Aluminum Sheet with Blue Film Covered 1050 1060 1100 H14

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Aluminum sheet checkered /Aluminum sheet embossing sheet


1000 series: 1050. 1070. 1100
2000 series: 2011. 2014. 2017. 2018. 2024.

2025. 2117. 2218. 2618.
3000 series: 3003. 3004.
4000 series: 4032. 4043. 4543.
5000 series: 5005. 5050. 5052. 5056. 5083.5086. 5154. 5205. 5252. 5254. 5356. 5357.5454. 5456. 5457. 5652. 5657.

6000 series: 6005. 6011. 6053. 6351. 6061.

6101. 6151. 6201. 6261. 6262. 6063. 6463. 6066.6070

7000series: 7001. 7005. 7072. 7075. 7076. 

7175. 7178. 7079

8000 series:8011,8021,8079 etc

CertificationISO9001,ISO14001, ISO9001:2000


Surface treatmentPolished,Mill Finished,anodized  or power sprayed  
FeaturesHigh weather resistance anti scratch anticorrosion and good weather resistance subtle edges and elegant appearance and easy processing and installation high brightness and hardness

1)Excellent machining properties
Easy to weld

2)Suited to marine and low temp applications
3)Very good for anodic reaction
Particularly suited to structural applications Aerial aluminum

NoteIf you have any other questin,welcome for your consultation

1050 1060 1100 H14 Aluminum Sheet with Blue Film Covered

alloy1050 1060 1100 3003

HO H12 H14 H24 etc

thickness0.10-6.0 mm
widthno limited
delivery termwithin 25-30 days after confirming order
payment term

30% by TT in advance as deposit and 70% balance by TT or L/C at sight

packageseaworthy strong wooden pallet or as the customer's requirements
surfaceflat clean surface no whole, scratch, oil dirty and oxidation.
cutting edge neat cutting edge no burrs.
 remarkspecific requirement of alloy, temper or specifications can be discussed in your request.










DC or CC























































1) Home Lighting Lighting Network;

2)Solar reflective pieces;

3)architectural appearance;

4)Indoor decoration: ceiling, metope, etc

5)drying cabinet;


7)scutcheon, luggage etc;

8)The car inside and outside decoration;

9) Indoor decorations, such as picture frames;

10) Household appliances: refrigerators microwave audio equipment, etc

11)Aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing, the shenzhou spacecraft series, satellites, etc

12)Precision Parts Processing;

13)mould making;

14)Chemical/thermal insulation pipe coating etc


Packaging & Shipping

Package: Standard seaworthy packing or as per request

Transports:Containler sizes:

20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)

40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)



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7 Professional service of technical and shipping support
8More than 30 years experience in the cold and hot rolled sheet/coil/stri experience  



