2 ton Wheel loader zl932 with Cummins engine / A/C , joystick for sale

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China main port
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1000 set/month
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Product Description:

1.It adopts Yuchai diesel engine YC4108G that is characterized by strong power, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption, low noise and reliable performance;
2.It adopts single-stage single-phase three-element hydraulic torque converter and it is equipped with the axis-fixed transmission, which makes full use of engine power, increases the torque and ensures the complete machine has larger traction;
3.The strengthen front and rear frames have passed 200,000 times of fatigue enhancement tests; the distribution of center of gravity of complete machine is reasonable, which ensures strong bearing capacity, high strength and good stability.  4.New steel structure cab is adopted, which ensures wide vision; the optimized arrangement is conducted in the cab, which ensures a larger operation space; the full-coverage cab interior is adopted, which ensures good sealing performance; the air conditioner can be installed optionally, which ensures good comfort.  
5.High-end and mature electrical components adopted to the electric units , which is more stable and reliable. 
6. The much bigger open angle of side door of engine hood makes the engine maintenance more easy . 
7.Dumping weight is heightened to suit fo all kinds of operation sites like loading , unloading and transfer .
8.The new type of fuel tank is optimized , which ensures more big lifting capacity of bucket .

2 ton Wheel loader zl932 with Cummins engine / A/C , joystick for sale

2 ton Wheel loader zl932 with Cummins engine / A/C , joystick for sale

Specification of the products:

2 ton Wheel loader zl932 with Cummins engine / A/C , joystick for sale


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 3 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 10 days. 

2. What about your service?

Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. And our engineers can supply overseas service. 

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Q:Was it Sharon!!!?
Ariel &Bulldozer& Sharon. But he is not a Russian. The real Russians are Orthodox Christians.
Q:GTA San Andreas for bulldozer
Hello, if you play in San Francisco, you are doing the task of arriving in San Francisco, behind the mission point is a construction site, where there are bulldozers.
Q:Patriot G2 Series Division 4GB pc3-12800 DDR3 1600MHzAMD bulldozer fx-8120 8 core processor 3.1 ghz socket am3+ 125 WGigabyte 970A-D3 AMD970 ATX AM3+ DDR3 2PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 2PCI RAID SATA3 USB 3.0 MOTHERBOARDXFX RAEDON HD 6950 800 MHz 1gb
oh u suck, u got the new bulldozer hahaha!! I want oneeee !! It'd do very good, especially thanks to that fast video card. Edit: But in all honesty, yes the RAM is a bit low (I have 8gb). The graphic's card video RAM is low (It could be 2gb). And your clock speed is slow (3.1 ghz?) An i-7 2600k Can be bumped up to 4.9ghz. Might wanna overclock your processor a bit if you have a good heatsink on your rig. Remember for games, it's not how many cores you have (most games use only 2), it's about how FAST the cores ARE. Games love FAST cores, not necessarily a lot of cores. The bulldozer will do VERY good for multitasking and doing a lot of stuff at once. It'll RAPE anything that takes advantage of all those cores! Unfortunately NO games currently will use even more than HALF your 8 cores! But on the good news side, more and more games will be released in the future that use more and more cores!
Q:I want to be able to run ableton very close to real time (can do this on my old mac already) run newer games on medium settings at a normal framerate of 30+. And if at all possible run Adobe After Effects with no lag/ slow frames. (CS3)Other specs are as follows7200rpm HD8gb RamCPU is 3.6ghz with 8core (top bulldozerVideo Card is GeForce 520 with 2gbCreative soundblaster SE 7 Sound card
well okorder . always wanting to help
Q:I've noticed the AMD bulldozer can get up to 4.0ghz which is really fast, has 8 cores and comes really cheap. I was looking around on ebay and harddrives are selling for around ?375.Whereas the highest i7's also has 8 cores but the ghz isn't as fast as the AMD bulldozer yet costs a heck of a lot more.Why is this? Is the AMD bulldozer really faster than the i7?
The okorder
Q:Theres a free macro program out there you when scripted correctly it can do wonders by searching for colors and all kinds of stuff, It has a bulldozer logo thing, altho I forgot the name, Help?
Hello okorder /
Q:Please give me links to sites that post one. Thank you!
Fuel? Hydraulic fluid? Power flow from engine to tracks? What?
Q:I anticipated AMD's release of their new release of their 8-core CPU, and was hoping for another great innovation from them, but I was sorely mistaken. It hardly trumps an i5-2500k, it costs way more, it uses an enormous amount of power, etc, etc.Hopefully they improve it....How do you feel about this?
I feel AMD is just a fail as a company Their own saving grace is that their CPUs used to be cheaper then Intel's but that seemed to have change with Bulldozer
Q:Are the new AMD bulldozer/zambezi processors terrible, as I am currently investing in a gaming computer, and I dont know what processor to get. Im looking at the 8120, but i have heard it sucks. I want to overclock later on when i can pay for a water cooling system, and thats the only thing that i really now it good for. Should i just go for an unlocked phenom? i dont have the money for an Intel. Also is the Radeon HD 5000 series significantly worse than the 6000 series?
To be exact, the AMD bulldozer processors are currently waiting the new release of Windows 8. Which will in turn help them make better use of all their cores, in multithreading apps... At the same time I am betting the Intel processors will see a huge jump in hyperthreading power as well, so Intel will still have the advantage of being faster, and easier overclocking... As far as 5000 vs. 6000, if you are talking about 5850, and 5870 vs. 6950 and 6970, the main thing is the 6000 cards make better use of power, but also just have less heat issues... Which would mean a cheaper PC case could be used with the 6000 series and still keep the card cool enough to run good FPS in games... I have found with current and previous ATI and Nvidia cards, if you keep them below 70C, you don't lose FPS in your games, after about 75C and up, you start to lose some FPS and stability in games...
Q:Can I use a bulldozer to smash the world in half?
Yes, but it would need to be quite large.

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