450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR

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450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR



1. Rated voltage:0.6/1kv
2. High efficiency
3. Long lasting
4. CCC CE ISO certificate
5.High quality & Prompt delivery

VV Cable 0.6/1kv(copper conductor, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed electrical single-core cable PVC Insulated Wire and Cable)


Product Description

Reference Standards
The product is manufactured according to the standards of GB5023-1997 and JB8734-1998 or IEC, BS, DIN and ICEA upon request.

The products is suitable for laying indoors, in tunnel or cable trench, unable to bear external merchanical forces. Single-core cable in magnetic duct is not permissible.

Operating Characteristics
Rated voltage Uo/U: 0.6/1kv.
Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor: 90º C
The ambient temperature under installation shall not below 0º C
The bending radius of cable:
D≤ 25mm...≥ 4D
D>25mm...≥ 6D
(D- Diameter of the cable )









PVC insulation&sheathed Power cable

For laying indoors, in tunnel and in ducts, unable to bear extarnal mechanical forces



PVC insulation&sheathed steel tape armour power cable

Laying in the ground, afire-resistant, unable to bear extarnal mechanical forces


Specification Size and Technical Data



Voltage Grade


Nominal Section(mm²)

3x2.5+1x1.5, 3x4+1x2.5, 3x6+1x4, 3x10+1x6, 3x16+1x10, 3x25+1x16, 3x35+1x16, 3x50+1x25, 3x70+1x35, 3x95+1x50, 3x120+1x70, 3x150+1x70, 3x185+1x95, 3x240+1x120, 3x300+1x150, 4x2.5+1x1.5, 4x4+1x2.5, 4x6+1x4, 4x10+1x6, 4x16+1x10, 4x25+1x16, 4x35+1x16, 4x50+1x25, 4x70+1x35, 4x95+1x50, 4x120+1x70, 4x150+1x70, 4x185+1x95, 4x240+1x120, 4x300+1x150

We are a manufacturer of wire and cable with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.

With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in power systems, information transfer systems, construction industry and other industries.



450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR


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You okorder.com/... Your power inverter, I am not sure what kind of cabling it will require for it to be powered properly as well. Ground is usually connected to Black. And +12v is usually Red.
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that okorder.com/

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