Aluminum Sheet with Blue Film Covered 1050 1060 1100 H14

Aluminum Sheet with Blue Film Covered 1050 1060 1100 H14

Aluminum Sheet with Blue Film Covered 1050 1060 1100 H14

Aluminum Sheet with Blue Film Covered 1050 1060 1100 H14


Q:Aluminum plate thickness 1 cm, iron plate thickness 0.15 cm, area 1 square meters, thank you
It's too difficult. Just think about it
Q:The idea that you can adequately protect yourself from the Alien and government thought transmissions with a 'tin-foil / aluminum hat is just a myth. The correct and real thing to use is an aluminum construction site type of hard-hat. That is why the government and all major defense contractors wore aluminum hard-hats back in the 1950's. The plastic and fiber glass hard-hats that they use now is only because the Aliens got wise to the old aluminum hard-hat trick and outlawed them after the Aliens and their Illuminati minions took over after President Truman got out of office. Everyone knows that.So does any company anywhere in the world currently defy the Alien’s production ban on aluminum hard hats? Or is e-bay and garage sales the only source of aluminum construction site hard hats?
One opened up down the street, but closed shortly after the building was abducted and all it's employees probed. Right now, most men who are wise to this live in a state of fear. We need a hero. Somebody who can stand up to the aliens. Somebody who is immune to tractor beams. Maybe if we become lazy and obese enough, the ships won't have enough power to lift us. That's why, after the tin foil hard hat joint closed, 3 all you can eat KFCs sprung up.
Q:What keeps things colder- plastic wrap or aluminum foil?
Aluminum foil. It is thicker, and metal retains heat/cold longer than the thin film of plastic would. I actually use both when I freeze things like lasagna...I use a layer of plastic wrap on it first, then a layer of foil over the top. It creates an extra (albeit fine) layer of insulation.
Q:when aluminum metal undergoes a combination reaction with O2(g)
Aluminium metal combines with the oxygen from the air on heating to form aluminium oxide. The reaction can be represented using a balanced equation as 4 Al (s) + 3O2(g) = 2Al2O3(s)
Q:5083 what is the density of the aluminum plate?
5083 aluminum alloy is Al-Mg-Si, use a wide range, especially in the construction industry cannot do without this alloy, alloy is the most promising. The main alloying elements as magnesium, has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, moderate intensity, is a kind of pure aluminum alloy aluminum density: 2.71 tons. / m3 (g / cm3) alloy aluminum density: 2.8 tons / m3 (g / cm3) antirust aluminum density: 2.73 tons / m3 (g / cm3)
Q:I don't like purchasing deoderants that contain aluminum sulfate due to the fact that a build-up of aluminum may cause Alzheimer's (my grandfather has it). So, I purchased an all natural deoderant only to later look more closely at the labely and see POTASSIUM ALUM....hmmm, alum versus aluminum? Supposedly alum cannot be absorbed by the skin so it's safe....any proof?
Alum refers to a specific chemical of the form ABx(SO4)y ? zH2O where A and B are metals of some type and sometime Aa(SO4)b?Bx(SO4)y?zH2O called mixed sulfate alums' ------------------------- Aluminum sulfate is: Al2(SO4)3 Potassium alum has the formula KAl(SO4)2 ? 12H2O so the two are quite different compounds. According to the MSDS this compound is non-hazardous ref:
Q:why is aluminium used instead of copper for high voltage electrical cables????
Aluminum would only make sense in low current applications where cost and weight are important.
Q:im wanting to try and source my own chemicals for experiments and such in the cheapest way possiblei thought a cheap method of making powdered aluminium would be to just sandpaper aluminium kitchen foil and collect the powder, what i need to know is:how pure is aluminium foil?.....e.g is it actually mixed with some other metals and is an alloyand will the powder i collect be as good as bottled aluminium powder? i know it wont be perfect but as long as its similar that should be fineim using it for pyrotechnical experiments by the way
Aluminum foil is pretty pure for most purposes (99.1 % pure). However, I really think sandpapering aluminum foil is not your best option. For one, aluminum foil is quite expensive, I wonder if you could just get a bunch of the powder for a cheaper price than buying an equal mass of aluminum foil. Also, how would you even begin sandpapering it? If you rub a crumpled up ball of aluminum on a rough surface, you don't get a powder, you just get a ripped up ball and a gray mark on the rough surface. But you could try, tell me if it works. However, I think you may have better odds with aluminum cans. They are cheaper and thicker thus not so prone to ripping. Although I still doubt you could get a reasonable quantity of aluminum powder from that. If all else fails, you could always try stuffing a bunch of aluminum foil in a blender.
Q:If you're familiar with some of my previous questions, you'll know I have a thing for DC-3's, and I'd like to buy one and fix it up at some point in my life. I was looking at pictures on Google for my desktop background and saw several with shiny chrome/aluminum bodies. Well, first of all, is it chrome or polished aluminum? Second, would I be able to buy a DC-3 painted this God-awful forest green and put whatever it is (chrome/aluminum) on said plane? Or is it something that the plane has to be built with originally?
Polished aluminum... airplanes are not chrome plated... weight and the difficulty of electro-plating an entire aircraft are the reasons Could likely get some dissimilar metal corrsosion problems as well... Polished aluminum airplanes are absolutely beautiful, but it takes an incredible amount of work to get it that way, and a nearly equal amount of work to keep it up... plan on spending lots of time, money or both...
Q:So I want to solder aluminum cans together for this project I have. What tools will I need?
a soldering iron or gun. use a low melting solder. it comes in various grades. go to Menard's or Home Depot they have it.

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