5 Star Hotel Carpet of Circle Weave Waterproof Safety Prayer

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Loading Port:
China main port
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Min Order Qty:
300 m²
Supply Capability:
80000 m²/month

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Product Description:

5 Star Hotel Carpet of Circle Weave Waterproof Safety Prayer


Quick Detail of Hotel Carpet

·         Material: 100% Polyester

·         Style: Jacquard

·         Pattern: Shaggy

·         Design: Aubusson

·         Techniques: Hand Woven

·         Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Car, Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Prayer, Toilet, wedding stage

·         Size: 160*230

·         Model Number: SS-25

·         Name: stair stage safety prayer fashion circle weave carpet flooring

·         Material: 100% polyester

·         Techniques: Hand woven

·         Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland)

·         Use: Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Decorative

·         Size: customized

·         Color: Any color for you

·         Pile height: from 20px to 45px

·         Backing: latex cotton canvas


Specifications of Hotel Carpet


5 Star Hotel Carpet of Circle Weave Waterproof Safety Prayer

Surface Material

New Zealand wool/ Acrylic/ silk/ rayon/ Bamboo fiber/ blending.



Pile Height


Pile Weight

1900g - 3600g


Latex cotton canvas





Area of Use

Hotel, home, villa.

Payment Terms:

30% deposit, balance before shipment.

Loading Port

Tianjin, China

Container Capability:

20'GP: 2300sqm, 40'GP: 5000sqm, 40'HQ: 6500sqm.

Delivery Time:

25-30 days upon deposit, please double check when order.

Packing Detail:

In rolls, with PP and Poly bag wrapped, anti-water packing.


Packaging & Delivery of Hotel Carpet r

Packing: Modern Fireproof Carpet Rug of 100% Acrylic in Bedroom


delivery time: 10-25days

shipment: FOB TIANJIN

Payment : 30% deposit in advance, balance before shipment by TT


We will provide the first class products and first class service with all our efforts. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit or call us to negotiate.



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You can't. A rug doctor is like 30 bucks for a night, not too much if you can save up. But otherwise, there's nothing you can do.
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Q:help with carpet stains!?
Try hand sanitizer. I once got sharpie (which is permanent rly hard to get out) on my shirt. I soaked my shirt in a dish of hand sanitizer it immediately came out. Once it was dry it looked like it did before the sharpie. So just take a towel soak it in hand sanitizer press it on the carpet stain wait 1 min or 2
Q:Home made carpet cleaner?
What type of carpet you have? Wools/poly... Whats your machine hold 1/2 galon OR 2 ? 1/2 cup-1 cup vinegar if using soaps too tablespoon to 1/3 cup of tide/gain Lemon about 25 drops... Simple green 1/2 cup Hot water and vinegar gain is o.k. on some however use just a dab (seriouse here)for freshness unless you have lemon essentail oil handy.. Vinegar will leave the least amount of residue in the carpet and will slow down the resoiling process. So using vinegar and Hot water you can still add dabs of tide,gain,simple green. test a area is important.. I would not use a amonia recipe if you have cats or dogs
Q:Acoustic foam vs. rugs?
QUOTE: It's really loud in there and we need to dampen the room to a bearable level. Not to state the obvious, but the cheapest solution is to turn down. Look up the word dynamics in respect to music. Covering the walls with rug foam will help control echos and noise bouncing around....but loud is still loud. Also, if you ARE going to play that loud, please consider ear protection. I can tell you from personal experience that hearing loss is real. It's a weird feeling when you take a hearing test and you watch the doctor cranking the knobs up and you still can't hear anything.
Q:how to get the smell of smoke out of a rug?
Might want to sprinkle baking powder on it and then steam clean it, so that the powder gets a little damp and you get a bit of cleaning action with it. Steamers won't suck up the moisture, but steam vacuums will. So rent or invest in a steam vacuum for a day.
Q:Which Color Rug will go with dark wooden furniture, pls advice.?
As okorder.com/ We're always taught stay within the color families but provide contrast but you already DO have contrast with white and brown so i would suggest something warmer / soft like a rug mixed with the brown found in your furniture and perhaps a baby blue: 99ccff, ccccff, ccffff Warm browns: ff9933, colors like that but i cant suggest too much until i know what style furniture you have / your decor tastes etc but the color wheel is always a good start and you might wanna mix it and match like Old Style with modern rug or Modern rugs with Old earthy colors ....good luck and i'd LOVE to see it when you're done :)
Q:What size area rug for room that is 10 x 10?
Generally (not a hard rule) leave about 1ft- 3ft if you are doing a rug for the whole room. A 6x9 rug is fine for 10x 10 room. It is easy to find for a ready made rug in retail about 6x9. I more expensive but good choice is an 8x8 square if you can find it. 5x8 would be ok but I would say don't go any smaller. Put the furniture on the rug you get, rather than pushed all against the wall.
Q:Baking soda to freshen carpet?
Baking soda is good for removing odours and it has no smell It will not damage your carpet in any way Why not hire Rug Doctor This will deep clean and remove all odour from them
Q:How to remove orange juice from my rug?
If it has removed the color, you cannot fix that. Do you happen to have a piece of that rug left over? If so, you can replace the section in your rug that has been damaged by actually carefully cutting out a piece and replacing it with another. If you have some of the rug, just make sure you keep the direction of the pile the same in the piece you insert. I have done this to remove a stain ifrom a new rug and the piece was still there and unnoticeable years later when I sold the house.

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