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1.220V Single Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW
2.Advanced control technology
3.Easy to operate

    220V Single  Phase Variable Frequency Drive 2.2KW


CNBM  frequency  inverter is a high-quality, multi-function,

low-noise variable frequency drive which is designed, developed and manufactured according to international standards.

It can meet different needs of industrial conditions.

The inverter applies advanced control technology of space voltage vector PWM, with functions of constant voltage control, power-off restart, dead zone compensation, automatic torque compensation, online modification parameter, high-speed impulse input, simple PLC and traverse.

Product Name:CMAX-VCG15/P18.5T3 ~ CMAX-VCG18.5/P22T3


Textile: coarse spinner, spinning frame, wrap-knitting machine, loom, knitting machine, silk-spinning machine, etc.

Plastic: extruder, hauling machine, decorating machine, etc.

Pharmacy: mixer, roaster, etc.

Woodworking: engraving machine, sander, veneer peeling lathe, etc.

Papermaking: single type papermaking machine, etc.

Machine tool: non-core grinding machine, optical lens grinding machine, cutting mill, etc.

Printing: cloth-washing machine, dye vat, etc.

Cement: feeder, air blower, rotary furnace, mixer, crusher, etc

Fan and pump: kinds of fans, blowers and pumps


Input voltage
Input frequency
Output voltage
0~input voltage
Output frequency
Peripheral interface characteristics
Programmable digital input
4 switch input, 1 high-speed impulse input
Programmable analog input
AI1: 0~10V input
AI2: 0~10V input or 0~20mA input,
Programmable open collector
2 Output
(3.7kW and above: 1 Open collector output)
Relay Output
1 Output (3.7kW and above: 2 Relay output)
Analog output
2 Output, one is 0~10V,
another is 0~20mA or 0~10V
Display:5-digit 8-section LED (Red), 2 indicators; parameter setting: 8 keys (including multi-function hot key ), 1 potentiometer
Technical performance characteristics
Control mode
All digital space voltage vector SVPWM algorism
Overload capacity
G purpose: 150% rated current 60s
P purpose: 120% rated current 60s
Speed ratio
1: 100
Carrier frequency
Torque compensation
Linear, multi-point, 1.3th power, 1.7th  power, 2.0th power reduced torque; Compensation voltage range: automatic compensation and manual compensation 0.1~10%
Automatic voltage adjustment
It can automatically maintain output voltage constant when grid voltage fluctuates.
Automatic current adjustment
When the current is over current limit, under clocking automatically limits output current.
Function characteristics
Frequency setting mode
Keypad digital analog input, keypad potentiometer, impulse frequency, communication, multi-step speed and simple PLC, PID setting and so on, switch-over of setting modes.
Simple PLC,
multi-step speed control
16-step speed control
Special function
Traverse control, length control, time control
User-defined multi-function hot key
Protection function
Over-current, Over voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, phase failure, over-load and motor over-load
Working condition
Installation site
Indoor, altitude of less than 1km, dust free, non-corrosive gases, no direct sunlight
Application environment
-10°C~+40°C, 20~90%RH (no dew)
Less than 0.5g
Storage temperature
Installation type
Wall-mounted type, floor cabinet type
Cooling mode
Air-forced cooling

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Q:Ask, what is the ratio of frequency converter?
Connect the air switch, the power supply, check the wiring is correct, close the air switch, turn on the frequency converter, and the digital tube shows 0.Turn off the power, the power indicator light is extinguished, then connect the motor, on-off switch, tone potentiometer, trimmer potentiometer, inching button, frequency meter (0 ~ 10V voltage meter), three sets of inverter and motor proportion of joint operation, the inverter and the motor grounding terminal reliable grounding, and carefully check.
Q:How does the frequency converter change the voltage and change the speed of the motor?
The frequency converter regulates the speed of the motor, mainly by changing the frequency. The frequency determines the synchronous speed of the motor, and the speed of the motor can be lowered by reducing the frequency.
Q:Where is the difference between soft starter and converter?
High voltage soft starter work in high voltage environment, the insulation performance of all kinds of electrical components must be better, and the anti-interference ability of electronic chip is stronger. When the high voltage soft starter is composed of an electric cabinet, the layout of the electrical components and the connection with the high voltage soft starter and other electrical equipment are also very important.
Q:Which brand of converter is better?
Shanghai international shipping center Yangshan deep water port project, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the Three Gorges project, Gansu satellite launch center, the south to North Water Diversion, the west east gas transmission, China Petroleum group,
Q:What is the TTK converter produced?
Characteristic:Compact structure design, flexible installation, advanced control algorithm: space voltage vector control technology, power failure restart, automatic voltage adjustment, dead time compensation, energy saving operation,The main and auxiliary setting, built-in PID, simple PLC, oscillating frequency and zero frequency difference, length control, precision control requirements; design and test in accordance with international standards, to ensure the reliability of the product; choose rich accessories.
Q:I would like to ask, the inverter in use in the grid is very high?
Now the domestic and foreign status of power grid is different from that of Europe and the United States Department of conversion products to the domestic needs change, in fact, if you choose, you can choose domestic brands inverter, after all, or your own brand more familiar with the situation! Our factory in Chongqing, is used in conjunction with Kang high voltage frequency conversion, suitable for input voltage range comparison, but also very suitable for domestic power grid conditions.
Q:Surface grinder can add frequency converter, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
The use of variable frequency speed control, you can simplify the gear, gearbox and other complex mechanical drag mechanism, high degree of automation, simple operation, easy maintenance.The frequency converter adopts the external terminal control, and the DC 0-10V signal issued by the numerical control system is fed into the frequency converter through the VI ACM terminal of the frequency converter, and the digital setting speed is controlled to the analog variable frequency output. The motor speed is controlled by the size of the voltage signal produced by the numerical control system.The frequency converter has voltage (DC0 - 10V), current analog input interface, and can be well matched with the control signal of CNC system.
Q:What does a frequency converter do?
What is the starting current and starting torque of the motor when the inverter is in operation?Using frequency converter operation, with the acceleration of the motor, accordingly improve the frequency and voltage, the starting current is limited to 150% rated current (according to the type of machine is 125%~200%). The starting current is 6~7 times of direct starting with the mains frequency power supply, so the mechanical and electrical impact will be produced. It can start smoothly with frequency converter (longer starting time). The starting current is 1.2~1.5 times the rated current, the starting torque is 70%~120%, the rated torque; for the inverter with automatic torque enhancement, the starting torque is above 100%, and the full load can start.
Q:What is the main harmonic produced by a transducer? How about the degree?
The main hazards are:(1) the possibility of resonance in the power grid is increased, thereby causing high overvoltages or overvoltages to cause the risk of accidents.(2) increasing additional losses, efficiency of transmission and electrical equipment, and utilization of equipment.(3) make the electrical equipment (rotating motor, capacitor, transformer, etc.) run abnormally, accelerate the insulation aging, and shorten their service life.
Q:Does the number of inverter settings differ from the number of motor poles, and does it affect the use?
1. motor speed control will not be accurate2. the working current of the motor may become larger, and the motor will be burnt out3., excitation what will change, but also may cause the motor heating, burnout, will also reduce the efficiency of the motor;4. may also burn the inverter.5. motor output may be affected.

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