Wollastonite with Different Grade and Different Size

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Wollastonite with Different Grade and Different Size


wollastonite (calcium metasilicate)is used in ceramics, paint, friction products (brakes and clutches), joint compounds, refractories, rubber, wallboard, and metallurgical applications.

Cas no: 13983-17-0

1*20 FCL can load about 25-27 tons.


DescriptionWhite powder

ItemsSiO2 %CaO %MgO %Fe2O3 % S %P %Al2O3Loss %

Grade A≥49≥46≤0.8 ≤0.3≤0.01≤0.01  ≤ 0.8≤1.5 

Grade B≥50 ≥43≤0.8  ≤0.3≤ 0.01≤0.01   ≤ 0.8≤3

Grade C≥51≥40≤0.8≤0.35≤ 0.01≤0.01≤ 0.8≤5

Size80-400 mesh or as request


ItemsSiO2 %CaO %MgO %Fe2O3 % S % P %Loss %White Grade

Grade A45-5638-43≤0.8≤ 0.2≤0.001≤0.0014.5-5.5  ≥80

Grade B49-5144-46≤0.8≤ 0.2≤0.001≤0.0011-2.5 ≥85

Size: From 80 mesh to 400mesh or adjusted according to customer’s request


Wollastonite with Different Grade and Different Size

Wollastonite with Different Grade and Different Size

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Q:What are the surface modification methods and processes of wollastonite?
Wollastonite commonly used surface modification agent: at present, the wollastonite commonly used surface modification is the main agent of silane coupling agent, titanate and aluminate coupling agent, surface active agent and methyl methacrylate. 1 silane coupling modified silane coupling modification is one of the commonly used surface modification methods of wollastonite powder. The process of dry modification is generally used, and the amount of coupling agent is related to the required coverage and the specific surface area of the powder. Amino silane treatment of wollastonite, wollastonite content is 0.5% of the weight; methacryloyl oxygen containing silane dosage of wollastonite weight 0.75%, these two kinds of modified products were filled with nylon 6 and polyester instead of 30% glass fiber can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the products.
Q:What is the best way to dig a conglomerate?
Round and sub round gravel with a particle size greater than 2 mm, accounting for more than 30% of the total amount of clastic rock. Clastic components in conglomerate are mainly debris, only a small amount of mineral debris, and the interstitial materials are sand, silt, clay and chemical precipitation material. According to the size of gravel conglomerate, divided into boulders (>256 mm), large conglomerate gravel (64 ~ 256 mm) pebble conglomerate, (4 to 64 mm) and fine gravel conglomerate (2 to 4 cents by the conglomerate and bioturbation limestone conglomerate m). According to the complexity of gravel composition, conglomerate can be divided into single component conglomerate and compound component conglomerate. According to the location of conglomerate in geological section, they can be divided into bottom conglomerate and interlayer conglomerate. The bottom conglomerate is located at the bottom of transgressive sequence, which is unconformity or pseudo contact with the lower rock layer, and represents the hiatus of a certain geological period. For example, Hebei, Tangshan, Sinian, bottom, the Great Wall, quartz conglomerate. The interlayer conglomerate is consolidated within the stratum and does not represent any erosion discontinuity. For example, the Cambrian and Ordovician carbonate rocks in northern china.
Q:Really useful stone powder and jade powder processing of jade? Do you glue it straight together or do you press it directly?
This identification method has a variety of jade, can be as light but not dazzling, let the light, the permeability is insufficient, it can be across the glass, if it is true, draw the engraving is not false, but also by the method of distinguishing rubber jade.
Q:The function of wollastonite powder
Wollastonite chemical composition close to the theoretical value, high purity, fine acicular structure, with low loss, harmful components (MnO, Fe203) content is low, the indicators better than similar domestic ore.
Q:What's the use of wollastonite powder in coatings?How do you use it?
Ca3 Si3O9. Three triclinic. Usually flaky, radial or fibrous aggregates. White grayish. Glass luster, pearl luster. Cleavage surface hardness of 4? 0. parallel cleavage {100}, {001} parallel medium, two groups of angle is 74 degree. The cleavage surface density of 2? 78 ~ 91 g / cm 3. is mainly produced in contact metamorphic intrusive rocks and limestone belt as the main mineral component of skarn.
Q:What's the role of wollastonite in ceramic fiber products?
Wollastonite is a new type of industrial minerals, with its unique physical and chemical properties of mineralogy, and are widely used in ceramics, paint, rubber, metallurgy, casting, welding, abrasive, glass, mineral wool and other industrial sectors. Wollastonite is an ideal raw material for asbestos substitutes.With the continuous development of science and technology, the application research of wollastonite is more and more thorough. The improvement of the grinding method of wollastonite and the obtaining of ultra fine grade wollastonite powder will continue to develop new application fields of wollastonite.
Q:What is the difference between wollastonite powder and calcium carbonate?
The composition of wollastonite is Ca3 [Si3O9]. Three orthorhombic system, belongs to single chain silicate mineral. Usually flaky or radially or fibrous aggregates. White microstrip gray. Glass luster, pearl luster on cleavage surface.
Q:Can wollastonite be certified by REACH?
Wollastonite does not need to be tested, but pre registration and registration are required.
Q:Excuse me, why is paste tile with stone powder, paste wall tiles with river sand?
Put tiles on the ground, does not appear to be falling, and floor tiles, is to put the thickness of 5 cm above the powder and cement mixture of flat ground, large amount of material, on the ground, it is easy to compaction, cement and powder with cohesive force as long as appropriate, can satisfy the requirement of use, floor tiles posted above in the leveling layer, floor tiles will put bricks before the water wet, and then glued only cement paste, is affixed to the above, it is ensured that the combination of brick and cement, stone powder mixture firmness.
Q:Main characteristics of Wollastonite
Wollastonite is a chain metasilicate, and is a kind of fiber like needle. Because of its special crystal morphology, crystalline structure determines its properties. Wollastonite has good insulation, high whiteness, good dielectric properties and high heat resistance and weather resistance. Wollastonite is widely used in the fields of ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, plastics, coating and so on.

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