Aluminum bottle water purifier Domestic water use terminal

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Aluminum bottle water purifier
Material: Aluminum
Production process: die casting by die casting machine , polishing and spraying plastics.
Usage: Domestic water use terminal, using high-precision ceramic filter filter water impurities greater than 0.1 micron.
Advantages: high precision ceramic cartridge filter, the filter can be used repeatedly, long service life.
Specifications: the inner core with a round ceramic filter
Weight: 800
Interface: Connect terminal four extraoral threaded pipes

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Q:Homemade fish filter
The most simple and practical than homemade water fairy, cost: mineral water, empty bottles 0 yuan, coral sand and ceramic ring 4 yuan,
Q:Household water filter regularly cleaned?
We also use a filter, usually cleaned in 2 or 3 months, so as to ensure the clean water.
Q:Which filter is good in a fish tank?
That is to say, the fish will be drawn into the filter to carry out nitrification and remove the ammonia from the fish.
Q:What's the difference between a water vapor filter and an oil gas filter?
Suspension separation principle can make the oil and gas pass through the liquid (such as water) which does not dissolve the oil, at this point, the oil and gas will form small oil droplets suspended in the upper layer of the liquid which does not dissolve oil, thus the oil and gas will be filtered out.
Q:How many levels of purifier does filter water have?
Water purifier according to different purification principle and process, can be divided into many kinds. General RO (reverse osmosis filtration precision in 0.00001 micron), nanofiltration (0.001-0.00001 microns filtration) ultrafiltration membrane (filtration accuracy of 0.01-0.001 microns), fine filter (filter accuracy of 0.01 microns or less, such as ceramic filter, PP cotton filter etc.).
Q:Can the filtered activated carbon be used again and again?
The general approach is: the activated carbon used by boiling in water, keep the temperature of about more than one hour, then rinse with plenty of clean water,
Q:Can water filter out smoke?
cigarettes with ultra low carcinogenic, sponge + water double filtering harmful impurities, reducing cigarette harm,
Q:What's the use of a filter in a turtle jar? Don't change the water?
The filter is open 24 hours, filtered water in the water will have to change the stolen goods, stolen goods,
Q:Water purifier after full stop, waste water pipe and the water has been flowing, what is the reason?
The normal water purifier water full stop after there will be water out, time is about ten seconds to two minutes or so, keep that water solenoid valve or check valve problems, can check these two places and replace broken parts.
Q:How much power filters are used in the 200 liter fish tank?
By this standard, if it's a built-in submersible pump, it'll be about 25-35W.

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