Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction

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Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction


1.Structure of Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction


1. Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction with organic layer, which provides higher anti-corrosion property and a longer lifespan than that of galvanized steel sheets.

2.  Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction  consist of cold rolled, HDG electro-galvanized and hot-dip alu-zinc coated steel. The finish coats of Color Coated Steel Coil can be classified into groups as follows: polyester, silicon modified polyesters, polyvinylidene fluoride, high-durability polyester, etc.

3. The production process has evolved from one-coating-and-one-baking to double-coating-and-double-baking, and even three-coating-and-three-baking.

4.  Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction  has a very wide selection, like orange, cream-colored, dark sky blue, sea blue, bright red, brick red, ivory white, porcelain blue, etc.

5.  Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction  can also be classified into groups by their surface textures, namely regular prepainted sheets, embossed sheets and printed sheets.


2.Main Features of Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction.

1) Rust-proof

2) Water-proof

3)Durable using


3. Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction Images


Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction

Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction






4. Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction Specification

1)Based raw material: Hot rolled steel coils or Cold rolled steel coils
Coating mass
Surface treatment
Coil inner diameter

8)Painting kind

9)Painting color

10)Painting thickness

Detail information:

1: Size: 0.15-1.2mm*600-1250mm

2: Paint: Top side: 15-25um, Back side: 5-9um, or according to customer’s order.

3: Base material: Hot dipped galvanized steel coil, GL

4: Zinc coating: 60g-275g.

5: Coil weight: 3-6tons

6: Coil ID: 508mm

7: Color: Any color.

8: Standard: ASTM, GB, JIS


10:Surface Treatments: skin passed, chromated, oiled and antifinger

11: Approved Certificate: SGS / ISO9001 / BV

12: Package Method: Vertical/Horizontal, full wrapped with anti-moist paper inside, iron sheet (sea worthy)

13: Payments terms: T/T ,L/C,etc.



5.FAQ of Colour Coating Galvanized Steel Coils for Construction


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


How about your company

A world class manufacturer & supplier of castings forging in carbon steel and alloy steelis one of the large-scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 8000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirements.


How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


③How is the packaging and delivery?

Exporting Package with the steel material cover and the delivery term is based on the project.

The process of uncoiling a steel coil involves placing the coil on a mandrel or a reel, then using a motorized or manual unwinding mechanism to slowly unwind the coil. The coil is typically fed through a straightening device to remove any bends or twists before it is further processed or cut into desired lengths.
Steel coils are essential in energy-efficient transportation due to their lightweight yet strong nature. The use of steel coils in vehicles, such as cars and trucks, reduces the overall weight of the vehicle, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, steel coils are often used in rail transportation, where their durability and strength contribute to the energy efficiency of trains by allowing for higher speeds and improved load carrying capacity.
Steel coils are commonly used in the manufacturing of fuel systems to create various components such as fuel tanks, pipes, and fittings. These coils are often shaped, cut, and welded to form the desired fuel system parts. The high strength and durability of steel make it an ideal material for fuel systems, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of fuel.
The main characteristics of galvanized steel coils include their high corrosion resistance, durability, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also known for their excellent formability, making them suitable for various applications in construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Additionally, galvanized steel coils have a smooth and shiny appearance due to the zinc coating, which provides aesthetic appeal along with enhanced protection against rust and other damages.
There are several different types of steel coil coatings that provide heat resistance, including silicone-modified polyester (SMP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), and high-temperature silicone.
Yes, steel coils can be used in the manufacturing of appliances. Steel coils are often used as a primary raw material in the production of various appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and washing machines. The steel coils are typically processed and shaped into specific parts or components required for the appliances, such as panels, frames, or doors. The use of steel coils in appliance manufacturing offers several advantages, including strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, steel coils can be easily fabricated and manipulated to meet the specific design requirements of different appliances, making them a versatile and commonly used material in the industry.
Q:I want to anodize steel using heat. some steel turns gray instead of coloring when I heat it up using a torch.
Steel doesn't anodize in the sense that aluminum and some other metals do. However, it can be heat-colored. The trick is to clean the surface first (it must be oxide free), then heat gently until the colors appear. These are called temper colors in steel. They are due to a thin adherent layer of oxide that forms and thickens as temperature is increased. They are quite temperature dependent. As the steel is heated, the first color to appear is pale yellow. This will progress through darker yellows, browns, purples, and blues as the temperature rises. Above blue, the oxide becomes the gray/black color you are apparently getting - this is the result of heating too fast and too hot. See the chart at the site below for colors in plain carbon steel. Note that the temperatures are pretty low - It all starts around 400 F and if you go above 600 F the show's all over.
There are several types of steel coil surface treatments for corrosion resistance, including galvanizing, zinc coating, chromating, and polymer coating.
Q:Already on my team is Empoleon lvl 82Heatran lvl 74Scizor lvl 34Magnezone lvl 38What other steel types should I choose?
Metagross would help out a lot, Excadrill id you are not doing double battles... (two of his best moves for him hit his team and are ground.. ) if you do not want to rick excadrill use a Lucario instead for hs massive damage output.
Steel coils are used in the production of medical equipment in a variety of ways. One common use is in the manufacturing of surgical instruments. Many surgical instruments, such as scalpels, forceps, and clamps, require a sharp and durable cutting edge. Steel coils are used to create these cutting edges, as they can be easily shaped, hardened, and sharpened to ensure precision and longevity. Additionally, steel coils are often used in the production of medical devices such as braces, orthopedic implants, and prosthetics. These devices require materials with high strength and durability to support and stabilize the body. Steel coils can be formed into different shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of patients, providing the necessary support and functionality. Furthermore, steel coils are used in the production of medical equipment such as MRI machines and X-ray systems. These machines require strong and reliable components to ensure accurate imaging and diagnostics. Steel coils are used in the construction of these machines to provide stability and structural support, allowing for precise and high-quality imaging. In summary, steel coils play a crucial role in the production of medical equipment by providing strength, durability, and versatility. From surgical instruments to orthopedic devices and diagnostic machines, steel coils are utilized to create reliable and high-performing medical equipment that ultimately improves patient care and outcomes.

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