0.6/1KV Copper PVC Power Cable with a good price

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Product Description:

0.6/1KV Copper PVC Power Cable

0.6/1KV Copper PVC Power Cable  with a good price


Rated voltage: 0.6/1(1.2)kV;

Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 70℃;

Max. temperature of conductor during short-circuit (5s max. duration) shall not exceed:

Nominal cross section of conductor ≤300mm2: 160 ℃;

Nominal cross section of conductor >300mm2: 140 ℃;

The ambient temperature under installation should not be lower than: 0℃;

The bending radius of cable is recommended as following:

For single core cable: not less than 20 times of the diameter of cable;

For multi-core cable: not less than 15 times of the diameter of cable;


The cable is used for fixed installations such as electric power distribution networks or industrial installations, which is laid indoors, in tunnel, in cable trench or in conduit, unable to bear external mechanical force.

Manufacturing Standards

GB/T 12706-2008, IEC 60502-1


TypeDescriptionNo. of coresNominal cross section of conductor
VVCopper conductor/PVC insulation/PVC outer sheath Power Cable1, 2, 3, 4, 3+1, 
5, 4+1, 3+2
VYCopper conductor/PVC insulation/PE outer sheath Power Cable1, 2, 3, 4, 3+1, 
5, 4+1, 3+2
ZA-VV ZB-VV ZC-VVCopper conductor/PVC insulation flame-retardant Power Cable1, 2, 3, 4, 3+1,5, 4+1, 3+21.5~630mm2
NH-VVCopper conductor/PVC insulation fire-resistant Power Cable1, 2, 3, 4, 3+1, 
5, 4+1, 3+2

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Q:Xbox One Power Cable Box Is REALLY Loud?
Why would the power cable make noise? It's just a cable.
Q:I Got a intercooler for my xbox360. I plug it on my xbox, but i cn not plug the power cable at the intercooler
jjust t oley tou know you shouldnt not have an intercooler as they cause overheating and slow the games
Q:is using an extention cord for car amplifer power cable safe?
HAAAAAA HAAAA HAAAA! No really, come on! Yes this will work. As long as the current required doesn't overload the wire. Meaning that you will have to have a heavy enough guage wire to handle the load. Otherwise,,,,,meltdown. Now I would highly discourage the use of home electrical wire for the purpose of car audio. You need a good clean, true source of power to feed your amps. It's your system, but the weakest link will always rear it's ugly head when you least expect it. My advice.....Drop some cash and get the right stuff the first time. Otherwise you WILL be doing it over again.
Q:where to run the power cable 4gauge in a volkswagen bettle 2006 from the engine compartment to rear trunk?
Spray down the plug wires with WD-40 and enable it set for 10-15 minutes. initiate the motor vehicle and notice what occurs. the reason it runs like crap is that the wires did no longer do a sturdy activity of preserving moisture from getting interior the boot. Now rather of the spark occurring to the plug, this is going to arc to the closest floor direction courtesy of the moisture direction.
Q:My Acer laptop shuts down when I moved the power cable?
sensitive power supply connection i guess
Q:Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX is on low power mode?
Sure you don't have any molex connectors at all? Not even in your DVD drive? If so, get a Y adapter with a good amount of length. If not, then look for an adapter. Be careful as the vast majority are to convert a molex power cable to a SATA power connector, not the other way around. In the worst case you could hook up a separate power supply to it.
Q:When you buy a PSU, does it come with a power cable?
hey there chris, yeah all psu come with a power supply adapter, although this is NOT a good psu too buy, it may be cheap but it will supply dodgy power too your components, not last very long and not made from quality parts, pc power and cooling,corsair, antec etc make good psu, cheap psu are not worth buying, get one for about 70 pounds, also 650w is unnesasery, i have a gtx 295 and a q9550 and run with a corsair 650w, if you have not that much of a high end system then just get around 400w
Q:power cables and amp question.?
250 watt power cord? Where are the fuses which are being blown? Maybe you put in the wrong fuses or the wrong amperage fuse.
Q:can you hook up 2 power cables to one battery?
It will drain the battery quite a bit faster. I have been in this same scenario myself. I just bought the splitter, and besides it never hurts to have extra cable.
Q:What's the function of data cable and power cable?
The data cable is used to pass data ( digital information ), but the power cable is used to give the power (electricity) to the device

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