CMAX QTK25 Model Self Erection Tower Crane

Ref Price:
$10,000.00 - 100,000.00 / unit
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Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1 unit
Supply Capability:
100 unit/month

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Product Description:

1. Brief Introduction
The QTK25 model self erection tower crane is developed by our company on basis of years of
experiences in production and new technical innovation.
This tower crane is whole consignment & fast set-up vertical and level transport machinery. Mainly apply
to 7~10 storey civil buildings. This machine also could used in factory, goods yard, station, ports to move
products, as well as to be a mobile hoisting machine

2.Main technical dataCMAX QTK25 Model Self Erection Tower Crane

3 Image of QTK25 model self erection tower crane

CMAX QTK25 Model Self Erection Tower Crane

CMAX QTK25 Model Self Erection Tower Crane

4 FAQ of QTK25 model self erection tower crane

What about the security electricity control system?
1)Hoisting system is controlled by double-feedback system. The speed signal transmits back to FI and PLC to ensure the hoisting security.
2) All the connections are used high-current plugs with signals to avoid mispluging.
3) The slewing control modules are developed by LINDE COMASA (Spain) and could avoid the driver from danger in case of misoperation.
4) The tower crane is with real-time display safety monitoring device which records the real time data of the tower crane, and the device could be tel-controlld and bring black box function into play. The electrical design of CJ series tower cranes accords with the CE standards.

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Q:What should be included in the disassembly plan of the tower crane?
- 2 - (1)Project and safety supervisor with safety certificate and mechanical management personnel.(2)Construction crane with qualification certificate for construction operationMachinery installation, disassembly, lifting, signal workers, electricians, lifting drivers, cable operators and other special operations personnel.The above constructors shall fill in the name, type of work and qualification number of the constructors.11 、 installation procedure and safety quality requirement;In strict accordance with the tower crane product specifications, installation procedures and safety quality requirements of the implementation of the organization of safety construction technical disclosure and signature confirmation.12, installation self-test;After installation, the installation of the unit with the installation quality testing, debugging safety device and complete self-test report.13, major sources of risk and safety technical measures14, emergency plans and so on
Q:How can i get my crane operator license from a company i quit?
There is actually no such thing as a crane operators licence - you should tell your new employer that you had undertaken a course in your previous employment and were authorised by them to operate their cranes. The new employer will most likely then send you on another course and issue you with their operators authorisation. The authorisation from your old employer is not transferable to the new one so not having the certificate is not a major problem. It is however good practice for employees to receive a copy of the certificate for their own records.
Q:How's electricity delivered to Overhead Cranes?
Hot rails running along side the beams Hot shoes on the crane make contact with the hot rails and slide along the hot rails. Hot rails mounted to the beams by insulating bells. The hot rails can be anywhere in size from trolley wires to rails the size of railroad track rails. AC cranes are usually 3 phase so they will have 3 hot rails. DC cranes will usually have just 2 hot rails. Main disconnect/lock out feeds hot rails. It is usually fused but can also be just a disconnect switch. The same arrangement also is used on the crane's trolley. But in the case of the trolley one set of hot rails feeds the trolley motor. One set of hot rails feeds the main hook {big hook} motor: One set of hot rails feeds the auxiliary hook motor {little hook} motor. If the crane is also used as a Mag crane {Electro magnetic can be used} it will also have a set of hot rails going to the trolley for the magnetic
Q:Help with crane fly larvae in my kitchen?
probably not larva of crane fly...they live in the soil outside. Describe or post a pic what you have
Q:Gantry Crane?
Q:The Red Badge Courage by Stephen Crane?
if you have a choice not to read it, do that...i swear it was the most boring book i have ever come across. hah. nothing that hasn't already been said, but yes..not a good book..unless you want to have a bit of a sleep...
Q:which is crane lift planning software free to download?
autocad based
Q:Can the tower crane personnel install the construction elevator?
As for the hoisting equipment, the licensed crane erection worker can install the construction elevator.
Q:If a crane fly loses a leg...?
Only lizards can release a part of their body, but only the tail. It probably lost its leg while it was flying because it had a string tightly wrapped around it for a long time and it finally just fell off. It would probably hurt them a little because the bloodflow would be cut off and it would be somewhat numb.
Q:What's the difference between QTZ63 and qtz630, isn't it the same kind of tower crane?
Should be the same series, but lifting weights are not the same

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