Aluminium Scaffold Clamp Britis German Forged Type

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100000 kg/month

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Aluminium Scaffold Clamp Britis German Forged Type


1.The scaffolding coupler is always used to connect the steel pipe as scaffolding system.

2.The often used coupler is swivel coupler and righ angle coupler .

3.We can provide types of scaffolding coupler according to your requirement.

4.Couoler can fix the 48.3mm scaffolding steel pipe tightly and make the whole scaffolding system more steadily.


(1)Excellent Anti-Breaking—Cold Pressed Steel

(2)Outstanding Resistance Deformation

(3)Strong Anti-Dropping Ability


Aluminium Scaffold Clamp Britis German Forged Type


Surface finishGalvanized
Weight1.1kg around
Package25pcs/bag,steel pallet
As per customer requirement
MarketAfrica, South America, the Middle East and Asia


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?    

We are a state-owned corporation in China,dealing with various kinds of building materials.We have our holding subsidiaries.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?    

Our factory is located all around China.

Q: Can I get some samples?    

Sample is free, customer only pay freight for the first time. 

Q: Delivery?

10-30days. (5-15 containers)

Any question,feel free to contact us.

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Q:What is the minimum spacing between the crossbar and the pole spacing of the scaffold?
Send a mail to you, but whether you can give the best answer, huh, huh
Q:I made one of those 'Scaffold' things, except I left in the root. It is OK?
Hands off! Wizard of those were all my ingredients.
Q:Single-row fastener type steel pipe scaffold for decoration works in the construction of small horizontal bar spacing should be the number of mm.......................................................................................
m, and should not be greater than 65Nm; the end of the rod out of the fastener cover edge should not be less than 100mm at the main node fixed horizontal horizontal bar, vertical horizontal bar, scissors, horizontal bracing and other right-angle fasteners, rotating fastener center point of the distance should not be greater than 150mm; docking fastener opening should be (48 or 51); 6 Steel pipe scaffold application outside diameter 48 ~ 51mm, wall thickness 3 ~ 35mm, no serious erosion, bending, flattening or crack Of the steel pipe Specification is recommended to use 48 * 35mm There are 483 * 3483 * 32 and several other 7 Steel scaffolding bar connection must use qualified steel fasteners, shall not use lead wire and other materials lashing; 8 outside the scaffolding pole spacing steel pipe shall not be greater than 18m, large bar spacing of not more than 18m, small bar spacing Not more than 15m; 9 Scaffolding must be pulled by the floor and the structure of solid, pull the vertical distance of not more than 4m, the horizontal distance of not more than 6m Rack knot material strength shall not be less than the strength of double-stranded 8 # lead wire High shelf should not use flexible materials for knotting scaffolding of the operating surface must be full of scaffolding, from the wall shall not be greater than 200mm, no gap and probe board, fly springboard The lower part of the scaffold is equipped with a horizontal net The outside of the operating surface should be equipped with two body railings and a foot plate or set up a body railings, standing safety net, under the seal, the protection height should be 1m Bamboo scaffolding is strictly prohibited; Reference to the "construction of the fastener type of stare Cao Yu 丨 Ga check frost intestinal steel scaffold safety technical specifications" JGJ130-2011 Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China Bulletin No 2011-01-28 approved, 2011-12-01 implementation
Q:What chapter in the Scarlet Letter does Dimmesdale,Pearl, and Hester stand on the scaffold together?
It is the chapter right before the last one i think. I just know its one of the last parts of the book besides the resolution
Q:Should I get an industrial/scaffold piercing? How much?
Keep in mind that any piercing outside of the earlobe has a much higher rate for getting an infection. Besides that, there will be a permanent hole or scar. for the rest of your life and you'll look very funny whether you take the jewelry out or leave it in. I can't imagine you'll want to be 45 or 60 with a body piercing since that will look just plain ridiculous, but so will being 45 or 60 with a hole or scar on your body because of a piercing. Also, people view others with body jewelry as being rebellious, which I believe is the reason many of them get the jewelry in the first place. However, persons with body piercings have commented on how others view them as a bad person. Think about it before you do anything.
Q:use the scaffolding method and the standard algorithim to calculate 15,043/26 and explain how...?
Scaffolding method is not mathematical method. It's just the way to provide people some knowledge in working on the problem. Well, to use the standard algorithm, see this guide.
Q:We fired our contractor who was working on our porch - he won't remove his scaffolding.?
after 30 days of him receiving the letter, if he does not come get his materials they are now yours.(in my area you should check a little more to make sure you area has the same rules) They are technically yours. I'd try to sell them, depending on if they are in good shape, you can get quite a bit of good money for them. You also can send another cerified letter to contractor saying that as of [DATE] you are now charging [AMOUNT OF MONEY] per day to hold them for [CONTRACTOR NAME/COMPANY].
Q:What is the retail price on a goldblatt scaffold?
What exactly is this? I've never heard anything like this before?
Q:What are the specific requirements for the formwork of the fastener type steel pipe?
EPS board (also known as benzene board, foam board) is made of polystyrene board short. It is made from ExpandablePolystyrene, which is made by pre-blending, dumpling, molding, drying and cutting. It can be made into different density, different shapes of foam products, but also can produce a variety of different thickness of the foam sheet. XPS is mainly used for wall insulation, there is the protection of some items on the surface.
Q:Fixed set to build fastener steel pipe full of scaffolding 3 row What does it mean
What is the difference between a rigid pipe and a flexible pipe, what kind of pipe is rigid, what is flexible

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