVP-ZR means XLPE insulated copper wire braid shielded PVC sheathed flame-retardant control cable.

KYJVP2-NH means XLPE insulated copper tape shielded PVC sheathed fire-resistant control cable.

  • Description of the purpose and usage properties

The cable is applied to controlling circuit, monitoring circuits or protection lines etc. of rated voltage up to and including 450/750V.

The maximum permitted long-term operating temperature of XLPE insulated control cable shall be 90℃, and 70℃ for PE or PVC insulated control cable. The ambient temperature of installation of the cable shall not be less than 0℃.

The permitted bending radius of the cable with copper tape shielding or steel tape armoring shall not be less than 12 times of the outer diameter of the cable, and 6 times for all the other types of cables.

Note: The type of cable listed is for PVC insulated and sheathed control cable. The relevant part of the table is also suitable for XLPE or PE insulated and PVC or PE sheathed control cable with corresponding shielding, armoring and flexible conductor.

The optional flame-retardant or fire-resistant types of the cables listed are also available.

  • Delivery

The delivery length of the cable shall not be less than 100 meters. The short end not less than 20 meters shall be permitted in delivery, and the length of short ends shall not be more than 10% of the total length of each delivery. Any delivery length shall be permitted in accordance with the mutual agreement of the purchaser and the manufacturer.

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Q:electric power cable outside?
I do not know the codes or regulations in Chicago but i do know in most states it against the law to have power lines resting on a structure. Those two lines resting on the garage could be the cable and phone company's and that is not against the law. However you could call the phone company and cable company and ask them to move them for you. If you can make a valid point that those lines are causing you harm or disturbing you in anyway possible then the company's will have to move it. And for the power cables there is probably nothing you can do unless it is really resting on your garage. But they will just tighten the line and not actually move it.
Q:Does the GeForce 9800 GT require it's own power cable?
All 9800 GT cards require additional power source, so each is bundled with a molex to 6-pin adapter, even though all modern PSUs have such cables.
Q:I need to know if i can use 550 watt power cables from my old amp to power my new 700 watt amp?
No, you don't have enough power, but you can sure as hell try.
Q:PCIe Power Connector?
The card needs 2x PCIe power cables so you need to plug in both of them. Each power cable needs 2x molex, so you need to plug all 4 in. Your power supply may also have a PCIe connector anyway so you might as well use that for one of them if you have it (it can't be used for anything else anyway) and then just use 2x molex to power the other one.
Q:Internal to ONLY Usb no power cable portable hard drive.?
No. Not a 3.5 hard drive. You can do it with a 2.5 laptop drive because the drive mechanics and electronics require less power. A 3.5 drive requires too much power for USB to provide. Though... In the near future, you will see USB ports that are capable of supplying more power than the standard .5 amps that USB currently provides. So after they come out, you might see it being a possibility then.
Q:apple power cable warrantee?
They do NOT fray like that without careless handling, which is NOT covered on warranty.
Q:I just recently bought a Geforce 9800GTX and I have only one pci express power cable coming from my?
i think you should be ok
Q:How many power cables can I bind together safely?
You should have no problem keeping the power cables separate from any audio or video cables. You might get some interference from the power cables if you don't.
Q:Is it my power supply or the power cable that's not working?
every power supply I've gotten for years uses completely standard, detachable power cords. I've never yet seen one that will not use the same cords as all the others. Use the one from the old supply
Q:My fuse holder melted and power cable is hot to the touch...what is going on?
Not the fuse. You're power wire is too small to handle the load. For 800-1100 watts RMS systems use 4 AWG wire. The main fuse should be the sum of the fuse ratings on the amp.

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