Acoustical Suspended Ceiling Grid

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Product Description:

Specification of Suspended Ceiling Grid :

1. There are Flat system, Groove system and Slim system for t grid

2. Four kind of tee make up of a ceiling frame. those are main tee, long cross tee, short cross tee and wall angle

The height normally is 38 or 32, thickness from 0.20-0.40MM

The normal size as belows(pls mainly focus on the lenghth we have):

main tee:38*24*3600mm  or 38*24*3660mm

main tee:32*24*3600mm  or 32*24*3660mm

long cross tee:26*24*1200mm  or 26*24*1210mm

Short cross tee:26*24*600mm or 26*24*610mm

wall angle:24*24*3000mm or 24*24*3050mm

wall angle:21*21*3000mm or 21*21*3050mm


Applications of Suspension Ceiling Grid:

1.commercial ceiling suspension grid for false ceiling


Package of Suspension Ceiling Grid

1.main tee:30 pcs in one carton

2.long cross tee: 50 pcs in one carton

3.short cross tee:75 pcs in one carton

4.wall angle:50 pcs in one carton


Production Line of suspension ceiling grid

We have 6 production line for ceiling grid,  30 containers per month. our quality undertested by the world market over many years we are your unique relible choice.

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Q:How hard is it to remove a hung ceiling?
Physically, it's pretty easy. Just take out the tiles, then start working on the support rails. There will be a combination of long and short pieces of the rails. They are usually held together with metal tabs, just unbend and remove. There will also be some wire supports on the rails, up to the original ceiling. It's easiest to cut these. The last parts to remove will be the rail sections attached to the walls. They are probably screwed into the walls. Then, throw everything away and you're done.
Q:How to use paint keel
Paint keel overall plane effect is good, simple lines, beautiful and generous. Paint keel safe, sturdy, beautiful, suitable for all kinds of mineral wool ceiling, aluminum cubes ceiling, calcium silicate board and other supporting construction. It is a new type of ceiling decoration material, widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, banks, hotels, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories, factories , Terminal and so on.
Q:Mainly check the contents of which piece of people
Measuring keel spacing and so on
Q:Light steel keel wall how much money a square?
Light steel keel wall is designed for the installation of the following no beam without load-bearing structure designed a lightweight partition wall. Inside the main keel and vice keel, gypsum board on both sides, the cost of about 50 yuan / square meter
Q:I want a drop-down ceiling for my basement, you know with panels and a grid. What is the average cost for a pretty large room? Don't worry about a contractor. My dad is a contractor so no cost for installation. I don't think you even need a contractor for this though. I just need to know if it's affordable. I have a large basement and we need to be able to access the vents and pipes easily through the panels. There's no other option (unless there's an alternative). Thanks :D
affordable is what you can afford..however..measure the area and go to home depot or Lowe's and see how much you are looking at in materials..and if dad will do the install for free that's a there is the dry wall the ceiling option but as you stated earlier you need to have access to vents and the smart choice obviously is to do a drop ceiling..the latter will hurt more with dry wall trying to re patch and repair anything later above the ceiling..and with the drop ceiling you can figure out if you can afford to do 10x10 sections or the hole thing at once..very much affordable and very wise choice..
Q:What is the keel of the external wall insulation
Light steel keel structure using the form of insulation can be inside the insulation layer of steel temperature and indoor temperature consistent. Steel does not conduct heat does not produce condensate, to avoid corrosion caused by condensate. Second, the light steel keel structure using polystyrene board insulation, the thermal conductivity of less than 80 times the red brick, so as long as the thin board that meet the insulation requirements.
Q:Was tearing out an acoustical ceiling grid while the electrician was taking out the fluorescent lights. What I didn't know was that he was taking them out hot. He left wires uncapped and the hot leg touched the grid I had ahold of. It grabbed me for about 3 seconds. My head snapped back and I could feel my mouth open to scream but nothing came out. I was aware of everything going on and my only thought was that I was going to die. Luckily I fell backwards off the ladder. I had burns on my left hand and right forearm and stomach. Everywhere I was touching the grid. My arms were cherry red from the elbows down for awhile. 2 weeks later my arms still tingle and my wrists have a terrible burning pain every couple of days. It was a very religious experience. I did kick the electrician off the job. My question is did the current go across my chest or through my heart from one arm to the other and could it have killed me if I hadn't fallen from the ladder. I guess I'm lucky I'm 6'4 and 250 lbs. I feel lucky anyway.
Yes I must agree with you, you are very lucky , phew !..........
Q:I am using Dutch Boy Ceiling Solutions, the kind that goes on purple and dries white. I primed with FastPrime over new drywall. I put one coat of the DB on and it looks like poo. I painted in grids, but got uneven coverage and you can tell where the drywall tape was. Maybe the roller I used was wrong for the app? Or did I just do a crummy job. I have painted many a room before, but not many ceilings.
New drywall may need multiple coats to get complete coverage. Do not paint in a grid. Start at one side and work across always keeping a wet edge. The method you are using will always produce uneven results.
Q:Home decoration ceiling light steel keel best use what specifications
The main keel 38 thickness of 1.0 GB, vice keel 50 thickness of 0.5 GB
Q:Its a Burlington coat factory store that has hanging ceiling lights and lights in a grid that need to be dusted and cleaned using a lifter and a scaffold.
I charge $40 an hour plus equipment and materials. An estimate may come in on the high side of $3000.00 .

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets Mid East;Africa;North America
Company Certifications third-party verification service provider

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3. Manufacturer Capability

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 1% - 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above3000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 9
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average;Low
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