1260C Ceramic Fiber Blanket for Steel Field

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Product Description:

Ceramic fiber blanket is made of high quality alumina-silicate ceramic fiber by using double side needling methods which improve the tensile strength and the flatness of the ceramic fiber blanket. Our ceramic fiber blanket contains no organic binders which guarantee the stability and constructability of the ceramic fiber blanket at both high temperature and low temperature. What’s more, We are one of the manufacturer who can produce ceramic fiber blanket of 6mm thickness.

Size and Specifications:

Density: 96kg/m³,128kg/m³,160kg/m³
Thickness:6mm,13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm
Width: 610mm,1220mm
21840x610x6mm, 14640x610x12.5mm, 7320x610x25mm, 4800x610x38mm, 3600x610x50mm
1/4''x24''x860'', 1/2''x24''x600'', 1''x24''x300'', 1-1/2''x190, 2''x24''x140''


(1) Excellent chemical stability;
(2) Excellent thermal stability;
(3) Excellent tensile strength;
(4) Low thermal conductivity;
(5) Low heat capacity;
(6) Excellent insulation properties;
(7) Good sound absorp

Typical Use:

(1) Industrial furnace wall lining;
(2) Back lining material;
(3) Furnace masonry expansion joints, door, roof heat insulation seal;
(4) High temperature pipe insulation material;





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