1260 Fireproof Blanket

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1260 Fireproof Blanket
1.High tensile strength
2.Low shrinkage
3.Low thermal conductivity
4.Low heat storage

1260 Fireproof Blanket are manufactured from Luyang refractory ceramic fibre, and provide effective solutions to a wide spectrum of thermal management problems. Utilizing our proprietary high output blowing and spinning techniques, these products offer superior insulating performance, flexibility and resilience.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Carton Box or pallet. 1 roll/ carton. 220 rolls/20'GP, 520 rolls/40'HC One 40'HC can load 600 rolls blanket in the package of plastic bag. Neutral packing is also available. Marking with our brand will grant you a more preferential price.
Delivery Detail:Within two weeks

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