Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

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Product Description:


Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Description for Ceramic Fabric Yarn  

Ceramic fabric yarn is made from high quality clay, high

purity alumina and silica oxides by spun or blown process.

Ceramic fabric yarn has a range of products:ordinary type,standard form,high-purity type, high-alumina type and containing zirconium type.Different types of products used  different materials. performance of ceramic fabric also has difference,and they are suitable for different workong temperatures.

Ceramic fabric yarn can be used after optional cutting .When ceramic fabric storage should be paid attention to moistureproof.The high-alumina type and containing zirconium type products can be directly used as furnace lining .And using high-temperature refractory adhesive when stick.

Features for Ceramic Fabric Yarn  

Low thermal conductivity

High tensile strength

Resilient to thermal shock

Corrosion resistance

Advandage for Ceramic Fabric Yarn

◆High-purity type

◆High-temperature refractory

◆Al Content (%): 32-55

◆Type: 1260℃ STD/HP, 1350℃ HA, 1430℃ HZ

◆Density: 64-160kg/m3

◆Size: 12.5×610×14400mm, 25×610×7200mm, 50×610×3600mm

Images for Ceramic Fabric Yarn 

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Product Process for Ceramic Fabric Yarn  

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock

Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock


Ceramic Fabric Yarn Resilient to Thermal Shock


Can we accept OEM for fireproof material for fire place  

YES! We can according your demand to produce.


Can we accept the detective of the third-party verification company ?

YES! We can accept the detective from any third-party verification company including the SGS, BV and so on.

If you have any enquiry,please don't hesitate to contact us,okorder will provide our best products and services for you!!

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