Carbon Steel ASME WPB Butt welded Tee A234 DN15-DN1200

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1 Piece pc
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300 Tons per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Carbon Steel Asme WPB Butt-Welded Tee A234 DN15---DN1200

Material:Carton steel
Certification ISO9000/9001/9004/19011:2000

Product name

 Carbon steel  ASME  WPB  BUTT-WELDED TEE A234   




  Carton steel

Used in

Oil Field, Offshore, Gasoline, Water Systerm, Electrical factory, Building Construction


GB/T12459-2005 GB/T13401-2005 GB/T10752-2005

ASME B16.9 ASME B16.11 ASME B16.49 ASME B16.5 ASME B16.28

JIS B2311 JIS B2312 JIS B2313

DIN2633 DIN2605 DIN2615 DIN2616 DIN2617

Min order Quantity

1 piece or according to customer needs

Delivery Time

15---30days according to customer needs


First grade

Walk thickness

Sch10--- Sch160 XXS




Wooden cases or wooden pallet or as customers requirement


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