Ceiling Tee Grid Bar System White Color Black Grove

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2000 pc
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200000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Ceiling T-bar Building Materials/ Tee Grids For Sale


Main characteristic:

 1.Material:high quality hot-dipped galvazined steel coil and double baking coil

 2.Many advantages: beauty, good strength, cauterization resistance, and rust  resistance



standard export package




4.Wallangle:40 or 50 or 60pcs/ctn


Main size:

Standard Kind:T-38 Series,T-32 Series








1. Is OEM available?

Re: Yes, OEM service is available.

2. Are you factory?

Re: Yes. we are the largest factory in China.

3. Can we get sample?

Re: Yes, sample is free for our customer.

4. How many days for production

Re: usually 2 weeks after receiving of downpayment



Ceiling Tee Grid Bar System White Color Black Grove

Ceiling Tee Grid Bar System White Color Black Grove

Ceiling Tee Grid Bar System White Color Black Grove

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Q:Material u-type 50 series light steel keel in the main keel specifications is how much
Simply talk to you about the connection between the keels: the boom with a bolt bolts fixed on the floor, with T-type keel hanging pieces connected T-shaped main keel, T-keel for long, in its interface with T-keel connections fixed, between the keel and the main keel is connected between the plug, you can not accessories. If the ceiling has an additional load or a large area of the ceiling, you need U-bearing keel, that is, after the installation of the boom, first with U-shaped keel (main keel) hanging pieces will U-shaped main keel and boom connection, T-type keel pendant connects the T-shaped longitudinal keel with the U-shaped main keel ... 1, T-type keel hanging pieces: for the T-type main keel and boom connection. Applicable only to non-loaded keel without additional load of the ceiling. 2, T-type keel connection: for the vertical T-keel that is the main keel connection. 3, U-type keel hanging pieces: for connecting the carrying keel (main keel) and boom. 4, T-type keel pendant: for U-type light steel keel and T-type longitudinal keel connection. 5, U-shaped main keel connection: for the U-type carrying keel of the long.
Q:how can i cover the ugly drop ceiling in my bedroom? i was thinking of just using dry wall mud over it...?
Noo that drop in the ceiling is a water bubble it means your roof is leaking you need to fix the roof then fix the ceiling
Q:How to hang curtain track from grid ceiling?
Go to a REAL hardware store, NOT HOME DEPOT OR LOWE'S, and ask a customer service person. If it can be done, someone THERE can help.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board wall can be reused?
Gypsum board wall demolition of the large gypsum board can be reused (except for violent demolition), the self-tapping screw unloaded just fine. Light steel keel can also be partially recycled. But you still have to buy some gypsum board and light steel keel, the original those who can not use enough.
Q:does anyone know where I can find clips to hang things from acoustic ceiling grids?
Hardware store, probably.
Q:I need inexpensive ideas to disguise ugly ceiling for a wedding reception?
Inexpensive Ceiling Ideas
Q:What is light steel keel arch? Under what circumstances need to be arch?
We often take measures in the middle to lift it up a little, so that it is affected by the heavy sag of gravity, which is the legendary arch.
Q:the different between acoustic ceiling and metal ceiling?
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Q:Light steel keel ceiling screw length has a standard requirement no?
I can do with the joints I do hanging ceiling I did 8 meters of nothing
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board cut off how much money a square
Light steel wall area by centerline * height, to m2 as a unit, wall light steel keel material about 30-60 yuan / m2 (material quality, brand is not the same) double-sided single-layer gypsum board material about 50-100 yuan / M2 (material quality, brand is not the same) wall generally have sound-absorbing cotton, usually 75 partitions with 50 thick sound-absorbing cotton on it

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