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Specifications for Carbon fiber Tube


buy carbon fiber tube
1.Low Density,just 1.5,one fifth of metal
2.tolerance is just 0.10mm
3.surface:glossy/ matte

3k carbon fiber composite tube,made by carbon  tube manufacturer

♦ISO9001:2008, SGS,REACH .

Offer testing report ,  Timely delivery .

offer processing service :punched, drilled, sawed, sheared.

Factory directly offer,competitive price.

3k carbon fiber tube,3k carbon tube,carbon fiber,


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Low density,just 1.5,one fifth of metal,but fiberglass is 1.95.

High temperature high pressure resistance,over 150 centigrade is very safe

Good in X-ray transparency, suitable for medical equipment

Resists harmful UV ray which may damage other products

Dimensional Stability, tolerance is just 0.15mm, no eccentricity

Acid and alkali resistant, pH at 30% or less are very safe.

Good machinability, can be punched, drilled, sawed, sheared.

Excellent in rigidity

Long life, 50 years more

Environmentally Safe

   NO.1      3k carbon fibre tubing

             3k carbon fiber tubing

packing and shipping

1.packing:carton/ woodencase&custom

2.shippment:by sea/ by air / by train


1.Integrity management,obtaining BV certification.

2.Timely delivery      


3.offer testing report

4.sample express: UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, FedEx    


Company Information

1.our company specialized in designing and manufacturing of CFRP and FRP composite products

2.we have twenty years experience in this area


3.our company,on customer's needs,desigs and manufatures  different kind sizes of CFRP and FRP composite products

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